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The Splendour Of Israel Tourism

Israel is one country that find its mentioned in the religious scriptures of three major religions of the world. Christianity Islam and Judaism, and to certain extent, even Zoroastrianism talks about the country of Israel as one of the earliest settlements and the cradle of Civilization.

The entire country of Israel is filled with a lot of attractions as much as it is filled with a lot of controversies! Israel is flanked by the Mediterranean sea on one side, and in the land, there is one of the most famous seas on the entire planet - the Dead Sea which is the lowest point on earth and also the saltiest water body. The entire country is filled with hills that can tell stories, temples that have seen multiple dynasties since the 4th century BC, Caves and a lot of other lenses from nature and history. There are also amazing options for auxiliary things like shopping, viewpoints, Gardens, and even parties and nightlife.

Israel Tour Packages

Place : Galilee, Terraces, Kafr Kanna
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Place : Jewish Zealots
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Explore the old city of Jerusalem
Jerusalem has found its mentions in a lot of scriptures of various religions like Christianity Judaism and Islam. Jerusalem is one of the oldest walled cities in the planet. There are a lot of attractions in the old city of Jerusalem like the church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Dome of the rock and even the old city Bazaar.

Explore the fabled city of Nazareth
Nazareth is the largest city in the area of Galilee, and is dominated by Arabs, which makes it quite a unique place especially because of its presence in Israel. Nazareth is one of the most important centres of pilgrimage for Christians because the Holy Bible says that it was the hometown of Joseph and Mary, and Jesus was commonly known as Jesus of Nazareth. It is for this very reason that Nazareth is referred to as the cradle of Christianity. One of the most important places to visit in Nazareth is the Church of Annunciation which is the largest Catholic Church in the Middle East area.

This city is a perfect Confluence of the traditional and the modern. It was founded by Emperor Herod the great In remembrance of the great Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar. In the year 1952, this city achieve the distinction of being the first one to be governed by a private Corporation. The parts in this city have a few ruins that date back to the time of King Herod who was extensively engaged in construction to make the city look Grand. In stark contrast to the story mentioned about this city, there are people who sunbathe in the beaches and play golf or interestingly enjoy the annual jazz music festival. You will be surprised to know that there is rail tour package that you have chosen has a lot to offer then just pilgrimage and nature!

The sea of Galilee
People who are aware of one of the most Epic stories in the Holy Bible, the Sermon on the Mount by Jesus, would not be alien to this destination. The sea of galilee is the lowest fresh water body on the planet and the second lowest water body on Earth, only second to the Dead Sea which is quite its neighbour. Owing its connections to the life of Jesus, it is a popular destination of pilgrimage for the Christians all over the world. It is said that Jesus walk on water on the sea of galilee. There is a 40 Mile long Jesus hiking trail which is a speciality store that covers or with its Nations that Jesus Christ went to as a part of his ministry. It is also one of the most popular destinations for baptism in the Christian context and also a great Centre for parasailing.

Tel Aviv
Contrasting all the nature and pilgrimage context of the centres of attraction in Israel that we have seen until now, Tel Aviv is the second largest city in the country, a financial hub and more importantly, the party capital of Israel. This city is so upbeat and progressive that it is referred to as the city that does not sleep, commonly used to represent New York. Tel Aviv has been ranked as the best city to live in Israel, because of its warm nature. It is so accepting that in spite of all the traditional rooting that Israel has, Tel Aviv alone is LGBT friendly. The beaches in Tel Aviv are some of the best Mediterranean beaches that you can ever experience! No wonder, these Little Things would make your Israel tour package more interesting and better.

Masada is the answer from Asia to the Inca ruins in Peru. It is situated high on a plateau overlooking the Dead Sea. There is a great story to this drive looking place. This place was the last hold out to the Jews who wear almost destroyed to Nothing by the Roman empire in the first Jewish Roman war. It was the effort of the great King Herod that Masada became a fortified City. It would definitely be an adventure to scale up the hill, but for those who have a thirst for just exploring the place and not the energy for adventure, there are cable cars that take you right to the top. As you can see, Israel is made up of a lot of attraction that make the country a very Wholesome destination for anyone who is on a lookout for a Holistic tour package.

Floating on the Dead Sea
Perhaps one attraction that makes Israel stand out from the rest of the world in being super unique is the experience of floating on the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth, and is also the saltiest water body. It is an amazing place to chill out. The feeling of floating on water is something close to divine. The mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea not only enable you to float but also rejuvenate your skin and your senses. In all this awesomeness of floating, it is strongly suggested that you refrain from diving into the waters.

Trial lies between the tropics and temperate. This makes the spring and autumn the best time to visit Israel. The spring falls in April and May, and the autumn falls in September and October. These are the times when the temperature is pleasant and moderate, and nature flaunts its best in the area. Moreover, the activities like scuba diving in the Red Sea and floating on the Dead Sea are best felt in the pleasingly warm sun of spring and autumn.

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