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Maldives, of late, has come across to be recognized as an amazing tourist destination and the deman... nd for Maldives Tour Packages is on the rise. Maldives tour packages have come to the forefront of what is being shot by a lot of tourists all across the world. Maldives is a very complete tourist destination. It is a great option for any kind of a vacation, be it family trip, or or or romantic holiday, or just a time off from your tight schedules. Maldives also gives a lot of attractions of diverse varieties, like historic sites, places of worship, and more importantly beaches and adventure! For a good Maldives tour package, all these elements of touring Maldives are essential!

Maldives tour packages at best prices:

Maldives is quite accessible by flight and the experience of Maldives starts right from the landing. The flight options for Maldives are said to be quite reasonable in terms of price!

Things to know at Maldives:

It is to be understood that Maldives is an archipelago and this in itself is a thing of awe for anyone who is on a package tour to Maldives. This would mean that cars are replaced by boats, and there are always luxury yachts and fairies for the tourists who visit the island. Maldives is in the tropics, but its proximity to the sea helps it maintains a very moderate climate throughout the year. There are seasonal rains that help maintain the temperature on the beaches. This makes Maldives an amazing destination for any season and for any kind of tourist.

Places to visit in Maldives:

A Maldives tour package should essentially cover places in the city of Male, the Grand Friday mosque, the fish market, the national Museum and the tsunami monument. Apart from that, there is the sun island, and the Banana Leaf, The Other Mata Island, the artificial beach called the carnival beach and the HP Reef that are the signatures of Maldives. These resorts and teachers would give you an amazing view of the sun rise and the sunset, if not for anything else. Imagine having a nice walk coffee at the time of the sunset, kissed by the cool Breeze when you are with your loved one! In essence, this is what Maldives tour packages are about.

Activities in Maldives:

These are the activities that no one should miss when on a Maldives tour package. The Pristine waters of the sea entice a lot of Blue Water Adventures like Scuba Diving comma snorkeling, surfing, kite boarding, fishing, skiing, and let's not forget the basic, swimming! There are a lot of Resorts around most of the islands that facilitate these activities. With the sea right by your side, you can expect fresh and healthy seafood options to be available in Maldives as well! The maldivian cuisine is greatly inspired by the South Indian preparations and Sri Lankan culinary arts.

The best Maldives tour packages:

Visiit, with its experience and expertise in facilitating corporate, family, fun and honeymoon trips to Maldives, is bound to bring you the best experience of Maldives on your tour package. We will take care of arranging your transport, accommodation, and more importantly, your experiences. Our team of experts will guide you in every walk, literally, so that you get to enjoy only the best on your Maldives tour package.
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Maldives Packages

Place : Alimatha Island, Maldive Victory,..

Place : Extreme Maldives Water Sports, Ba..
Hotels : Paradise Island Resort & Spa

Place : Alimatha Island, Maldive Victory,..

Place : Alimatha Island, Maldive Victory,..
Hotels : aaaVeee Nature's Paradise

Place : aaaVeee Nature's Paradise
Hotels : aaaVeee Nature's Paradise

Maldives is also referred as Maldive Islands. It is situated in the Indian Ocean. Maldives islands is popular for diverse vegetation, white sandy beaches, great reefs and blue seas. It is a paradise for people who wants to relax and unwind. It is the best destination for snorkeling, diving and swimming with hundreds of different fish around the corals. The shores are open to all. It is a peaceful shelter for tourists. You can plan for Maldives tourism at any time of the year.

Madives Attractions
Bluetribe Moofushi :
Bluetribe diving center provides unmatchable experience for water sports enthusiasts. You can indulge in adventurous activities like riding on pedal boats/catamarans, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, windsurfing and much more. The highlights of Maldives include great marine life and waters. Moofushil is popular for excursions. You can see lot of fishes, manta rays and whale sharks from the shore. No matter, you want to explore traditional marine life or discover a romantic cruise, you will have a great time during your Maldives tour. Your visit to Maldives will remain unforgettable for life time.

