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Scandinavian countries have always had a very special charm that do not match up with any other country. Their commitment towards Being Happy and their regard for saving the environment on the earth in terms of adopting green fuels as opposed to fossil fuels are a few things that make this amazing country is more amazing than they are supposed to be. We have seen quite a lot about Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Another country that has to follow up on this list is Finland. Finland is a special country, and some of the early mobile phone adaptors will know that this is the country where their first phone Nokia was born. Even outside this mobile manufacturing Giants, Finland has quite a lot to explore in your Finland tour package.

Finland Tour Packages

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Visiit Finland Tour Packages

Being the country that brought the Global mobile brand Nokia, and being the land of thousands lakes, and in addition to all of this coming along with it, the Scandinavian wonders, Finland is one of the best places to visit on a tour package. It has got a variety of options that will make Good tourist engaged all through. It has different kinds of attractions that can satisfy different kinds of people. Overall, Finland is quite a Holistic tourist destination.

Located in the Northern Europe “The land of Midnight Sun” is a remote place with extreme climate. Finland is mostly covered with thick forest and wide wilderness. One fifth of the people live in Helsinki, the largest city of Finland, however the place is filled with flat landscapes, large forests, rippled lakes with bright architecture, modern and contemporary artworks. The white snow provide chills and the golden lights from the street provide the warmth that is much needed. The former capital Turku remains as the cultural beacon of Finland whereas the current capital Helsinki spins around several islands.

Visiit has come up with exclusive Finland tour packages. Designed in a way to give you the best experience of the place, Finland tour packages offer you the perfect experience of the land of thousand lakes. In addition to the attractions, you could also consider enjoying the silent moments watching the Aurora Borealis. All these Little Things make our tour packages one of the best to visit full length. With a team of experts who exhibit a perfect understanding of the landscape and the transport, your Finland tour package will be nothing short of marvelous and fantastic!

Have you ever wondered how it will be to stand below the Northern Lights or to drench the into the historic helsinki or to have the fresh authentic taste of the rye bread. Come and experience by taking the tour packages to finland to indulge into all of these. We offer Finland packages from any city of India to experience a better hassle free trip that lets you to explore finland at its best.

As the nation's capital, Helsinki is the most prominent place to visit in Finland and a goal you won't have any desire to miss. On the off chance that Helsinki looks a great deal like St. Petersburg, it is on account of it was worked to reproduce the Russian city's style in 1812. Today, a portion of the principle attractions in Helsinki incorporate the numerous chapels, the three most vital of which incorporate the Lutheran Cathedral, the Church in the Rock and the Uspenski Cathedral. The stadium that filled in as the site of the 1952 Olympics is justified regardless of a visit, similar to the craftsmanship deco design of the Parliament House. While there are many astounding exhibition halls and displays in Helsinki, truly outstanding to see is the National Museum of Finland, which completes an incredible activity of following Finnish history after some time.

With so much pristine scene, Finland is a nature darling's fantasy goal. For open air aficionados, winter resort of Levi is without a doubt a best pick for the sake of entertainment. Situated in Finnish Lapland, Levi brags miles of trails for skiing and snowboarding. There are additionally open doors for more irregular exercises, for example, reindeer safaris, ice angling undertakings and unwinding in vast outside saunas. The nightlife in Levi is a noteworthy draw for Finnish occupants, so don't leave until the point that you have investigated the bars, parlors and clubs in Central Levi.

In spite of the fact that it is the third-biggest city in Finland, Tampere is as yet not a tremendous urban zone, and it feels more like a gathering of neighborhoods than a noteworthy city. To get a comprehension of Tampere's history and legacy, look at the Vapriikki, a historical center complex lodging the Natural History Museum and the Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame, among others. Outside diversion like skiing and hockey are unimaginably prominent in Tampere, however the less physically slanted can make due with a walk around open air center points like Duck Park or the Hatanpää Arboretum. The prominent Särkänniemi Adventure Park on the edge of downtown highlights an aquarium, a planetarium, a youngsters' zoo, a craftsmanship gallery and a perception tower with awesome perspectives of the backwoods and lakes.

Aland Archipelago
In the core of the Baltic Sea is an accumulation of islands known as the Aland Archipelago. While they in fact do have a place with Finland, the islands run moderately self-governingly. Surprisingly, this is one a player in Finland where you will probably hear occupants communicating in Swedish than Finnish! Ships carry guests between the Aland Islands, offering you the opportunity to see attractions like the ship turned exhibition hall called the Pommern, the Aland Maritime Museum, the fourteenth century palace called Kastelholm and the miles of dazzling climbing trails. Try not to miss the culinary claim to fame of the archipelago, a sweet hotcake finished with stewed plums and whipped cream.

Finnish Lakeland
As the name proposes, Finnish Lakeland is as region of Finland where there is a wealth of lakes. There are around 55,000 lakes here that are no less than 200 meters (660 feet) wide! The district is spread crosswise over focal and eastern Finland, and it is bound by the staggering Salpausselkä Ridges and also the Russian outskirt. The biggest lake in the region is Lake Saimaa, where you can swim, vessel or simply climb the edge and absorb the perspectives. While in Finnish Lakeland, you can likewise investigate the college town of Jyväskylä or the medieval St. Olaf's Castle.

The second-most established town in all of Finland is Porvoo, a goal known for its one of a kind and pleasant wooden homes. As you walk around the cobblestone roads of Old Porvoo, referred to local people as Vanha Porvoo, you can see points of interest from the thirteenth century, albeit a significant part of the wooden design was developed toward the finish of the nineteenth century. Other awesome approaches to take a break in Porvoo incorporate visiting the eleventh century Porvoo Cathedral, investigating nearby workmanship and legacy at the Porvoo Museum and enjoying heavenly neighborhood cakes and confections at the Brunberg shop, a notable business in the city.

