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Visiit offers the best Europe holiday package for passionate travelers. Europe continent consists of nations and most of them are popular tourist spots in the world. No matter you are travelling with your Family or spouse, you can be sure to take happy memories while returning to home. If you are planning for Europe vacation, you have vast options.Ensure your Europe tour packages caters to both adults and kids. Anybody planning for Europe trip will feel hard to choose from large itinerary since you have endless choices.

From Paris in France and London in England to Vienna in Austria and Rome in Italy, Europe remains as a residence to countless destinations. It remains as a portion of wish list for travelers throughout the globe. Travelers can choose their itinerary after considering tourist plans while on their trip to Europe. If you prefer to relish Historical landmarks and admire architectural marvels, you need to spend some hours to decide the places you want to see and wish to miss.

Do you know Europe boasts the world famous Eiffel Tower, Athens? Some notable attractions in europe tourism include Stonehenge, Louvre, the Colosseum, Tower Bridge, Notre Dame Cathedral, Sagrada Familia and Acropolis. There are countless attractions that need attention of vacationers holidaying in Europe. It includes Edinburg, Vatican City, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. Discover the romantic pathway to Iceland’s Golden Circle, majestic lifestyle in St. and Neuschwanstein in Germany.

Switzerland’s snow clad alps and Petersburg in Russia are popular places you need to include in your Europe travel package. At Europe, you can participate in various activities like biking, go-karting, swimming, bungee jumping, skiing, trekking, and hiking. It depends on the place that is famous for a specific activity. Europe has several world’s renowned shopping destinations. The tourist can enjoy every bit of shopping in and around Europe. You will experience a satisfactory feel while shopping at major destinations.

Europe Tour Packages

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Place : Interlaken Hoheweg, Jungfrau - To..
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Place : Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum
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Place : Piatra Craiului National Park
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Place : City Tour of Budapest
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Place : National Opera of Ukraine
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Shopping: Best Part of Europe Travel Packages:

Shopaholics prefer to shop in Glasgow, Zurich, Lisbon, Athens, Vienna, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, London, Milan and Paris. These are few popular places that are globally famous. Apart from shopping, the tourist can refresh their taste buds by taking some popular European cuisine like Greek potatoes, French bread and Italian pasta.

The tourist can taste delicious dishes like Hungarian gulyas, Polish pierogi, Belarusian potato babka, Belgian mussles and pommes frites and Ukrainian borscht according to the country they are visiting. No matter which portion of the continent you are touring, it is sure you will find numerous attractions to discover and thrilling activities to enjoy with stunning panoramas to admire.

Visiit Travel Company takes your budget and available time into account and offers multiple or single destination Europe packages. We have two packages European Highlights and European Tapestry. Both the packages are incredible and worth for what you pay. We can even customize your package or additional cities or attractions if necessary.

Share your requirements and choose the best Europe Honeymoon Packages at Visiit.
Europe is a dream country for any person on this Earth. The mesmerizing and spectacular beauty of the European destinations will enchant your body and mind giving you a lifetime experience to cherish. It is said that empires were born in Europe. It is the place where thousands of nations and languages are all combined and stitched together in one single thread- the thread of Love. Choose the Europe tour packages to visit this marvelous and mesmerizing place. You can also check out for the world tour packages if you are going to celebrate your 50th anniversary with your beloved. If you have the plan to visit Europe during the off-season, you can avail the cheapest Europe tour package from India. Here are some of the must-visit places in Europe, make sure you have them on your bucket list.

Rome- The city of seven hills, Rome is the place where you find utmost solace and divinity. The art lovers will relish the art housed at the Vatican Museum. Rome, the capital of Italy, have a good number of churches and ancient sculptures to visit. The food lovers will not want to miss on the Gelato.

Paris- the city of lights never fails to draw the attention of thousands of visitors every year. When you choose the Europe trip package from India, you should make sure that you place Paris in one of the top five destinations in your tour. Paris has numerous iconic museums to wander along like the Louvre and the Musee d'Orsay. Visit the world famous Eiffel tour and Arc de Triomphe. Offer silent prayers to the churches of Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame. After a long tour day, you can spend time at the sidewalk café and have some mouth watering delicacies.

Venice, Florence, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Prague, Athens, Tuscany, Dublin, Madrid, Berlin, Stockholm, Budapest, Lisbon, Istanbul, Edinburgh, Copenhagen and London are some of the other priceless places which will help you build a loving memory with your beloved or your family.

To start your day afresh go for a skinny dipping in the water of Sweden to experience the heaven like feeling. Take a carriage ride through the picture perfect polished city of Krakow. If you love sailing, do not miss the once in a lifetime opportunity of sailing around the island of Capri and the Greek Isles. Experience a breathtaking beauty and also have a glance at the blue grottos. If you love music then spend a night listening to the melodious opera in Vienna. One of the weirdest attractions in Europe is the Atomium in Brussels. Ebullient and terrifying is this enormous model of the iron crystal which was built in 1958. Although Paris is famous and considered to be the most romantic city in Europe you have a lot of things to gaze apart from the world famous Eiffel Tower. Keep at least one day dedicated to visiting the Louvre in Paris. The precious treasures created by humans can be seen in the city. The famous picture of Monalisa and the Winged Victory of the Samothrace are all kept here. There are numerous things to be seen and save lovely moments in your heart for a lifetime memory. Remember that no phones or cameras are allowed inside the museum. Soak yourself in the thermal baths of the Budapest. Europe is certainly the best international tour package one can avail. You can also go for the London tour packages from Europe if you have a plan for a longer stay. Do not miss to view the northern lights of Iceland. If you are a beer lover, have one at the highest beer garden in Germany. Hire a bike and wander like a lost child in the lanes and streets of Amsterdam. You can bicycle and walk the length of 13-mile long structure which is now converted to pave the pathways at Berlin. For adventurous people, there are enthralling sports like skiing, mountain climbing, hiking and chalets.

