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Enjoy Your Island Trip At Maldives From Mumbai

It is, for quite a profound reason, that Mumbai is referred to as the commercial capital of India. ...  This amazing city with so many skyscrapers and so many Constructions that are a Marvel, Has not failed to Mark its presence in every field. Mumbai is a renowned name when it comes to the fields of Commerce, entertainment, Technology, marketing, and a lot of other traditional and modern businesses.

Mumbai, very much like New York, is a city that never sleeps. The incessant bustle of the city mandates that the people of the city should take a break every now and then to get back to their usual cool self with that very attitude of Mumbai. For this reason, there is no better location for them like the islands of Maldives.

The island of Maldives needs no introduction in the world of tourism. It is one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations, a great choice for people who want a relaxation, or simply a nature lovers Paradise with all the Pristine beaches, the corals, the coconut grove, and the endless blue waters. Here are a few attractions in the island of Maldives that make it a great destination for you to book a Maldives package from Mumbai.

The Beaches of Maldives

Ask anyone in Mumbai about a breach of their choice and the unanimous answer will be the Juhu Beach. However, for anyone Who has been to that beach, it is not a great place for them to visit over and over again. Sadly for Mumbai, there is not much of an option left.

To all those beach lovers in Mumbai, Maldives comes across as a special surprise. The great choices of beaches including but not limited to the Hulhumale beach, the bikini beach, the Velingdu Island beach, the Reethi beach, the Cocoa Island beach, the Vabbinfaru island beach, the Nika Island beach, the Fulhadhu beach, and the Lily beach are sure to delight any Mumbai Traveller who has taken up a package to Maldives from Mumbai.

The adventure options

The Grown Ups of today were the once 90s kids who's only option for adventure In Mumbai was the choices offered by Essel World. Today, these kids have grown not only out of their childhood but have grown up also in there thirst for adventure. If they have a penchant for adventure in the blue waters, Maldives is the paradise beyond question for them.

Maldives gives a whole lot of options when it comes to the Blue Water Adventures. Be it Scuba Diving where you get an up close and personal experience with the exquisite marine life, or snorkeling where you get to see a lot of rare species like the Whale Shark and the tiger ray, Maldives has a very Holistic offering for the adventure lovers from Mumbai.

Well, not all the adventures of Maldives are confined to being under the waters. For the people who have a thirst for fresh air and still be adventurous, and have come all the way from Mumbai, there are options for you to serve in the blue waters forming gigantic waves. Your experience with the sea is no more going to be confined to the Juhu Beach, the the Gateway of India, and the Bandra Worli Sea Link alone. There is no better option for a person on a package tour to Maldives from Mumbai to arrange themselves in adventure then these amazing aquatic activities that are offered to them in Maldives.

The massages and spas

As we have discussed before, Mumbai is a place with a lot of bustle in the Lifestyle. Board a train from Andheri to Churchgate, and you will know what the bustle of life in Mumbai is all about.

For someone who is constantly got in this routine, Maldives comes in as a bliss, not only with respect to being a good place to take a travel break but also has a place that can offer you extensive options in massages and Spa experiences for anyone who is on a package tour from Mumbai to Maldives.

The Spa experiences in Maldives provide a visit range of offerings starting right from simple manicures and pedicures that you might probably find in every other Street of Mumbai, but with a touch of tradition. The other end of the spectrum includes exclusive massages that are aimed at rejuvenation and refreshment, bringing together with traditional practices of the indigenous inhabitants of the islands brought to you by the most experience therapeutic professionals. There are even options for massages that are specific to weight loss that promote fluid retention and increase metabolism.

Let not your Maldives experience from Mumbai be incomplete by missing these massage and Spa experience options in here!

For the art and science

It would be obvious from the history books that in the Colonial Era, Mumbai involved itself to be an epicenter of knowledge and education. The Legacy of the Institutions founded on those days have survived to this day. Some of the best arts and science colleges of the country are based out of Mumbai, including the prestigious St. Xavier’s College.

With so much of Art and Science in the heart and attitude of Mumbai, the tourist destinations Would be considered great if they gave a multitude of options as well.

For the art lover, there is the National Art Gallery in Maldives. While this gallery does not have permanent exhibits, this becomes a blessing in disguise. A lot of artists from all over the world throng in to the Islands to exhibit there exquisite Creations for their creativity to reach the enthusiasts from all over the world who drop in to Maldives for a relaxing experience.

For those who love science, the blue waters of Maldives hold with them a Treasure that is very rare to be spotted these days. We are talking about the soft coral reefs. These coral reefs form a riot of colours under the waters making it a visual treat. The fishes that that these Pristine blue waters our earth in themselves as well. Let us not stop ourselves with this tiny, cute, little fishes.. because there are other big but not-so-frightening options like the Whale Shark, the manta Ray, The Tiger Ray and the Turtles.

The Breathtaking Views

Mumbai is a city of skyscrapers. The cityscape viewed from the top floors are nothing short of awesome. However, Maldives is here to offer a different experience for people who are here on package tours to Maldives from Mumbai. The views that you get in Maldives are not something similar to Mumbai filled with man made buildings but blue waters, green islands and white sands that speak volumes about the awesomeness that nature has to offer. This is surely a treat for any mumbiker who has had much difficulty in experiencing peace and serenity amid the loud bustle of the city of Mumbai.

The archipelago of Maldives is a location that no person from Mumbai with a thirst for travel and adventure should miss. Account on Visiit for booking your package trip to Maldives from Mumbai!

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