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For any Aspiring Traveller who is from the city of New Delhi, Maldives is bound to be a destination... n that is waiting to be kicked off the bucket list. For people who are confined to a landlocked place, although surrounded by a lot of historical monuments, Maldives, with all its beaches, Pristine islands, and breathtaking views is a treat to look forward to.

With the connectivity options through air from Delhi to Maldives, travelling to Maldives Is never a constraint for people who are on the Lookout for package tour to Maldives from Delhi.

The tour of Maldives starts right from the time the aircraft descents to land on that amazing landing strip surrounded by blue waters. This comma in itself, is a great view to start your tour with point for people who have only experienced congestion, pollution, Hustle and bustle in every move of life, a tour to Maldives from Delhi is surely a great welcome move to break up from their routine.

Our travel packages are designed the suit people who are looking out for an affordable and comprehensive travel package from Delhi to Maldives. Our packages combine the goodness of Maldives without compromising on the factors that would make you feel at home like you are in New Delhi.

Here are the key elements of Visiit’s tour packages from Delhi to Maldives

The Grand Friday Mosque

Ask anyone in Mumbai about a breach of their choice and the unanimous answer will be the Juhu Beach. However, for anyone Who has been to that beach, it is not a great place for them to visit over and over again. Sadly for Mumbai, there is not much of an option left.

To all those beach lovers in Mumbai, Maldives comes across as a special surprise. The great choices of beaches including but not limited to the Hulhumale beach, the bikini beach, the Velingdu Island beach, the Reethi beach, the Cocoa Island beach, the Vabbinfaru island beach, the Nika Island beach, the Fulhadhu beach, and the Lily beach are sure to delight any Mumbai Traveller who has taken up a package to Maldives from Mumbai.

The adventure options

No place on this planet would be complete without having a place of worship. When it comes to people who have come to visit Maldives from Delhi on a tour package, they would surely love to have glimpses of the mosques that dot the city of Delhi. Just like how they have the Jama Masjid, this Grand Friday Mosque is the answer that Maldives gives to the people from Delhi.

The Mosque is situated at the Islamic centre of Maldives, and is one of the largest in South Asia, admitting over 5000 people. It was opened in 1984 by the former President Mamoon Abdul Gayoom.

The architectural marvel, the serenity with the premises, and the sky touching minarets Make this destination in Maldives worth visiting for any person who is on a tour from Delhi to Maldives.

The Tsunami Monument

New Delhi is the seat of the Government for one country that has been worst affected by the tsunami on the Boxing Day of 2004. Even if the people of New Delhi did not get to experience the impact of the disaster as a first person, they would have known about the havoc it cost in the South Indian states. Considering this, the people from New Delhi who are on a tour to visit Maldives would definitely love to visit the tsunami monument.

Maldives was one of the worst affected places in the tsunami of December 26th 2004. The tsunami monument is a lot more intricate than it looks. The 20 balls represent the twenty of Maldives. The high pole represents the height of the Waves, and the iron rods represent the lives lost, with each of the lost lives engraved on these rods. Apart from all this agreement memories, the tsunami monument also is a great spot for surfing activities.

Bathala Island Resort

Being a hot tourist destination, if there is one thing that Delhi misses, it has got to be the Beach. The only water bodies that Delhi experiences are the river Yamuna, tanks of the Lotus Temple, and the swimming pools of the hotels of the metro.

So, if there is a delight in the blue waters, no one in Delhi, especially the travel enthusiast would want to miss it. This is where the relevance of this Island Resort comes in. Filled with amazing options of excitement in the water including but not limited to Scuba Diving, snorkeling, And a host of other water Adventures. This Island also gives quite a laid back option to the people from New Delhi who have been frustrated by the puzzle of the city. Ever thought about spending holiday without being surrounded or disturbed by hi tech gadgets question mark.

This Island is not only a Centre for water sports but also for a laid back holiday that would make it an ideal destination for honeymoon. If you are on the Lookout for a perfect package from Delhi to Maldives, this Island Resort has to be a bound figure in your list of things to do in Maldives!

The National Art Gallery

Coming from a place that goes off a very rich history that spends more than 1200 years, people of New Delhi who visit Maldives are bound to expect a glimpse from history at Maldives, especially in terms of art and architecture. The National Art Gallery in Maldives is the one that satisfies the needs of the art aficionados who come all the way from Delhi. This art gallery houses a great collection of paintings gathered from all over the planet.

Though there is no permanent exhibit, a lot of Art enthusiasts from all over the world drop in to catch the eyes of the tourists who come to Maldives with a mood to enjoy the art, be it natural or manmade!

The Spas of Maldives

Let us all admit it! Anyone who comes all the way taking a Maldives package from Delhi is definitely in need of some rejuvenation and relaxation. For those from Delhi who are expecting a lot more of relaxation than just the beaches, the adventures, the serenity and everything else that Maldives offers that Delhi doesn't, there are amazing spas that will help you get back to your younger self, at least in your mind.

Most of the spas in Maldives a incorporate flawless blend of the traditional massaging systems with a modern human touch. The massage parlours in Maldives offer a great selection of massages inspired by the indigenous tribes that inhabited the Island and The medical and therapeutic practices that they have evolved over centuries of study point.

The offerings range right from simple manicures and pedicures that might be available across any parlour in New Delhi to complicated massages and rejuvenation systems that are very unique to the island and the traditions of the islands of Maldives. If you would like to experience a uniquely maldivian life and therapy, the spa and massage parlours in Maldives are not to be missed, especially if you are on a trip from New Delhi.

The HP Reef

For those who have seen fishes only in restaurants and in aquariums, coral reefs are like serving A visual platter of Aquatic life. These coral reefs are among the most colourful in the world, and they feature the biggest collection of soft corals. This makes them one of the most ideal destinations for you to explore the Exclusive marine life by Scuba Diving and snorkeling. For a person from New Delhi who has never seen the seas, the Scuba Diving experience and the joy of exploring the wild corals and the colourful fishes is a must in the list of things to do when they come on a package to Maldives from New Delhi.

Be it from Delhi or any other part of the planet, Maldives is a place that is bound to leave the tourist awestruck. Explore the packages for Maldives from Delhi with the Exclusive listings at the best prices by Visiit!

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