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Kenya Tourism

Named after the Mount Kenya, this East African country is composed of highlands in the west and savannah regions in the east along the sealine since it lies on the East African rift creating Lake Turkana which is the largest desert and alkaline lake of the world. When we hear the word “Kenya”, the main picture that is drawn in our minds are the natural landscapes. The Maasai Mara National park, Amboseli National park, Sibiloi National park, Samburu, Marsabit and Meru National Parks pictures the immense wildlife of Kenya with enormous population of giraffes, african lions, elephants, rhinos, zebras and wildebeests along with thousands of extinct birds. The beckoning Mount Kenya, crater lakes, Lake turkana, Lamu archipelago stirs our souls.

Kenya Tour Packages

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Best Kenya Tour Packages at Visiit

Come and indulge into the wilderness, experience the life of Tarzan, enjoy the epic views of Kilimanjaro and heartstopping actions to be captured into your lenses and dig into the Kenyan cuisines by taking the tour packages to Kenya from VISIIT Holidays. It is a perfect destination for the wild lovers and thrill seekers since it offers great views and warm welcome to its tourists. VISIIT Holidays takes pride in giving the best services to the guests with extraordinary experience.

Must see points of attractions in Kenya

Be it the beautiful Landscapes, Masai mara, kikuyu, luhya, kisii, kalenjin and kamba tribes, Indian ocean lapped beaches, Kenya doesn’t let us down. It is a wildlife haven that holds around 54 National parks with the Big five animals ( elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhino) hunt showdown and one among them is the African lion (national animal) which are abundant in every national park. The list of animals goes on, to state simply all the animals from the Lion King movie can be spotted right here in Kenya.

Masai Mara National Reserve
The Masai Mara National park is popular for its majestic game reserves and great migration happening in July where millions and millions of Nomadic animals migrate from Serengeti national park of Tanzania to Masai Mara National Reserve for better grazing area that is followed by the great predators for a prey attack. We can spot Wildebeests, Zebras and Thomson's Gazelles in this migration and crocodiles waiting to surge upon for a hunt. The great migration is considered as one of the seven natural wonders of Africa. Tourists visit the Masai Mara Game reserve to become the spectators for this huge showdown.

Lake Nakuru National Park
Lake Nakuru which is located in the central Kenya is dotted with thousands of Pink Flamingos flocked together. The myriads of birds thrust upon the water providing breathtaking clicks for the photographers. It houses more than 450 species of birds with other wild animals like lion, leopard, white rhinos, pythons,giraffes strutting with grassland and rocky mountains providing a backdrop for the lake.

Lamu is a quirky little island situated to the northeast of Mombasa . It is a UNESCO recognized world heritage city that has its settlements dating back to 12th century. This seafaring town lets us to spot the influence of Arab and Indian architecture in the rustic buildings with a hint of Swahili techniques. It is an island that is frozen in time leading us into the cramped alleys and cobbled streets with jutted patios in the rooftops and mazes of hedges on the sidewalls.

Mount Kenya National Park
Mount Kenya is located to the east of the rift valley , it is UNESCO World Heritage Site which is formed due to continuous volcanic eruptions. This highest mountain of the country and second highest in Africa is composed of three glacier peaks challenging the tourists a hard time in climbing than Mount Kilimanjaro. The sceneries ranges from glaciers, lakes, dense bamboo forests and mineral springs.

Amboseli National Park
The Amboseli National Park provides the best views of Elephants in large herds with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background. The mountain is unavoidable in every picture we click. The word “Amboseli” referring to Salty dust earned its name due to its parched ground. As we take up a safari ride, we can spot giraffe, gazelle, eland, waterbucks, lions, cheetahs and other wildlings.

As the proverb goes “ When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, Take up a dirt Safari into the Amboseli National park and dive into the Lamu island, let go of yourself in the hinterland. Be the spectators for the Lake Turkana Festival and learn the culture of the tribes. Fly upon the Mount Kenya either in a helicopter or tiltrotor. Sail on the kayaks and boats when there is a good trade wind to immerse us in Kenya to the fullest.

Lamu Cultural Festival
The November held event, is a cultural festival that is celebrated to signify the past, present and the future of the quaint little island Lamu. We can enjoy the whole festival with multiple activities like Swahili poetry, henna painting, donkey races and dhow sailing. Sometimes it may coincide with a Swahili wedding that allows us to treat our taste buds with scrumptious Swahili cuisines.

Lake Turkana Festival
The Lake Turkana festival is held during the month of May to overcome stereotypes and promote the peace. The event is organized where different ethnic groups come together and emphasize the unique performances and skits. The festival takes a hit with dance, music, traditional costumes, arts and crafts,etc..

Mombasa Carnival
Mombasa Carnival is the famous festival in Kenya featuring a diversified traditions and customs with unique ethnicity. Being an important cultural hub of East Africa, it represents the African and Arabian cultures. It portrays the tribes in vibrant costumes dancing for a rhythmic music and stompede in colorful parades. Tourists visit Mombasa for shopping the handmade souvenirs, also to enjoy delectable palate of Kenyan Dishes.

Kenya which is described as the cradle of Humanity for its tribe culture can be enjoyed the best from June to to October and January to February that will be teeming with the wildlife of all shapes and sizes. However July to November, january and february are the peak seasons of Kenya Tourism where the parks and tourist attractions will be much crowded especially the popular attractions like the Masai Mara, Amboseli and Lake Nakuru. March to May are the worst time to visit Kenya due to high rainfall. June to October are the months where wildlife are easier to spot near the wataerholes with a chance to enjoy the great migration. November to May are affected with short cloudbursts in the afternoon but newborn babies and migratory birds can be enjoyed by us with lush green sceneries.

Kenya houses three airports that connects all the international cities of the world. There is also roadways that can be taken up for an adventurous trip from Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania. VISIIT Tours and Holidays provides great packages for wild thrill filled trip to Kenya at best prices.

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