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Endearing Hong Kong Family Tour Package

Hong Kong is one of the most special tourist destinations in East Asia. It was a former British Colony, and that includes the place a colonial thats. This Island has grown from being one of the most neglected British colonies to being among the epicenters of global finance and also been one of the most major port that connects a lot of cities in South East Asia. There is a lot to explore in Hong Kong with the Hong Kong tour packages.

Hong Kong Tour Packages

Place : Victoria Peak, Macau
Hotels : Best Western Plus Kowloon Hotel

Place : Hong Kong Disneyland, Victoria Pe..
Hotels : Regal Oriental Hotel, Hotel Royal..

Place : Victoria Peak, Ocean Park, Macau
Hotels : Regency Art Hotel Macau

Place : Victoria Peak, Ocean Park
Hotels : Best Western Plus Kowloon Hotel

Place : Hong Kong Disneyland, Macau
Hotels : Regal Oriental Hotel, Regency Hot..

Best Hong Kong Tour Packages at Visiit

Hong Kong is a place that holds so many attractions, and is among the must visit places in the world. It is probably the answer from the Far East to the well developed western coast of the United States. The same canopy of concrete with high rise buildings and scintillating lights make what Hong Kong is today. The China Tower and the Disneyland are perfect answers for the skyscrapers and the attractions for the people of all ages.

Visiit brings about a lot of expertise in Planning perfect tour packages to Hong Kong, including but not limited to choosing the perfect eyeliner that gives a balance between cost and comfort, and planning a accommodation in a way that you can teach the best spots in the city. In addition to all of this, we understand that the Expectations of different people will be different, and that is the reason we bring in an element of customizability in all our tour packages, so you can enjoy Hong Kong in a way that you want to enjoy it!

Hong Kong is an island that has got a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and experience. Here are a few things that you can consider doing on your Hong Kong tour package.

Visiting Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and the Victoria peak
Hong Kong is a city of skyscrapers, and if you would like to get an aerial view of the city, the place between look forward to is the Victoria peak point it is the highest point in Hong Kong, and there are even combo passes that help you get an economic advantage to write a Tram and enter Madame Tussauds museum. The symphony of lights is a great welcome that you can get to this place. It is the largest prominent light and sound show in the world. Madame Tussauds brings a great collection of wax statue its of a lot of famous celebrities around the globe, and you will be surprised to see how close they are to life.

The food here is nothing short of delighting, and you have to try a few restaurants that are Michelin star rated, which is the Oscar for the restaurants.

Repulse Bay
The history records that in the year 1841, the British Navy repealed a massive force of Pirates and this repulsion of the pirate forces gave this beach the name it is known by today. Although the name sounds a little classic, the beach is quite urban in its nature. This beach has been artificially extended, and it is evident in the way the Cosmos of the sand changes as you approach the waters. It is a good place to relax come back and probably enjoy a book or some nice music. Another small attraction that you could have on this beach if you are a fan of Asian action movies is that the house of Jackie Chan is visible from this beach. The chilli garlic noodles are quite famous in here, and is among the must try on your package tour to Hong Kong.

Avenue of stars
Everybody knows about the Hollywood walk of Fame, and we would have come to understand that HK is all about giving a befitting reply to the Western coast of the United States in every way possible. The avenue of stars is the answer to the Hollywood walk of Fame. The only disappointing part is that it is more dedicated to the celebrities hailing from the Orient point This Means, except for Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Jet Li, you will not be able to recognise most of the celebrities who are feature in here. There are chances you might recognise Lucy leave as well. What makes this place a little more complete is the Starbucks that is located in here. The coffee will compensate for the alien-ness of the names that are inscribed on the stones at your feet.

Let us not again talk about how Hong Kong is answering the best. Disneyland needs no introduction, and any Traveller or even any comic book enthusiastic as a child would know the awesomeness of this place. The Hong Kong Disneyland features a lot of attractions with an Asian touch. What makes the Disneyland in Hong Kong a little more special is that it is clubbed along with the Ocean Park. It is to be mentioned that the three Disneyland in Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo have made the Disneyland more dense in the east than in the west!

Hong Kong might not exactly be in a tropical region, but the summers are hot and humid going to the Pacific and the South China Sea around 8. The best time that you can plan your package tour to Hong Kong is in March and April, where the spring season gives you pleasant evenings that you can use to stroll around the city, and October and November where the temperature is quite moderate, but it might become a little cold in the night. It is suggested not to visit Hong Kong in the monsoon or in the summers.

HK things are fine Confluence of the Japanese commander Australian, the Indo Chinese and the Chinese cuisines. The food here is my life pic with dangers of sweet. Seafood and what are the staple foods in here, and is garnished by the use of a lot of vegetables and rice. The food at Hong Kong is a perfect midpoint between what could be considered tasty and healthy. Some of the dishes that you should try and Hong Kong are the pork delicacies, the wind Sand chicken, the roast Goose, the dumplings and the seafood balls.

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