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Any person with a penchant for mythology and history will know the awesomeness of the country of Gr... reece. Greece is a place that is filled with a lot of Amazing experiences in many spots around a thousand islands that make up the archipelago of this ancient country. This country served as the cultural Bridge between Asia, Africa and Europe. It is flanked by the Aegean and the Ionian Sea on either sides. As we all may have known, the capital of Greece, Athens is the largest city followed by Thessaly.

One of the most iconic destinations in Athens, in Greece and in the whole of Europe is the citadels on the slopes of Acropolis. It is a beautiful Confluence of contemporary development and the ancient architecture. The Blue rooftops of the villas in Santorini offer both a match and a contrast to the blue waters of the Aegean Sea and the skies above it. These are the attractions that no Greece holiday package would miss out on. The 19th Century shipwreck on the white sands of Zakynthos is yet another attraction that you should never miss!

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Greece Tour Packages

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Place : Acropolis Museum, Panathenaic Sta..
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Best Greece Trip with Visiit

With so much of blue waters around it, Greece is an amazing destination for a holiday Cruise package or even a honeymoon celebration package on a yacht. Greece is not just about adventure and romance alone. There are a lot of things that you can experience increased like the architecture of the Ancient Greeks, awesome food and just the pristine beaches!

There is no dearth of attractions when it comes to the site seeing places in Greece. Greece offers and amazing spectrum of attractions in the South Eastern European Peninsula. There are Cruises that give you an out of the world experience, hikes that you can take through Majestic landscapes, and needless to mention, a lot of shutter worthy places that give you a memory that you can forever treasure in JPG format.

When it comes to staying options as well, there are economy rooms that give you the right amount of comfort that is needed. On the other hand, there are luxury villa pools that overlook the sea face or a mesmerising scenery. With so much of choice is to explore, Greece is definitely a place that you can look forward to visiting on a tour package.

Greece can boast of a history like no other country. There are a lot of distinct landmarks that stand as a testimony to this amazing culture that Greece once hosted. The modern city of Athens stands in stark contrast with a lot of nightclubs and party places that give a bustling nightlife to this city. In between these, there are a lot of cafes, tavernas and neoclassical houses that show how grease can balance between the traditional and the modern.

Thanks to the famous instrumental by the keyboard wizard Yanni, this town is so known now. The panoramic view of Santorini is nothing short of mesmerising. It sits right on the top of a volcanic mountain and what makes it even more special is the desaturated and cubical houses clinging to the slopes of the volcanic caldera that overlooks the Aegean Sea giving you a landscape view of the island and beaches that are made of igneous pebbles.

The parthenon temple is situated on the top of the Acropolis of Athens, and is considered to be one of the most important attractions never to be missed on a package tour to Greece. The construction started in the 4th century BC, and it has had multiple purposes including that of a temple, a Fortress, Church, Mosque and even a military construction. The term Parthenon literally translates to the 'unmarried women's apartments'.

Delphi Amphitheater
Art, and performing arts in particular where an important part of the culture of Greece, and they did anything and everything that could promote these out. The Delphi amphitheatre is one such attraction. As if the view of the performing art wasn't enough, this place also gives a spectacular view of The Hills and the Sanctuary that is behind it. It was built in the 4th century AD, and had a seating capacity of 5000 spectators, which was massive considering the population and the social divide in Greece at that time.

Meteora is not just about the amazing album from Linkin Park but also about spectacular monasteries that that the landscape of Greece. These monasteries were built purposefully to be inaccessible to general public and it involved either trekking through difficult roads or scaling difficult ropes and ladders. What makes it all the more difficult is the schedule of replacement of these ropes. These ropes are replaced, as the monks say, 'When the Lord breaks them!". If you would like to experience Greece with a difference, then the Meteora is a must see on your Greece tour package.

Beach parties in Greece
Let's not confined grease to just ancient monuments and beaches. Mykonos Represents what the party scene in the summer features of Greece is like. The party animals are bound to form this place for the best DJs in the world play their best tracks in some of the best clubs in the country. It is not just about this massive clubs but also about a lot of little cafeterias, art galleries and Bistros that grace the streets that are curvy and flanked by colourful bougainvilla flowers on either sides.

