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Active volcanoes, steaming blue lagoons, hot geysers, tons of waterfalls, pristine beaches and picturesque landscapes makes it impossible to resist our visit to this Nordic island country. It has a very less population and their origin dates back to the Vikings Era according to the medieval documents. It is located at the junction of North Atlantic and the Arctic Oceans where the tectonic plates are moving apart for a centimeter each year. It is a land of Fire and Ice that houses one of the largest glaciers in Europe and provides geothermal energy for the economic growth of the country. It is a perfect destination to wind down from our worries and rejuvenate ourselves in the crystal clear blue lagoons and enjoy the geothermal spa with the mud masks by selecting the tour packages of Iceland.

Iceland Tour Packages

Place : Golden Circle, Jökulsárlón, Landm..
Hotels : Blue Lagoon

Place : Laugarvatn, Arnarstapi
Hotels : Hotel Edda ML Laugarvatn, Borgarn..

Best Iceland tour packages at Visiit

There are some books that we never want to put down. Iceland is just like that book, uncovering new stories in every page we turn. Come and discover your story in the land of Ice and Fire. It is assured that these stories you explore will be in your hearts as reminiscing memories. VISIIT Holidays volunteers in creating these wonderful memories to fill the pages in your travel diary.

The stories of our visit are remembered forever because of the sheer beauty of Iceland. Iceland is felt like the most isolated place but it is only 3 hours of flight journey from London and 6 hours from New York. Reykjavik the capital of Iceland being the quaint town, holds a great cultural life when compared with other European towns. The buildings are vibrant and colorful to contrast the dark winter months. There are both simple and elegant buildings to grand urban architecture whose constructions are inspired from the Icelandic beautiful sceneries like the Hallgrímskirkja whose architecture is the geometric structure of ancient Lava flow. The conference and concert centre Harpa depicts the geologic structure of Iceland with the spectacle of Northern Lights. And drench ourselves in Blue lagoon for a good spa treatment.

Blue lagoon,Reykjavik
The first thing we must try after reaching Iceland is the geothermal spa called Blue lagoon which is a 40 minute drive from Reykjavik. The Blue lagoon is an oasis of relaxation and the hot springs are 37-39 degree celsius that has become a huge hit since 1976 among the locals and the tourists since its good for the body and for the skin. It offers various amenities for the tourists to have a good time by enjoying the silica mud mask, sauna and steam rooms, man made waterfalls and a relaxation room for short breaks from the water. There are also in-water massages, retreat spas in the lava rocks and guided tours including accommodation in silica hotel and the retreat, restaurants and bars. The tourists reach the blue lagoon for rejuvenation and even for business meetings.

Strokkur Geysir
The Strokkur Geysir is the famous fountain Geyser known across the world. Located in the Golden circle this active cauldron of geyser explodes the water high up to the sky for every 10 minutes with mud pools. The tourists can enjoy the fun activity of baking the rye bread under the geyser for 24 hours.

The Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis
The Aurora Borealis is created due to the interaction of charged particles from the sun creating the turquoise,red, blue and purple lights upon the sky near the northern magnetic poles which attracts a huge number of tourists. The lights makes us to feel that fantasy is no more a fantasy. There are few hotels that arranges best services like an overnight stay in igloos to enjoy the real beauty of it.

Thingvellir National park is preferred by every geological fans to experience the walk between the tectonic plates of North America and Europe that have been sliding away for centuries. We can see the vast horizons and the shrubs grown upon the lava land in the historic site which was once the parliament plains of the icelanders. It is a protected area that will forever be the property of Iceland which is cherished by the people through endless times.

Vatnajökull National Park
The largest ice glacier with magnificent ice caves attracting many adventurers around the world. The park is divided into four with the Vatnajökull glacier , Skaftafell Ice Cave, Skriðuklaustur and Jökulsárgljúfur are the other national parks. The Skaftafell Ice Cave glows with hues of blue shades if visited at the right time. The icebergs breaks away and starts to float on the water for years till it becomes tiny chunks of ice drifting away in the sea.

Black Sand Beach
The Black Sand Beach is one of the most pristine and non tropical beaches of the world. The pitch black sand and the rocky structures of Reynisdrangar with a myth of trolls frozen in the morning light. There are tall symmetrical basalt rock formations which are scaled to each other when the lava flowed and cooled off attracting a lot of tourists for exploration . The sand was actually created due to the Lava flowing into the ocean cooling off instantly creating shiny black rugged gravels.

The cuisines of Iceland doesn’t fall short just like the dramatic beauty of Iceland’s landscapes.
It is a hot dog of Reykjavik that is made from a blend of beef, lamb and pork accompanied with crunchy fried onions, raw onions, brown mustard and creamy remoulade.
Kæstur hákarl
It is the fermented shark where the shark is beheaded and buried under the gravel,stones and sands to release all the liquid from the shark for 6-12 weeks and fermented well with vinegar and natural ingredients.
Rye bread
Rye bread is a common food of the Icelanders. It is added with toppings like smoked salmon, cream cheese served with butter and lava salt. The bread is soft and spongy that is cooked under 30 centimeters near the geysers.
Iceland is best enjoyed by us all through the year. The months of December to February are the iciest ones in Iceland. The Northern lights can be enjoyed in solitude bliss during February to March and September to October while June and July are when we can explore the Midnight Sun. In February and March , the Orcas or the Killer Whales pays a visit to iceland which is most enjoyed by the tourists by taking boat tours and wildlife photography tours to witness this magical aura.

The Icelandair, Iceland Express Wow Air charters regular flight connectivity throughout the year from Amsterdam, Denver, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Manchester, Paris, Stockholm, Boston, New York, Seattle, Washington, London, Denmark, and Norway, London, Copenhagen, Berlin, and Warsaw and also a new connectivity route to Akureyri in Iceland from Copenhagen. The VISIIT Holidays offers breathtaking Iceland tour packages for the tourists from India to let loose of ourselves in the laps of the beckoning beauty.

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