Sun Island Spa and Resort :
It is one of the popular Maldives resorts you need to check out. It is situated on the South Ari Atoll. It mesmerizes with its stunning lagoons, beautiful greenery and exotic tropical flowers. It is said to be the luxurious and lavish resort in Maldives. The villa hotels provide world class comfort and amenities. It is best to select from various water and beach bungalows. If you want to enjoy the best lodging experiences in the world, you have to approach to Sun Island Spa and Resort. The bungalows are exceptional in every way.

Alimatha Island :
It is situated on the eastern direction of Maldives that is at Vaavu Atoll. Some tourists look for complete Maldivian destination. If you are one among them, you would enjoy this island. It consists of a central beach, aquarium like snorkeling, world class diving and various great facilities. Alimatha Island has beautiful green vegetation covered by various stunning sites and beaches. You have lot of things to discover in this island. The island offers 5-star atmosphere and remains suitable to all classes of people. Surprise your couple by planning your honeymoon in Maldives.

Manta Point :
Manta Point is the best diving sites in Maldives. You can view large numerous manta rays cleaned and fed by wrasses. Mantas are mostly found in tropical, subtropical and temperate water. It can be described as ocean’s giant. It keeps circling large coral rocks. It waits until it gets cleaned. Once it is cleaned, it swims on shallow water to its feeding area. No matter, you are a learned or experienced diver, Manta Point offers exciting and unique diving experience. Ensure to include Manta Point in your Maldives tour packages.

Other interesting places to visit in Maldives are Banana Reef, HP Reef, National Museum, Hukuru Miskiiy, Biyadhoo Island Resort and Utheemu Ganduvaru. When you purchase Maldives holiday packages, make sure to include these places in your itinerary.

Enjoying Nature and History While Exploring the Maldives
This group of islands is another great place that you can come to explore nature as well as the historical culture. You can book one of the top Maldives holiday packages that will take you everywhere you want to go and more. You can enjoy some outdoor activities or even take in the landmarks and sights that are a must visit.

Outdoor Activities If you love outdoor activities, then ensure that your Maldives holiday trip packages have plenty of options for you to enjoy. Not only can you hang out on the beaches, such as Veligandu Island beach, but you can also go snorkeling and scuba diving to see the marine life. You can also book a boat and enjoy a ride between some of the islands where you can explore to your heart's content.

Landmarks and Important Sights There are various important sites and landmarks that you should ensure are in your Maldives holiday packages. There are numerous mosques here that you can visit, including Grand Friday Mosque, Hulhumale Mosque and Hukuru Miskiiy or Old Friday Mosque. You should also visit the Tsunami Monument or Kedeyre Misky.
Any of the best Maldives holiday trip packages can help you to explore the city fully and without having to plan your own trip. Make sure to take full advantage of the outdoor activities that are available as well as visiting the important sights and landmarks. You can get help with planning your upcoming vacation from VISIIT Tours, who know what needs to be visited and what you can visit next

Sunset Cruising and Fishing :
Maldives is the perfect destination for honeymoon vacation. It is best to purchase Maldives honeymoon package if you wish to impress your loved one. It is the top romantic place in the world. It is great to see sunset by sitting together on a beach. If you wish, you can take your partner in a boat to watch the sunset from the midst of sea. Most Maldives hotels and resorts arrange for you.

Some best destinations in Maldives to watch sunset are Dhigghiri Sunset point, Anantara Kihavah Maldives and Alila Villa Hadahaa. Maldives is an excellent place to go fishing on your honeymoon. Are you a fish lover? Do you enjoy fishing? It is sure you will enjoy the fishing experience in Maldives. Meemu atoll, Kuredu and Madoogali Island Resort are best fishing spots in Maldives.

The Floating Luxury
Safari Boats are also referred as Floating Luxury. Your honeymoon trip would remain incomplete if you miss riding the floating luxury or safari boats. Stare the complexities of ocean and explore little deserted islands with your partner. Dining under stars as the waves splash will remain as a memorable experience. When you purchase honeymoon packages to Maldives, add this in your itinerary.