Carnevale di Venezia- a week before the Ash Wednesday is considered as one of the world’s most elegant and colourful festival. In the festival of Carnevale di Venezia or the Carnival of Venice, the people cloak themselves in a veil of mystery. This festival is celebrated with great pomp and show. Hundreds of question may ponder your mind on seeing the masked group performing in the streets of Paris. You will be tempted to make guesses of the individuals behind the mask. To be the part of the world’s most elite and high priced party, you should avail the travel tour packages.

Battle of the Oranges (Storico Carnevale di Ivrea) – this festival of Italy is celebrated to mark their freedom. This battle is not about guns and swords; oranges are the major weapons used. Which are assured to be thrown on your face during the event? Every year 500,000 fresh oranges are stocked up for this festival.

Another renowned festival of Europe celebrated in each part of this country is the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Book your Europe tour packages 2017 to take part in this live festival.

Europe is at its best all round the year. But before you commence your European tour it is highly advisable to know about the temperature and the weather conditions in Europe. This will help you make the most of your Euro trip. The ideal times to pay a visit to Europe are May, June and September. You can expect reasonable prices during this time with fewer crowds. Try to avoid a tour to Europe in the month of July and August as the hot sun can be uncomfortable for your stay. April to June or September and October is the ideal time one should travel to experience pleasant weather as well as save some of your penny.

If your weekend, looks unscheduled, it will be a good thought to visit some of the alluring places nearby Europe in the short span of time. Vilnius is a remarkable place to spend your weekend with your near and dear ones. You can help yourself with some low-cost food, drinks and sightseeing as well. You can also avail the Europe group tour package to get more discounts. Budapest is yet another place one should not miss. For great food drinks and music visiting this place would be bliss. You can also book these cheap Europe tours from your respective hometown. If this is your first trip to Europe from India, then book these weekend gateways beforehand. Other beautiful places to visit on the weekend can be Riga, Estonia, Athens, Dubrovnik, Prague, Lisbon, Poland and Strasbourg. The East Europe trips are unique and one of its kind. If you have plans for a long tour to Europe, make sure you visit the top destinations in Europe. Flights, buses and trains are available for easy commute to these places. Book a ticket as per your convenience and plan for the gateways.

If you are a big food lover and if love to fill your appetite with delicious eatables, Europe is the place to be. It is not only about its enchanting beauty and mesmerizing castles and churches; it is the home for some wolrd famous resturants. In Italy, you cannot their Pizzas, Pasta, Parmigiano, Reggiano and the cured meat. These delicious foods can only be relished by a true food lover. You can enjoy the Italian sparkling wine tasting at the Yummy Italy and help yourself with the pesto. A trip to Italy is incomplete without the gelato. You can try out the Modena and Parma.

Is your next destination Portugal? Don’t miss the best seafood in Lisbon that is Cervejaria Ramiro. Try your hand on the national food of Portugal, the Bacalhau. You can also make a trip to Algeira during your stay in Portugal. This place is famous for its sandwiches so try one for your breakfast from the shops and restaurants nearby your hotels.

Every city in Europe has something to explore so gear up your tummy and enjoy delicious cusines.

Treat yourself and your family with Europe tour packages. If you are traveling from India, then avail the Europe tour packages from India. As per your convenience to board a flight to Europe you can avail the Europe tour packages from Mumbai, Europe tour packages from Delhi, Europe tour packages from Kolkata, Europe tour packages from Ahmadabad and Europe tour packages from Bangalore. You can also avail train or bus from countries nearby. Most of the travel agencies provide you with the itineraries mentioning you mode of travel to reach Europe and to visit the local places and also for the sightseeing.

Weather in Europe is split into three seasons, the peak season starts mid-June goes until August, shoulder season is between April till October and the last is the off-season between November to March. You will likely to face a lot of humidity and heat in the peak season. But Europe has a large number of visitors visiting during this season. The off season is quiet known as the pocket-friendly season. But you should be set to face all kind of weather. Sometimes it will be stormy with snow poruing and most of the time windy, cold and drizzly. The shoulder season has the advantages of both the peak and the off-season. You will enjoy a pleasant weather with immense scenic beauty.

Well, Europe is no exception from any other place in the World in terms of theft and burglary. A little precaution and a bit of awareness can help you from any mishap. Local police stations are easy to acess in most of the cities.

Try to outsmart pickpockets and thieves by keeping your money in the money belt. Try to be back to your room by 10 pm on weekdays. Avoid the unlit areas and the taxis to be away from the taxi scams. Carry your food and water where ever you travel. Avoid taking anything from a stranger. People might give you friendship bands, and once you tie them, you will have to pay them as much as they demand. Keep your ATM pins confidential. Make sure when you pay your bills through credit or debit card it is instantly returned toyou. If you see the person on the other side over the phone they might be taking a photograph of your card and talking loud, so that you don’t hear the shutter noise of the camera being clicked.

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