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Norway is one of the must visit places in the Scandinavian region. Bordered by the Arctic sea on one side and the country of Sweden on the other, Norway is a delight in so many respects.

We have seen the Avenger fever catch up after the Infinity war. Thor, the God of thunder is according to the Norse mythology. Norway was once a Viking stronghold, and has slowly moved to be what it is today. The unification of Norway was possible only because of the influence of the Vikings. Although Norway suffered a few tragedies like the black death and play, Norway has come up to be one of the happiest countries in the world, offering experiences that no other country can offer. It is interesting to know that hydroelectricity is one of the biggest revenue generating aspects of Norway and this has made Norway to be one of the greenest countries in the world.

Oslo, Flam, Gundwagen, Myrdal and Bergen are some of the most important places to be visited in Norway.

Norway Tour Packages

Best Norway Tour Packages at Visiit

The Scandinavian wonder of Norway is a great place to visit in Northern Europe. It has blessings from all the directions, and it is not an exaggeration. On the side of history, you have the Vikings and on the site of mythology, you have a lot of Norse legends including Thor and Odin. On the side of nature, you have snow covered mountains and a lot of greenery that shows up during someone. Even above all of this, literally, there is the Aurora Borealis that you can get to experience only in the Scandinavian countries, and Norway in particular. With so much to offer, Norway is definitely a tourist destination that you can look forward to visit on a properly plant Norway tour package.

The capital city of Oslo is well connected, and Norway is one of the best planned countries in the world in places that it has been planned. This leaves two things, and one of them is that if you plan to visit places that have not yet been touched by urban planning, then you will have to have an experienced person along, or at least a proper plan in place. Visiit brings you exclusive Norway tour packages that you can explore this amazing Scandinavian country with, and understand that this place is a lot more than just one country on the map of Europe. It has everything to offer for every kind of a tourist, and that makes your Norway tour packages a very special thing that you will experience in your lifetime, especially when planned with us!

Situated on Norway's west drift, Ålesund is the portal to the famous northwestern fjords and encompassing high mountains. The city of Alesund owes its present-day beautiful appearance to a far reaching reproduction after a fire in 1904 wrecked the vast majority of the town. The city was reconstructed with stone and block in the structural style of the time, and stands today as an ideal case of Jugendstil outline, Northern Europe's form of Art Nouveau. Visitors can take in additional about the style at the Jugendstilsenteret, or Art Nouveau Center. A move up the 400 phases to the point of view Fjellstua is invaluable moreover. The mountain peak offers astonishing viewpoints of Alesund and the incorporating islands.

The biggest city in Northern Norway, Tromso is famous both for its extensive number of eighteenth century wooden houses and for the magnificence of its common environment. The vast majority of the city is arranged on the island of Tromsoya where guests can investigate a few fine galleries and walk around dazzling birch tree timberlands. Outings up Storsteinen Mountain in the Fjellheisen Cable Car offer guests astonishing perspectives of the encompassing fjords and mountains. The ice aquarium Polaria and the Polar Museum are mainstream attractions in this city found 350 km (217 miles) north of the Arctic Circle. Tromso is extraordinary compared to other places on the planet to see the Northern Lights.

Svalbard is a gathering of islands situated between the Arctic Ocean, Barents Sea, Greenland Sea, and the Norwegian Sea. The islands are under Norwegian manage since 1920. Its settlements are the northernmost for all time possessed spots on the planet, much more northerly than any piece of Alaska and everything except a couple of Canada's Arctic islands. The joined perpetual populace is under 3000, about which is all gathered in the primary settlements of Longyearbyen and Barentsburg on Spitsbergen. Svalbard's guests come generally to encounter Arctic nature at its rawest and generally capable. The islands highlight untouched ice sheets and rugged mountains, yet additionally stunning natural life, for example, polar bears, caribou, reindeer, polar foxes, whales, seals and walruses.

Lofoten Islands
A standout amongst the most prominent spots to visit in Norway, Lofoten is a gathering of islands in the northern piece of the nation. With its postcard looking little angling towns settled in fjords, dabbing an exceptionally rough drift with unexpected pinnacles rising specifically from the sea, the archipelago is regularly depicted as a standout amongst the most beautiful parts of Norway. In spite of the fact that the archipelago is found well over the Arctic Circle, at about an indistinguishable scope from Greenland it appreciates a generally mellow atmosphere because of the dissemination of the Gulf Stream. Temperatures up to 23°C in the mid year are normal despite the fact that it remains a subarctic goal and the climate changes quick.

Western Fjords
Norway's well known fjords are found all through the nation and not constrained to a specific locale or area. Notwithstanding, the most sensational and well known fjords are to a great extent found in West Norway, roughly from Stavanger to Molde. Despite the fact that the western fjords shift somewhat in appearance they are by and large moderately restricted, encompassed by soak shake faces, tall mountains and to a great degree profound. The most renowned fjords incorporate Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord.

Norway has the distinction of being called the land of the Midnight Sun. Someone who is on a package tour to no we will definitely want to experience this natural extravaganza. The times in July and August promise the long days, which make Norway worthy of that tagline. This time might be ideal for a lot of activities like cycling, cruising and hiking. however, there are chances that heat might be an issue. If you visit Norway in May and September, the temperatures are really mild and the crowds might not be that guy. However, you will miss out on the marble of the Midnight Sun. It is up to you to choose what kind of Norway you would like to experience!

Norwegian cooking in its customary shape is construct generally with respect to the crude materials promptly accessible in Norway and its mountains, wild, and drift. It varies in numerous regards from its mainland partners with a more grounded center around diversion and fish. Huge numbers of the conventional dishes are aftereffects of utilizing monitored materials, regarding the long winters.

Present day Norwegian cooking, albeit still firmly affected by its conventional foundation, now bears some globalization: pastas, pizzas, tacos, and so forth are as regular as meatballs and cod as staple sustenances, and urban eateries don a similar determination one would hope to discover in any western European city. Some of the best dishes you can try in the cuisine are

* Smørbrød, an open Norwegian sandwich
* Lapskaus
* Pinnekjøtt with swede purée and potatoes
* Lutefisk
* Reinsdyrsteik (reindeer roast)
* Guests can take in more about the style at the Jugendstilsenteret, or Art Nouveau Center. A climb up the 400 stages to the perspective Fjellstua is advantageous also. Fish Market in Oslo. Fish is an important part of Norwegian Cuisine
* A Norwegian peasant making flat-bread in the 1910s
* Krumkaker is a traditional pastry

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