Visit Glow in the Dark Beach :
Do you wish to surprise your loved one on honeymoon? The bioluminescent beach is one of the best beaches in Maldives. The specialty of this Maldives beach is it glows in dark. It is best to wander with your couple in sea of stars to enjoy and explore nature in best way.

Historical Hike :
Maldives history offer you an opportunity to know about its royal side. National Museum is the best place you should visit with your partner. Most Maldives packages for couple have National Museum as an option in the itinerary. At the National Museum, you and your couple can walk with prestige like a King and Queen, roam around the beautiful tombs and minarets of Ancient Friday Mosque and take a spectacular view of large World War I Palace. At present, it houses several presidential offices.

Submarine Ride :
No matter, if you are purchasing cheap Maldives packages, submarine ride can be included as per your requirement. Add new vigor and some adrenaline by discovering the ocean depths in a marvelous submarine ride. It is the most fun and romantic thing you can do on your honeymoon Maldives. If needed, you can book Whale Submarine directly from your Maldives beach resort. As you start your journey into the blue waters, you can see everything like sharks, shipwrecks and numerous kinds of fishes.

Maldivians celebrate various festivals and events with great enthusiasm and joy. Their events and festivals showcase diverse heritage and culture of the island.

Ramadan :
It is the important festival for Muslims settled in Maldives. During the Ramadan month, the working hours will be changed. The government offices will work from 9.00 AM to 1.30 PM. The private sector will close in the afternoon. Muslims fast for thirty days and celebrate Ramadan once they complete thirty days of fasting.

Independence Day: Maldivians celebrate Independence Day on 26th July. It is celebrated in grand manner with parades of bright colored floats, dances and spectacles of traditional dancing. It is celebrated officially in Republic Square that is Male, capital city of Maldives. The National Cadet Corps and the National Security Service starts the event with march past. It is followed by modern drills, traditional dances and drills by school children.

Eid-ul Al’h’aa :
It falls on the month of Zull Hijja (Islamic Calendar). The tenth day of that particular month is celebrated as Eid. People who are wealthy and can afford go for pilgrimage trips to Mecca, while others enjoy by feasting and sharing gifts. During this festival, the holiday period is five days to one week. Traditional dance, sports and music takes place along with modern music and sports. All age groups including young and old participate in the celebrations. Plan your Maldives vacation during festival time to experience the real culture and tradition of Maldivians.

Other popular festivals and events celebrated in Maldives include Republic Day and Victory Day in November and Islam Day. Maldives trip cost is affordable when compared to other international destinations. If you purchase or book packages online, you can easily get great deals and discounts.

Maldives is a scenic location and best to visit any time of the year. Most Europeans plan for Maldives vacation during their winter months. However, Maldives is a destination suitable to visit all throughout the year. The picturesque islands, peaceful environment and soothing weather will make you feel like living in heaven. Some people will wish to do diving and surfing during their Maldives trip. In such scenario, you need to check the weather and temperature perfect for adventurous activities.

It is recommended to visit from December to April. During these months, the weather will be extremely good. There will be little rain with warm temperatures. It is best to avoid visiting Maldives during December especially if planning for Maldives for honeymoon. It is expensive if you visit between Mid December and Early January. If you are not worried about budget and expenses, you can plan for a trip to Maldives in December or January.

Maafushi Island :
It is one of the small islands in Maldives. It takes one and a half hours to reach from capital city of Maldives. Low budget travel and backpacking around Maldives is highly popular. When you stay on the local islands like Maafushi Island, you can get deeper and more genuine travel experience. Maafushi is not like the other islands in Maldives.

Honeymoon packages for Maldives is famous because of its splendid islands and accommodation facilities. The government has allowed people to open guest houses. There are about thirty guest houses in Maafushi Island. It remains as a main source of income and employment for local families. There are several things you can do in this island. It includes exploring the island, sandbank trips, snorkeling, scuba diving, day and night fishing trips, resort and island hopping, white shark/manta/dolphin cruises, etc. You can include Maafushi Island as part of your trip honeymoon packages Maldives.