Greece is definitely a Holistic holiday destination. There are a lot of attraction of every flavour. All these things apart, there are a lot of other things that make break even more special than it already is!

You can shop for clothes increased by weight. The kilo shop in Athens offers you this amazing excuse to shop till you drop, literally! There are certain local organisations that offer you a free tour of the city of Athens. It is not just about the price of the tour, but the priceless rest of the information and their secrets that they give out as and when you travel around the city. It is almost as if every Street has a story to tell. It is never a reality to find a museum in Greece. The entire city of Athens is filled with a lot of museums, and it is not a surprise when a city alone stands as a testimonial for a Civilization laced with rich mythology. It is said that you can throw a rock at any random corner and you can walk in the direction to find a museum.

Move over the shopping scenes in Paris in Milan. The Flea market in monastiraki is a place that you can find a lot of random things at throw away prices. You might, for all you know, end up with old books and even read collectibles at unimaginable prices.

As you all may have known, Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, who was the tutor of the Macedonian King Alexander the great. At the Aristotle's Lyceum, you can get a feel of what it was like to sit and be tutored by one of the greatest philosophers to have ever lived on this planet!

Greece is such an exotic place with diverse flavours of attractions, and it requires a meticulous knowledge to plan a proper package tour to Greece. We at Visiit take it upon us to customise your Greece tour packages, and ensure that you enjoy this amazing place in a way that you would deem as amazing!

Greece is beautiful all through the year. However, it is generally believed that the best time to visit in Greece is in Spring and early summer which Falls between mid April and mid June. If the sun is not something that you might love, then you have the autumn season that Falls between September and October which would give you a very colourful view of this Islands. If you are a person who loves snow-covered landscapes, you can also consider booking Greece tour package even during winter. Sometimes, the peak tourist season is not the perfect time to travel, and if this holds good for you, it is suggested that you avoid your Greece tour during the month of August.

The winters are cold and dry, and the summers are playing hot. This is what makes spring one of the best season to visit Greece. It is not just about the pleasant weather but also celebrations like the Easter holidays and Saint George’s day that make a spring tour of Greece most special. The autumn season is a great time for you to visit in Greece if you are a water lover.

No tour package to any place would be complete without a mention of food, and Greece tour packages are not an exception. The food delights in increase only add to the awesome landscapes that you have experienced. With a tradition that spans not just centuries but Millenia, you can only expect Greece to offer you some of the best cuisines of the planet.

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about food and Greece in a single line is definitely the Greek salad. The Greek salad, much like the country is a mix of Health and taste. The generous helping of green vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes onions olives and lettuce, this Greek salad is seasoned with Oregano and salt. So much of health benefits are probably the reason we have the Greek God look for men!

Another word that is synonymous with Greek and food is the Greek yoghurt. Doubt it to be a protein powerhouse, the Greek yoghurt season with cucumber and garlic would make a great post workout meal. It pairs best with grilled meat and is equally good when consumed alone.

The taramalasta is a fish dish with a difference. this pink coloured creamy delicacy is made from fish eggs. what makes this deep different is the complete absence of the marginally nauseating smell of seafood while still retaining all the health benefits, owing to the blend of olive oil and lemon juice.

As much as Greece is a tourist destination in itself, it is also a quintessential part of the European culture and tradition. It is not new for any tour operator to include trees as a part of the Europe tour package, in addition to the Exclusive Greece tour packages that they might have.

The best way to reach Greece directly is by taking flights from most of the major airports in the world to Athens. The capital city connects to a lot of major airports, and even if not, it is connected to a lot of Arabs like Frankfurt, Dubai and Brussels - and all these three cities are connected to most of the airports in India.

If you are including free as a part of a larger Europe tour package, it makes sense for you to hold a rail ticket which is the best way for you to not only reach Greece but any other major land city in the continent of Europe.

If you are someone with a penchant for adventure, you can even consider taking ferries from the neighbouring port cities like Trieste, Venice, Ancona, Brindisi and Bari to either Patras or Kefalonia.

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