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The Russian Federation, or the erstwhile Soviet Union is 1 massive country. It is only left to wild imagination of how the capital city of the country would be. If you rewind the world to about 40 years ago, it was the time of the Iron curtain when there was a heavy competition between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. In all of this, if there is one City that stood out to be in the epicenter of the history of the world, not adjust in geopolitics but also in space research, military advancements and strategic pacts, it has to be the city of Moscow. Moscow might not have always been the most important city in the Russian area. It was a replacement to the city of Saint Petersburg or Leningrad. The seat of power of the Government of Russia, the Moscow kremlin, is one of the world heritage sites, and so is the Red Square. There are a lot of places in Moscow that include monasteries, military museums, Hills, Cathedral, and even national parks. Moscow was one of the most prominent cities in the age of space travel, and there is even a memorial dedicated to the cosmonauts. About everything, in spite of the communist background that supports atheism, Moscow is the home through one of the most beautiful and colourful cathedrals in the world.

Moscow Tour Packages

Place : Nevsky Prospekt, Kremlin grounds
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Place : Kremlin grounds
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Place : Nevsky Prospekt, Kremlin grounds
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Best Moscow Tour Packages at Visiit

Just like many other cities, Moscow is situated right next to the river moskva and this river has only made the city more appealing and significant points Moscow has a well developed transit system, and Russia is welcoming to a lot of countries, meaning there will not be any hassles in travelling. The wide variety of attractions available in Moscow only make your Moscow experience more Holistic. The Grand kremlin Palace shows the inclination that's Moscow has had towards art and architecture. The Soviet era artefacts stand as a testimony to the glorious time that Russia had enjoyed as one of the two super powers that controlled all the happenings in the world.

It takes a complete understanding of the city, the climate, the permissions and the timings that each monument is meant to be visited to make sure that your Moscow tour package experience is astounding. Visiit have the travel packages that it takes to make your Moscow tour package more Wholesome and interesting. With the expertise of our team in creating the best Moscow tour packages, you can be assured that you will experience the best of Moscow and will not miss out on any attractions. In addition to this, we also have the option to customise your tour package, so you can enjoy Moscow according to your whims and fancies!

Kremlin Palace
Constructed in 1849, Great or Grand Kremlin Palace is one of those spots to visit in Moscow that will abandon you past flabbergasted. Built flawlessly and with an incredible eye for detail, the unpredictable stylistic theme inside the Grand Kremlin Palace mirrors the unadulterated appeal of the Revival design in Russian that mixes superbly with the engineering style of Byzantine Revival.

What Pragati Maidan is to Delhi, VDNKh is for Moscow. Being one of the famous Moscow touring spots, VDNKh or Vystavka Dostizheniy Narodnogo Khozyaystva is a great exchange and show focus in Moscow that guarantees the explorers an ordeal like none other. Home to various castles, wellsprings, compositional wonders, curves, and structures, there will never be a dull minute on your visit to VDNKh amid your excursion to Moscow.

Bolshoi Theater
For the admirers of workmanship, and culture, Bolshoi Theater is the place to be for them to witness one of the finest live exhibitions of musical show and artful dance exhibitions. Well known for highlighting a neoclassical exterior, Bolshoi Theater is one of the eminent points of interest of the city.

Commemoration Museum of Cosmonautics
Striking, remarkable, and meaning to contact the sky, the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics is outstanding amongst other Moscow visitor destinations which the voyagers can't stand to miss. Instructing the guests about the huge past of Russia's history in the area of room, it is a strict no-no to pass up a great opportunity for going to the Museum of Cosmonautics when in the city.

Saint Basil's Cathedral
Thought to be one of the best places to visit in Moscow, Saint Basil's Cathedral is additionally really popular as the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed among local people. Being one of the pivotal historic points of Moscow situated in the core of Red Square, the church building goes back to the seasons of sixteenth century. Filling in as a visual treat to the voyagers, it happens to be a standout amongst the most-caught attractions in Moscow.

Red Square
Isolating the illustrious bastion of Kremlin from the old shipper quarter of Kitai-gorod, Red Square is a standout amongst the most intriguing spots in Moscow. Bearing the heaviness of Russia's history, all things considered, Red Square serves not similarly as a fascination but rather as the heart, soul, and image of the entire nation.

Moscow Kremlin
In the event that every one of the attractions fill in as individuals from the city, at that point Moscow Kremlin fills in as the home in which all these visitor locales live. Enveloping of all the well known touring attractions, the illustrious habitation of the President of Russia, the Moscow Kremlin is without a doubt a standout amongst other spots to visit in Moscow. Offering stunning perspectives of River Moskva and situated at the core of the city, it is an unquestionable requirement for everybody to investigate this sustained complex once in their lifetime.

Russia is quite a wide country, and Moscow lies in the Western side of the country, but a little towards the centre. The best time to visit Moscow is between April and May when the sunshine is present for continuous and prominent hours into the day. This is the time when the temperature is bearable, failing which Moscow would be a place that you would rattle in cold. If you would like to experience what life in Moscow would really be, you should experience Moscow in winter when the temperatures are brutally cold. There is also a chance that you might get frostbitten, but this is what the authentic experience of the city is about!

The food of Moscow is essentially the food of Russia! Russian cuisine is a confluence of the distinctive cooking conventions of the Russian individuals. The cuisine is differing, with Northern and Eastern European, Caucasian, Central Asian, Siberian, and East Asian impacts. Russian cuisine gets its fluctuated character from the immense and multi-ethnic breadth of Russia. Additionally, it is important to partition Russian customary cuisine and Soviet cuisine, which has its own particular characteristic. Its establishments were laid by the laborer food of the country populace in a frequently cruel atmosphere, with a blend of abundant fish, pork, poultry, caviar, mushrooms, berries, and nectar. Harvests of rye, wheat, grain and millet gave the fixings to a plenty of breads, flapjacks, pies, oats, lager and vodka. Soups and stews are focused on regular or storable create, fish and meats. Such food remained the staple for by far most of Russians well into the twentieth century.

Russia's awesome extensions of culture, impact, and enthusiasm amid the 16th– eighteenth hundreds of years brought more refined foods and culinary strategies, and in addition a standout amongst the most refined food nations on the planet. It was amid this period that smoked meats and fish, baked good cooking, servings of mixed greens and green vegetables, chocolate, frozen yogurt, wines, and squeeze were foreign from abroad. In any event for the urban nobility and common upper class, this opened the entryways for the inventive joining of these new foodstuffs with conventional Russian dishes.

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