Villingili Island:
It is an amazing place in capital city. You can find beaches and lots of house reef with colorful fish. If you are visiting Male, ensure to visit this island. It is the best place for snorkeling. It is easy to spot the best resorts in Maldives. You can either check on the internet or ask your travel agent for options. Nobody works on Fridays in this island. You can enjoy the aroma of BBQ’s. Ensure to taste marinated chicken or freshly caught fish grilled on the coconut shells that it served with sweet potatoes. The major portions of Villingili Island is surrounded by jungle.

Other famous weekend getaways from Maldives include Male, Hulhulemale, Naifaru, Eydhafushi, Thulusdhoo, Naifaru, Dhidhdhoo, Hanimaadhoo, and Funadhoo. Most holiday packages for Maldives may cover one or two above mentioned places.

Majority of Maldives is sea. Fish is the main staple food of Maldivians. Tuna is easily obtained and used in preparation of various food items. In Maldivian island, the cuisine is combination of Oriental, Sri Lankan, Indian and Arabic influences. Tourists visiting the island try traditional Maldivian dishes and international menus. It is affordable to eat in Male. It is the best chance where you can relish local food. Ensure to taste foods sold in the cafes that is popularly referred as hotau.

Coconuts are one of the main dishes in Maldivian diet. It is served in form of coconut milk, grated form or used as oil for cooking. Several deep frying foods are fried in coconut oil. Some best fishes in Maldives include mahi-mahi, bigeye scad, frigate tuna, yellowfin tuna, little tuney and skipjack tuna. Rice is an important food in Maldives. It is usually imported from other countries.

Other popular dishes of Maldives include Garudhiya, Mas huni, Fihunu mas and snacks like bajiya, gulha, thelui mas, masroshi, kulhi boakiba, and keemia. As the island is populated by Muslims, alcohol is not much popular. However, it is available in Maldives hotels and Maldives beach resort.

Visiit Travel Company offer all inclusive Manali tour packages for families, students and corporate professionals. Families and backpackers visit Manali to escape from the routine lifestyle. Manali holiday packages offer tourists an excellent chance to experience the surreptitious serenity and charm of the beautiful hill station. Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy skiing, mountain biking, ice skating, paragliding and mountaineering. Beas River is the right spot for canoeing and rafting. We offer Manali honeymoon package with discounts.
You have lot of options to reach Maldives from India. There are numerous airlines from India that would take you to Maldives. Some people will have a dream to travel in a luxury cruise to Maldives. Well, your dream can be made possible within your budget. At present, there is a luxury cruise named Costa neoClassica intended to operate from Mumbai to Maldives from December. The cost of tickets starts from Rs. 43,000. If you prefer to travel via seaways, this is the best option.

Indian Airlines have numerous flights running to and fro Maldives and India. It just takes fifty minutes from India to reach Maldives location.

Maldives trip package covers flight, accommodation, travel and sightseeing. Ensure to check with your travel agent while booking your package. They will give you options like staying in 3 or 5 star hotels in Maldives.

Indian Airlines services in numerous major cities like Bangalore, Calcutta, Mumbai and Trivandrum. Apart from Indian Airlines, Pakistani International Airline, Malaysian Airlines and Thai Airways operate flight services to Maldives from Delhi and Mumbai. All these are major airlines and ensure to offer a safe and comfortable journey.

Maldives Airport
There are six domestic airports and four international airports in Maldives. Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, Gan International Airport, Hanimaadhoo International Airport and Villa International Airport are the four international airports.

Maldives experiences seasonal climate. It has dry and wet seasons throughout the year. The dry season in Maldives occur between December and April. The wet season is from May to November. During April, the temperature will be hot. It is the transition season in Maldives.

In the dry season, there will be less humidity and less rain. The climate remains cold and favors tourists. With best visibility and gentler seas, these months are perfect for diving and snorkeling. However, you can indulge in diving throughout the year.

Rain and storm are mostly seen between the months of May and November. It is characterized with higher humidity and cloudier skies. It is best to visit between March and October if you wish to spend most time surfing in the island.

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