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With world famous beaches, iconic horizons of high-rises and full-fledged development, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a most preferred country for city breaks and family holidays. The country may look small in size but it is completely packed with adventurous and exciting places for tourists to fall in love. It has everything from high modern buildings to traditional landmarks. This is the reason UAE is the all-time hot and favorite tourist destination in the world. There are various destinations other than sandy shores, shopping malls and skyscrapers offering culture fans sufficient activities and entertainment.

Emirates Tour Packages

Place : Desert Safari Dubai, Burj Khalifa..
Hotels : Fortune Pearl Hotel

Place : Desert Safari Dubai, Dhow Cruise ..
Hotels : Admiral Plaza Hotel

Place : Desert Safari Dubai, Burj Khalifa..
Hotels : Palm Beach Hotel Bur Dubai

Place : Desert Safari Dubai, Burj Khalifa..
Hotels : Fortune Pearl Hotel

Place : Burj Khalifa, Ski Dubai, Dubai Aq..
Hotels : Imperial Suites Hotel

Place : Ile aux Cerfs island
Hotels : Tarisa Resort and Spa Mauritius, ..

Place : Burj Khalifa, Dubai Aquarium & Un..
Hotels : Tarisa Resort and Spa Mauritius, ..

Place : Desert Safari Dubai, Burj Khalifa..
Hotels : Citymax Hotels Bur Dubai

Place : Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
Hotels : Howard Johnson Hotel Abu Dhabi

Place : Desert Safari Dubai, Dhow Cruise ..
Hotels : Citymax Hotels Bur Dubai, Tarisa ..

Place : Burj Al Arab, Ile aux Cerfs islan
Hotels : Citymax Hotels Bur Dubai, Tarisa ..

Place : Burj Al Arab, Desert Safari Dubai..
Hotels : Citymax Hotels Bur Dubai, Tarisa ..

Place : Desert Safari Dubai, Burj Khalifa..
Hotels : Citymax Hotels Bur Dubai

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Burj Khalifa
This high rise is one of the most popular landmarks in Dubai. It is famous for being the tallest freestanding towers in the world. The elevators are the longest and the observation deck of the Khalifa is the highest in the world. From here you will get enthralled to see the most panoramic view of Dubai. You can enter from the Dubai Mall itself.

Hajar Mountains
Located amidst the desert, you can witness the wild side of the Emirates from here. The place is surrounded by amazing scenery. The roads leading to it are twisted which gives you the feeling of being having a roller coaster ride. You can find many tiny villages over here and can even try your hand at trekking, hiking, and even bird watching.

Sharjah Arts Museum
Inspired from the arts explored in the Emirates, you can witness a huge variety of arts in UAE. At Sharjah Arts Museum, you can find a huge collection of artworks by various artists in Arab. You can even find important works by many famous European artists too. Paintings are also a part of the great works of this museums. Many exhibitions are also held throughout the year. It is located on Corniche Street. It is open from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi
It is a gorgeous giant mosque. Many contemporary designs are reflected in this mosque. Ancient craftsmanship is perfectly mixed with modern and ancient techniques in this mosque. It is a true specimen of Islamic architecture. The glass and marble works and the mosaic tiles make it one of the most dazzling mosques in Abu Dhabi. It is located in Al Khaleej al Arabi Street.

Jebel Hafeet
Jebel Hafeet is the best spot to have the perfect day trip. It is the second highest peak in the beautiful span of Abu Dhabi. It is located in Al Ain. You will get the perfect panoramic view of the desert from here. The winding roads and the perfect road drive are its major attraction. To see across the vast expanse of the desert is your ultimate gift after you reach here. The summit of Jebel Hafeet is the perfect place for the day trip.

If you want to see the remains of the old Dubai, then you should definitely not miss this small heritage place. The entire past of the city is reflected over here. The narrow lanes highlight the true Arabian architecture. There are many museums from amidst which you can enter the houses. The typical Arabian interiors are its major attraction. It is located in Bur Dubai.

Al Bidyah Mosque
It is basically the oldest mosque in UAE. It is one of the most important historical sites in UAE. It has been beautifully designed. There is also an archaeological site which has many metal artifacts. It is located 35 kilometers from the Fujairah City. It is a great spot for the history lovers.

Do not miss the Dubai Frame
It is the latest landmark of Dubai. From here the entire Dubai could be seen. From here you can view both the new and old Dubai. It is located in Zabeel Park. Entry is free for children under the age of three. It is open daily from 10 am to 7 pm. It is the perfect place to get a 360 degrees view of Dubai.

Try the Sample Sweet Salvation
Here you can try from a wide range of soft serving treats. You can get shakes, hot beverages, and cold brew. It is located in City walk district. The lotus cookie is the most popular item over here. Lotus cookie crumb, date caramel sauce, and chocolate sauce are the other things which you can try here.

Visit the M.A.D Gallery in Dubai
This is one of the best places in the Middle East. You get to witness the best kinetic art over here. All out of the box things designed by artists are displayed over here. It is the most talented and creative joint of the artists. You will find a complete range of Legacy and Horological machines over here. It is located in Al Serkal Avenue in Al Qouz.

Visit the Beach Club, Zero Gravity
It is located near Skydive Dubai Dropzone. It is in Al Sofouh. It expands up to 2000 square meters. There is also a glass fronted swimming pool. You can just lounge on the beach or just have a lunch or dinner at the restaurant. You can even try many water sports like parasailing and flyboarding.

Try the Black Tap Burger
This burger joint provides the best American flavor. The burgers are made from the freshest vegetables. It is located in Jumeirah al Naseem hotel. You should definitely try the shakes and the pizza burger over here.

Witness the Wafi Light and Sound Show
The return of the pharaohs is the ultimate theme of the light and sound show over here. This convergence is the main attraction for the audiences. It takes place in the Central Courtyard in the Wafi Mall. The show is attached to the special effects too.

It is mainly the Ramadan favorite dish to be tried. It is a traditional dish in UAE. Lamb or chicken and wheat are its main ingredients. It looks like a porridge and is cooked in butter.

It is a lot similar to that of the Turkish Doner kebab. The grilled meat is the main ingredient over here. Sometimes it is served in a sort of bread too. It is one of the most demanding food items in UAE.

You should definitely try this dish in UAE. It is a soupy stew. It is used during the month of Ramadan. It is served with a flatbread. It is made with lamb or chicken. Roti bread is also used along with simple vegetables.

Roasted lamb or goat is used in this dish. It is served with rice and nuts. It has a lot of spices too. Almost all the restaurants in UAE serves this dish. Ordering this dish doesn’t mean that one needs to have the entire lamb.

It is made up of meat, onion, and rice. It is served with several spices and dried limes. Spices and loomi are added to it while boiling. It is one of the popular dishes in UAE and is served in all the major restaurants there.

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