Rovaniemi Singapore
In the event that you need to encounter the magnificence of Lapland, at that point Rovaniemi is a definitive entryway to everything. The capital of Finnish Lapland, Rovaniemi was totally decimated toward the finish of the Second World War. Thus, a great part of the engineering is mid-century and brutalist in plan. While Rovaniemi is home to various magnificent attractions, a feature is without a doubt that it fills in as the official Finnish home to Santa Claus. Guests can visit Santa Claus Village, get stamps from the Santa Claus Post Office and even visit the Santa-themed underground event congregation. None-Christmas attractions in Rovaniemi incorporate the Korundi House of Culture, the Pilke Science Center and the designing accomplishment known as the Jätkänkynttilä Bridge.

The former capital of Finland in the 19th century is believed to be the oldest of the nation. The tourists can spot many cultural landmarks and historical monuments including the 13th century turku castle and the twin museums called Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova along with a queer place called Luostarinmäki that survived the 19th century fire in the city. It is also known for its history of Swedish Vikings who landed here. Few among the eye catching tourist attractions here are the Hansa shopping center,Orthodox church,Swedish Theater,Turku Historical Museum,etc..

Being the capital of the Finnish Lapland, Rovaniemi is the perfect getaway for the tourists. It was completed destroyed during the Second World War, but retained its beauty with wonderful attractions like the Santa Claus home, his post office where we can get the stamps from the Santa and also a Santa Themed amusement park. Apart from this we can visit Korundi House of Culture, the Pilke Science Center and the Jätkänkynttilä Bridge.

Northern Lights
Watching the Northern Lights is a dream for every travelsoul. To see the narrow streaks of lights high upon the sky is a great experience and its guaranteed that we won’t regret it ever, like ever in our lifetime. It is a great chance to show off their abilities of every photographer. The Lapland is the best place to see the Northern lights when the sky is clear. A huge range of hotels helps the tourists in giving their best services to enjoy a show of these warm, real and bright red,green, purple and blue streaks or rippling curtains or the steady glow patterns. It is a must place to be added into the bucket list of every traveller.
The best time to visit Finland relies upon what you'd jump at the chance to involvement: for a lot of snow and winter exercises, December to March is the best time. For springtime sun and the recovery of nature after the winter, April to May is the period. For long and warm summer days and a lot of occasions, decide on June, July and August.

Finland glows in every season with its seasonal beauties. Whatever be the month, finland will excite the tourists in their unique way.The finland provides picture perfect views and bewitching blue lakes with Europe’s best Hiking, Kayaking and canoeing. During the summer, the finnish people gets great vibes with optimistic feel organizing many events like music festivals, art exhibitions, lake cruises, market shopping,etc… In the Winter, after the snowfall , the frozen lakes lets us to experience a good skiing, snowmobile rides with chartering huskies into the wild and have a fascinating night in the igloos with our loved ones while watching the aurora borealis while taking the tour packages to Finland.

Finnish food is famous for usually consolidating conventional country food and haute cooking with contemporary mainland style cooking. Fish and meat (normally pork, beef or reindeer) assume a noticeable part in customary Finnish dishes in a few sections of the nation, while the dishes somewhere else have generally included different vegetables and mushrooms. Evacuees from Karelia added to nourishments in different parts of Finland.

Finnish nourishments regularly utilize wholemeal items (rye, grain, oats) and berries, (for example, bilberries, lingonberries, cloudberries, and sea buckthorn). Drain and its subordinates like buttermilk are ordinarily utilized as nourishment, drink or in different formulas. Different turnips were normal in conventional cooking, however were supplanted with the potato after its presentation in the eighteenth century.

A portion of the normal Finnish foods are

Rye Bread
The most common breakfast sandwich is the two slices of Finnish Rye bread with a slice of Ham and cheese on both the sides. We can also be creative and play with the ingredients like sliced tomatoes, salad leaf or sliced cucumbers.

Riisipuuro is a rice porridge that is cooked with water, full fat milk and rice. It can be dusted with cinnamon powder, sugar and a dab of butter.

Lohikeitto is a salmon soup made anytime of the year heedless of the seasonality. It is made with salmon, potatoes, carrots and cream, finally seasoned with dill and allspice.

Makaronilaatikko is a dish made with baked macaroni, minced meat. Similarly like mac and cheese but instead of cheese it is cooked with meat and full fat milk.

It is a stuffed cabbage with fillings made of cooked rice and minced meat rolled into the blanched cabbage leaf cooked in the oven and served with hot mashed potatoes.

Lasimestarin silli
It is a dish made with marinated herring is a winter food prepared during summer. It is a preserved food made with a concoction of vinegar, sugar and spices that is stored in a jar and kept for marination till the summer or for the next winter. It is a traditional christmas food for families in Finland.

Hunted Food
Moose, deer, grouse, duck, bunny, and so forth dishes. Once in a while achievable in eateries. Basic among those whose leisure activity is chasing.

Hernekeitto - Pea soup, as a rule served on Thursday alongside a pastry hotcake Leipajuusto, interchange names hiilikko
Juustoleipa - A crisp dairy animals' drain cheddar
Viili - A yogurt-like aged drain item
Perunamuusi- Mashed potato, a typical side dish
Lihapullat - Finnish meatballs, regularly with sauce
Palvikinkku and palviliha - Smoked ham or hamburger
Finland can be reached through the main airport named Helsinki-Vantaa Airport that services with at least 30 airlines. It can also be connected through rail, road and sea. This multi commutable facility helps the tourists to choose among the modes of transport which they wish to enjoy. The VISIIT tours and holidays provides best Holiday packages to Finland offering a lifetime experience for the tourists.

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