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Pearls of Germany Tourism

If you are looking things from just a tourism aspect, without second thoughts we accept the fact that Germany is one of the best places to visit. Be it the people, architecture or its nature, they just somehow stand out from the rest of the world. But let's not just stop with tourism, the bitter truth is that it's not just a destination where we want to hang out for a while. It's a place where we want to settle. This one fact is all the more enough to seal the deal. Bottom Line, it's definitely a place that anyone cannot afford to miss.

Germany Tour Packages

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Visiit Tour Packages to Germany

It requires a complete expertise and knowledge of the place to plan a perfect tour package to Germany. With our experience of planning Germany towards, and a perfect understanding of the place, the climate comma the landscape and everything, we do what it takes to plan and customise your perfect tour package to Germany, so you will visit this amazing country and return with memories that will last for a lifetime, much like German technology!

Berlin, the capital city of Germany, Place a very important part in the historical and cultural identity of the country. For instance, the 18th century Brandenburg Gate stands as a testimony of reunification and is among the must-visit landmarks for tourists. It also houses a massive park and parliament nearby.

Berlin is a land that is graced with a long and rich history. Anything that has got to do with History will definitely be documented in museums. People who visit Berlin are bound to enjoy the Museum Island. As the name implies, the island is an agglomeration of 5 internationally important museums that showcase Prehistoric archaeology, the Greek Roman and Islamic masterpieces. As much as Germany has a bright history, it also has a dark history. One of the must visit in Berlin is the Holocaust memorial and the east side gallery, which holds its significance with respect to the Berlin Wall.

No tourism would be complete without a list for shopping. Berlin does offer a lot of shopping options as well. A few great destinations for your shopping trains to be fulfilled are Kurfurstandamm, Friedrichstrabe, and Bohemian Kreuzberg.

Much like its neighbour France, Germany also has its romance with gases. The region in lower saxony could be a great place for you to explore these things. Celle is one such place that lies on the banks of the river ella. People who are on a package tour to Germany can explore the castles that are built in the styles that reflects Germany's tryst with Italy when it comes to Renaissance art.

Germany is also a perfect place for photographs. If you would like to notice the perfection at office for photography, you have to explore the old do call town. It has about 400 homes that are made of timber, and the perspective that it gives is nothing short of remarkable. There are a lot of other places of interest that include the bone man museum, the Saint Ludwig Catholic Church and a lot of other forces and castles that pique the interest of any history buff.

When we hear the word ‘Cologne’, we can only think of perfumes and body sprays. The name owes its history to this amazing city in Western Germany. It is not about everyday usage, but a Legacy that spans about 20 centuries. This city of Cologne gives you amazing views of the Rhine River valley, and to augment the awesomeness, there are even cable car rides that give you a bird's eye view of the city. Even if not for anything else, this view alone is a thing to die for, and it should give you a reason to explode Germany on a tour package.

It should be a surprise for you to know that Dresden was a city that was more synonymous with China where in Europe than China was. Dresden is the capital of East Germany. It was completed as a part of the Prussian Empire in 1743, but was destroyed in the first and second world wars. It was rebuilt and it emerged as one of the most prosperous cities of Germany. The cathedral and the Opera House can be found quite proximal to the Dresden castle, and is a part of the massive Museum Complex. This Museum Complex has been a place of conservation of art ever since the 16th century.

There are a few other places of interest around Dresden. There is the Albertinum Museum which showcases the art from the 19th and 20th centuries, the Plinitz Castle which was once the home to the Royal family houses a lot of Renaissance art work even from prized artists like Rafael.

Often considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in Germany, Gorlitz definitely offers views to die for. It is not just the nature, but a lot of man made little wonders that make Gorlitz a definite place to visit on your tour package to Germany. There are more than 3500 architectural wonders including but not limited to 4, theatres, churches and every other possible form of architecture that might have graced the history of Germany. The architecture in here is so spectral that it can enthrall any visitor. However, the real wonder lies inside the external Appeal of the architecture.

Saint Peter's Church, one of the late Gothic churches, has two peoples and an 18th century organ that is still functional. The museum of this place dates back to the 17th century. All these aspects make this town of Gorlitz a favourite among filmmakers. You can see this please been portrayed in a few classics like Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds and Wes Anderson the Grand Budapest Hotel.

Hamburg is one of the most major port cities of Germany. It is one of the biggest trade centres, and it put Northern Germany in the trade map of the world. Being close to the sea, this place offers a lot of dining options overlooking the North Sea. Germany, being a chilled out place in between all the discipline it upholds, is the home to a lot of bars, cafes and restaurants, and the nightlife is quite robust and lively in here.

Food aficionados will love binging themselves in the teacher of cuisines that Hamburg offers. The indulgences range from ocean fresh oysters and other kinds of seafood to the German speciality sausages. If you are a person who loves performing arts, you can check out the hamburger state Opera and the Hamburg Ballet theatre. Hamburg is also the home to one of the oldest pedestrian streets in the world, and any pedestrian Street will always be get a lot of shopping options that Travellers can look forward to!

There are certain cities in history that clean a name for themselves at certain point in time, lose it over a period of time, and we claim it back. Leipzig in Germany is one such City. It was one of the biggest centres of trade in the time of the Roman empire, because it served as an important crossroad between two important trade routes in the mediaeval era. It was so important that it came to be known as Via Regia, meaning strong way in Latin. This town is also at the Confluence of three major rivers of the northern plains of Germany. While it lost its importance during the Prussian Empire, it became a major urban location after the second world war ended.

What makes this city even more special is the industries that it specialises in. The two major sources of income for this city is music and publishing. There are a lot of special museums like the museum of musical instruments, the museum of applied arts, the ethnography museum and a lot more that is located in a massive Museum Complex called the Grassi Museum. An important Centre for photography is the Monument of the Battle of the Nations.

Germany is definitely an interesting country to visit, and it is no surprise that a lot of people hit their bags on a tour package to Germany from all over the world. Germany has got everything it takes to become a perfect storage location. It has got the essential Technology, nature, 8, architecture, history and everything else.

Even though each season in this country has its fair share of both advantages and disadvantages, the best time to visit this country that sets the bar too high for any other country to reach in every aspect is during the months of September and october The weather and the climatic conditions during these two months are at its best. Any tourist would love to be in Germany during these two months.

The country that is known for producing some some luxurious cars and runs fore front in the field of engineering has a lot of unique dishes to offer.

One of the very first that strikes the mind when think about the food in Germany. This meat wrp is one the most unique and the most prefered dish in the country.

Rote Grutze
The fruit pudding is the most common dessert which has its origin in the noth Gremany.

The kind of food that anyone would literally fall in love with. This traditional German stew really is just awesome in every aspect.

The German’s love for meat dishes is definitely undying. And they really don’t mind experimenting things to come up something new and fresh.This is definitely a dish which is one of those kinds.

Schnitzel and apple strudel
The national dish of Austria has been adopted in the German cuisine is ben one of their all time favourites.

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