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For those who want to relish an adventure, madagascar is the perfect destination. The word Madagascar obviously brings in our childhood days of watching movies like the Lion King, Open Season and of course the Madagascar. Going on a trip here is the best opportunity to live out with the curious lemurs, fossas, leaf tailed geckos, rare comet moths, tomato frogs and long eared owls. Madagascar is colloquially given the name Great Red Island due to its fertile soil. It also offers humpback whales and turtles to be spotted during the winter and terrific landscapes which varies from desert to rainforest at one single head turn. Being the fourth largest island, it provides great adventure activities for the tourists. The off road rides are one of a kind that must be tried by each and every outdoor enthusiast which stretches for 240 kms called as RN$%. Madagascar offers other sports activities like hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, snorkeling, scuba diving and trekking. Madagascar challenges the tourists and at the same time rewards them with episodic memories and anecdotes.

Madagascar Tour Packages

Place : Amber Mountain National Park, Die..
Hotels : Nature Lodge

Must see places in Madagascar

Madagascar offers diversified flora and fauna for the spectators. The natural beauty beckons every tourist who visits madagascar.The indigenous species of plants and animals are worth the visit by the tourists and wildlife lovers.

Avenue of Baobabs
This avenue of the Baobabs are a 260 meter stretch of trees that is lined around a dirt road providing picture perfect landscapes to the tourists. This most visited tourist location in the region is best for landscape photographers when the sunset creates a remarkable backdrop with golden rays in the purple sky. These Baobab trees are at least 800 years old, once stood high in a dense tropical forest which now stands in solitude.

Tsingy de Bemaraha
The word “Tsingy” meaning pinnacle depicts the limestone plateaus of the Nature reserve that was opened in 1998. It houses a mangrove forest with varied range of lemur species. From the bird’s eye perspective, it looks like granite spikes laid on the ground. The Manombola river canyon forms the boundary of the park with spine tingling views.

Ile Sainte Marie
The Ile Sainte Marie is known for its still and clear water that exhibits the sunken pirate ships in the shallow regions up until now. During the 17th and 18th centuries pirates was attracted to this very island due to its protected bays. The island tops the list of attractions that should be visited in Madagascar for its snorkeling and whale watching during summers.

The capital and the largest city of Madagascar offers the tourists with vibrant and vivid culture. The cobbled streets with churches and palaces are palpable in nature that is utterly enjoyed by the history buffs. The Rova of Antananarivo is a palace complex from the 17th century and a heart shaped lake called lake Anosy surrounded by jacaranda trees and Tsimbazaza Zoo with distinct animals of Madagascar along with a museum that holds a surprise element which is the skeleton of extinct Elephant bird.

Isalo National Park
This National park provides great sceneries for the tourists with its sandstone formation that dates back to the Jurassic period and thus obtaining its name as the Jurassic park . It is a place where miracles are witnessed like the fire resistant tapia forest, ring tailed lemurs, riparian forests, white sifakas dancing on the open grasslands. It also serves as the sacred place for the Bara Tribe since it is the burial ground marked with heaps of stones or gravels. There are a lot more to do in Isalo like hiking, horse riding, mountaineering and swimming in natural pools.

Nosy Be
Nosy Be is a perfect beach resort destination that not only offers world class diving and snorkelling but also lets the tourists to enjoy the lip smacking seafoods, visit the spice plantations and spot fabulous wild and marine life in its own habitat. We can enjoy a stroll on the beach in barefoot while we watch the abandoned coracles and kayaks maneuver in the shorelines.

Madagascar is one of a kind place that will be relished by us infinitely. Explore the beaches and the wildlife and dive into the deep turquoise water where the sky meets the sea and treat the weary eyes with the gentle flow of the whale watching. Experience the 5% of the wildlife that is found only here up close by taking the Madagascar tour packages.

We can enjoy Madagascar at any time of the year. It depends on the tourist interests on where to go and what to see. For the sea lovers, July to September is the best time to watch the humpback whales in action while October and November are the best months to spot baby Lemurs and April being the off season with exquisite landscapes , quaint gardens and beaches. However we can enjoy all the above in the months of September to December.

The Malagasy cuisines are influenced by French, Indian, African and Arabic cultures. They don't resemble the staple food of other african regions,instead we can observe large portions of rice, garlic, onion, curry powder, lime juice and local vegetables..

Lasary is a dish made of julian cut cabbage, carrots, green beans and onions with mild vinaigrette. It is an accompaniment to the main dish from the Highlands.

They are eels that are smoked first and stuffed with onions, apples, mushrooms and pitted olives. It can be given a twist with vinegar, red wine and lettuce.

Kaka Pizon
It is the favourite snack of Malagasy people, particularly in the capital city Antananarivo. It is made with flour, eggs, salt, chilli powder and roast peanuts with a tinch of sugar with a little yeast. The dough is kneaded and rolled to a thin layer and cut into thin strips then fried till golden brown.

Voanjobory sy henakisoa
It is a traditional madagascar dish that is served during the Merina royal festival as a part of the elaborate feast. It is a dish that is made with Bambara groundnuts cooked along with chopped pork and served with rice.

Koba akondro
It is a dish that is made from mashing the bananas and combined with peanuts and honey and finally wrapped with banana leaves and boiled perfectly. Though it looks like tuna fish, it is actually a dessert that can be found right from the streets to the luxurious restaurants.

Akoho sy voanio
It is one of the popular meals of the Malagasy cuisine that is made with coconut milk, tomatoes, chicken, garlic, ginger and ground pepper resembling a thai dish.

Madagascar can be reached through the Antananarivo that is well connected with all the major cities and the Majunga, Diego Suarez, Tamatave connects flights from Réunion, Mauritius and the Comoros.Air Austral, Air France and Air Madagascar are some of the airlines that connects the country. If we want to experience a voyage filled with memories , we can sail to Madagascar from Toamasina and Mauritius via the Reunion. The VISIIT Holidays provides great adventurous tour packages for the adventure seekers and wildlife enthusiasts to experience the best of Madagascar.

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