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How does it feel to move from C language to ‘sea’ language? The island paradise of the Indian Ocean... n is a great destination for the people from the information technology Paradise of India to chill out and enjoy a good time. If there are Pristine Ocean waters, great adventures, amazing food, and a whole lot of romance, then what would stop people from booking Maldives packages from Bangalore?

Given that most of Bangalore is employed in information technology, and a lot of Bangalore population spend their time in traffic jams, a trip to Maldives from Bangalore would greatly serve to relieve them of the stress that they are undergoing on the day-to-day basis.

Bangalore is in the south of India, and it only makes it easier for the Bangaloreans to travel from Bangalore to an island in the Indian Ocean. A flight from Bangalore to Male is just over an hour away, and is about twice the air distance of Bangalore to Trivandrum. Starting right from the sight during landing, the experience of Maldives starts. The ads trip is a single line of tarmac flanked on both sides by a small area of green and endless blue stretching on either sides. This is the moment that you realise that your Maldives package from Bangalore is going to be nothing short of awesome.

The beaches of Maldives

It is jokingly said that Bangalore has all its beaches in Goa. Why Goa is a great option to escape Bangalore, Maldives is also a place that takes the experience of Pristine beaches to another level. The entire archipelago of Maldives is dotted with a lot of picturesque beaches that not only provide a breathtaking view or not just give you an adventure experience, but can turn out to be a whole new life in themselves.

A glimpse of history

The city of Bangalore, the Kingdom of Mysore, and the state of Karnataka have rich history that they can always be proud of. Be at the rocks that speak volumes about the culture and the prosperity of the Vijayanagar Kingdom in Hampi or be it the palatial affairs of Mysore, this place has a lot to boast about.

In their package tour to Maldives, it has to be accepted that they are in for a bit of disappointment, because Maldives is not about kings who built fancy palaces or annexed territories to their Glory. However, Maldives has a bit of history that is a bit different from that of Bangalore or Karnataka - it’s about the indigenous tribes, their traditional medicines, and the rich customs and practices that they have flawlessly passed from generation to generation!

This has made Maldives a much-sought location for anyone from Bangalore who wants a relaxing break, because… the oncoming paragraphs will say that!!

The Massage Parlors & Spas

The rich and undocumented history of Maldives has created a practice that the forefathers of this archipelago would never have even dreamed to be a tourism-magnet! There are a lot of massage-parlors and spas that give the ultimately soothing and relaxing massages.

Although the massage parlours suffered a small then, they are back with a bang. There are a lot of massage parlours that are strewn All Around The Island, and they cater to all the guest who come in wanting relaxation and rejuvenation.

Some of the noteworthy spas in Maldives are

* Bandos Maldives
* Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu
* Nika Island Resort & Spa
* Kurumba Maldives
* Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa Maldives

The Views

The people of Bangalore have always been accustomed a very few options when it comes to breathtaking views. One of them is the view that take it in the Nandi Hills, which is, by default, the weekend destination for Bangalore. However, there is not much of a view that they can expect welcome to the waters, except for going to Goa.

For those of you who have been confined to just these beaches, Maldives gives you an amazing option to enjoy with taking views Into The Infinite waters when you’ve taken a Maldives Tour package from Bangalore. The whole of Maldives is dotted with Island Resorts that give you staying options right in the sea water. Some of the luxury Resorts have the bedroom that is underwater and made of glass, and they view from the bedroom scene right out of a fantasy.

The views of the sunrise and sunset from these beaches is something that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime!

The Amazing Aquatic Life

Enjoying a few sightings of exotic marine creatures is something that you look forward to when you are on a package tour to Maldives from Bangalore. When you are right middle of the ocean, you would definitely like to experience some of the life forms that can never be found in the bustle of Bangalore. It is time for you to step out of the confines of Bannerghatta and look at a few exotic marine life forms. Some of the Exotic creatures that you can find in Maldives are the manta rays, whale sharks, and a lot of other varieties of fishes and turtles.

All these things apart, Maldives also has amazing treats for every person who visits this place, especially on a package tour from Bangalore. The Exotic sea food varieties that Maldives gives are sure not to feature even in any of the high end restaurants in Bangalore. So, your experience with fishes does not just end with the views, but also adds up on your platter.

Maldives - an essence for every Bangalorean

How great would it feel when only the traffic islands that you have experience in your city turn out to be real Islands? How great would it feel when you let go of the control, take some space, and get off your dress code? How great would it feel for you to move away from the party lights Of The pubs and experience the bioluminescence in the beaches of Maldives? If your answer has been affirmative to all these questions, then it is high time that you worked your Maldives package from Bangalore to take a break from the routine and rejuvenate yourself to come back refreshed, to continue your routine again but with an extra energy. We invite you to book your Maldives tour package from Bangalore with Visiit!

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