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Morocco , a country located in North Africa that is vibrant with colours is composed of Arabs and Berbers. The Rabat which is the capital of Morocco has its central attraction as 12th-century tower and minaret, the Casablanca which is the modern city attracting tourists to the historic medina and the third largest of the world called contemporary mosque with other attractions like High Atlas, Dakhla,etc… It creates an urge to visit it starting from its mazed mountains, heaps of spices and bright blue cities. It is an unflawed destination for every tourists and wandersouls.

Though it lies next to the European countries, it has a varied culture and lifestyle starting from the souks of Fez to the Sahara Dunes and the fish market in Essaouira. Morocco was the first country to establish diplomatic relationship with the United States of America.

Morocco Tour Packages

Place : Kasbah of the Udayas, The Blue Ci
Hotels : Hotel Moroccan House Casablanca, ..

Must see points of attractions in Morocco

Morocco is a destination that offers the tourists a splendid experience with varied landscapes and beautiful small towns, mountains and deserts, amazing medinas, a curious traditional life and thriving nightlife in the tour packages to Morocco.

Marrakech Medina
It is a must visit place for any tourist where the old city can be entered through the Djemaa el-fna Square where the whole city gathers around and enjoy the evening with the friends and families being the spectators for the snake charmers, acrobats, traditional musicians,story-tellers, magicians, and peddlers of traditional medicines. It is evident that even a person who likes isolation becomes an extroverted traveller when he indulges in this blusterous market. We can purchase crushed spices , moroccan slippers, woven carpets and rugs, etc...

Hassan II Mosque
Serving as the Landmark for Casablanca , this mosque is a luxurious symbol for the whole of Morocco. It took 10,000 artisans to work on the details upon the building that was completed with the construction in the year 1993. It holds the Moroccan architecture and also the islamic influence in the building with a tinch of the contemporary work.

Chefchaouen is a quaint town with white washed walls, shades of blue decorating the walls and the peeps of brown on the roofs and doors. It is a peaceful and calm place in the outskirts of the city providing a blissful time for the couples and tourists. We can find the authentic handiworks of the local people here like the woollen rugs and woven blankets. The goat cheese from this region is famous for its nativity that is enjoyed by many tourists.

Todra Gorge
Todra Gorge is a located in the east side of the High Atlas Mountains. The Todra river and the Dades river have formed huge canyons on both the sides with smoothened texture. The final Todra Gorge of 600 metres forms a very narrow path to a very flat stony track as crooked as a 10 meter wide that is slick which 150 meters tall on both the sides.

Erg Chebbi
The Dunes of Erg Chebbi is situated in the Sahara Desert. The Dunes are 150 meters tall with smooth orange sand. Camel trekking and desert safaris are widely popular in this place where the shadows are the only thing we can spot all our way.

Fes is a medieval city with a population of 150,000 civilians. It is a city that is frozen in time taking us into the Aladdin days. This serves as the cultural centre of Morocco and provide a spectacular view to the tourists during the sunset. The Chouara Tannery is the place from 11th century where the hides of the cattles are preserved and dyed before the making of handbags, shoes and wallets. Fes is a food paradise offering Moroccan cuisines, mint tea and hookahs.

Ramadan is celebrated widely in this Islamic country by visiting their local mosque and reading Quran as much as possible and fast during the daylight. Once the night hits, the fasting is broken in a festive way by heading to coffee shops, restaurants and best hangout food bars.

International Nomads Festival
The International Nomads festival is a festival that celebrates everything starting from music, theatre, storytelling and folk art in the desert during March for four days. Many open air performances and closed stage performances are held by setting up a tent.

Rose Festival
Rose Festival is celebrated in the Dades Valley to symbolize the harvest of 700 tonnes of rose petals. The festival arranges an event to choose a Rose Queen and serves scrumptious food with tribal songs and music.

Geminids Meteor Shower
Geminids Meteor Shower attracts many tourists who are astronomy fans. It is the only slow moving shower that is not caused by a comet that can be seen during the middle of December.

The summer starts in Morocco from June to August that lets the tourists to experience hot , long, sunny days. The winter is from November to February creating cold winds in High Atlas mountains until July. The spring is the best time to visit Morocco from March to May offering a great climate for awesome hiking over the mountains and a charming autumn from September to October to have a pleasant weather.

Moroccan love this pie recipe from Fassi cuisine. It is a puff pastry with layers with a blend of pigeon meat, almonds, eggs saffron,cinnamon, coriander that is dusted with icing sugar and cinnamon on top.

Mint Tea
Mint Tea is also known as “Moroccan Whisky” which is heavily sweetened with sugar and sprigs of spearmint is dropped into the teapot to release the essence and poured at a short distance to create the froth upon the glass.

Tagine refers to the cookware in which the dish is cooked. It is a clay or ceramic pot with conical shaped lid to cover the wide plate on which the meat is cooked along with melons, onions, garlic, cilantros,etc…

Zaalouk is a smoked aubergine puree with garlic, paprika, cumin and chili powder. It can be mixed up in salad or as a dip for bread.

Morocco is a country that can be reached through either one stop or two stop flights. Qatar airways, Jet airways and Emirates can fly us to Morocco. We can also reach through train, roads and also through ferry rides to Morocco where Visiit holidays makes sure to provide a memorable journey to the tourists.

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