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If you are looking to leave your footprints on one of great and historic lands, you need to plan for Egypt trip- the Arab Nation. It consists of amazing holy sites, city ruins, huge mosques and prehistoric empires. It is the most significant countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Egypt is bordered to the west, south, east and north by Mediterranean Sea, Libya, Sudan and Red Sea respectively. It is situated in the north of Persian Gulf. It can be referred as a treasure box with astounding heritage sites, citadels and old cities that transform ancient things to life. It is truly worth to purchase Egypt tour packages.

Stupendous marvels dug by the archaeologists reveals that it reflects their culture. Visiit.com has some of the best Egypt holiday packages that caters your requirements and travel budget. Egypt takes the travelers through an unbelievable journey to the development of primeval cultures, ancient empires and golden age that remained before Christ.

Egypt Tour Packages

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Tourism in Egypt:

Are you planning on a tour package to Egypt? If yes, you should know the highlights of this beautiful country. Egypt houses the most impressive archaeological finds like tombs of pharaohs, ancient structures, astrophysical museums, etc. It has numerous marvelous attractions throughout the country. Biblical cities and Historical rich sitesAwait discovery just like the famous beautiful preserved Suez Canal and landmarks like Abu Simbel. The Pyramid of Gaza is the main attraction of Egyptian culture and is a never-miss on an Egypt Tour Package. It remains as the most impressive sightseeing spot as part of Egypt holiday packages.

The best part of Egypt tourism is the pyramids. Pyramids are the greatest achievement of Egypt. It is the long lasting landmarks, one of the seven wonders and famous throughout the world. There are numerous structures to explore around Egypt. The list goes from Great Pyramid of Cheops to the Sphinx.

The geographical landscape of Egypt is combined with tropical regions and desert. It means the climate and weather varies from time to time. If you have visited different countries and travelling to Egypt, you will absolutely experience a new feel as it remains as unique location in the world. It is surrounded by exceptional neighbors which includes Middle East and Africa. You can stopover before or after your Egypt travel to surrounding nations. You have numerous choice in Egypt when it comes to budget, food and accommodation. No matter you are an independent traveler, travelling with your spouse or Family trip, you can easily purchase Egypt packages and book a pleasant guest house within your budget.

Egypt is best holiday destination where you can admire pyramids that age more than one thousand years or explore the insight of the country’s history. Pyramids of Gaza represent the country proudly and remains a proud spectacle of the world. It is worth admiring the great Pyramid of Cheops architecture and Egyptian Museum of Antiquities.

Visiit.com have designed affordable and all-inclusive Egypt Honeymoon Packages. Book your travel package at visiit.com and enjoy the best vacation.

Sinai is a location full of resorts on the seaside and it is the largest holiday destination in the country. It is also considered as an important religious place, Sinai is also the crossroads for both progress and change in the country. You can enjoy the nearby mountains, where the Bedouins work hard to preserve all traditions.

Ras Mohammad National Park
During Egypt tours, you should make sure to visit this national park that brings in more than 50,000 visitors per year. You can enjoy viewing gorgeous coral reef ecosystems, fish, with more than 1,000 species and much more marine wildlife. You will also be able to view manta rays, whale sharks and even hammerheads.

If you want to enjoy some historical sites, then this is the place to go. This city was once the hometown of Queen Cleopatra and it also features the Great Library and Pharaoh's lighthouse. There is a modern library along with plenty of monuments and museums here for anyone to enjoy, so make sure to make this a family trip.

Luxor is one of the largest locations in the country when it comes to monuments that date back to the Thebes period. This modern city is the home for lot of temples, tombs and the necropolis on the west bank by the River Nile, the place where you can enjoy a Nile cruise Egypt.

Dahab is the place to relax and enjoy the beach during your Egypt travel. This place will let you switch on to your relaxed mode and enjoy some luxury Baywatch time. This place is also the home for beach activities like diving, which attracts lot of tourists to this city.

Giza Pyramids
One of the most well-known structures in the country are the Pyramids of Giza and you can enjoy getting up close. The pyramids, like always, are guarded closely by the gorgeous Sphinx and the ancient pyramids show off the ambition and power of the numerous pharaohs. You can also see here the Pyramid of Cheops, which is called the Great Pyramid and it is believed to built by 100,000 men for Pharaoh Khufu.

The Valley of Kings
When you plan your holidays to Egypt, make sure to include The Valley of Kings in your trip. This is where you will find 500 tombs which were constructed for the Pharaohs, nobles of the time. So far, more than 60 rooms and tombs had been discovered.

Islamic Cairo
The capital is full of narrow and atmospheric lanes that are full of monuments, madrassas or Islamic schools and mosques. Here you will find the shopping area called Khan el-Khalili where tiny workshops of artisans and coppersmiths can be found. You can also find other stalls which sell perfume, spices, textiles and ceramics.

It is a peaceful city that you should make sure it is part of your holidays in Egypt. It has dunes that are various shades of orange and it is the best place to come and relax. Here you can enjoy the restaurants on the river or enjoy the historical sites and various temples nearby.

Abu Simbel
It is the temple dedicated to Ramses II and it has huge statues outside, which are symbolized as standing guards. The interior is full of sumptuous wall paintings and this temple was moved from the original location before it disappeared underwater.

Egyptian Museum
This museum has one of the best collections in the world and it is the house for a dizzying number of exhibitions. Make sure to visit the upstairs section where you can explore the royal mummies exhibition, including King Tutankhamen. There is plenty of ancient statues and artwork can be found here than any other museums in the world.

White Desert
It is one of the craziest natural wonders that you should make sure is part of your Egypt vacation packages. The mountains here look like shaped chalk that makes you feel like you are in a snow-filled wonderland. There are iceberg style pinnacles and white boulders and it the best playground if you are bored of museums.

St. Catherine’s Monastery
It is one of the world’s oldest monasteries and it is located at the bottom of Mount Sinai. The monastery has a collection of religious manuscripts, art and iconography along with being the location of the burning bush.

It is one of the most important holidays in the country and it is named after the month in the Islamic calendar. During this month Muslims fast from sunrise until sunset, because of which some of the restaurants and shops will remain closed during the middle part of the day.

Coptic Christmas
This day is considered as one of the national holidays, this Coptic Christmas is celebrated on January 7th and it has all of the trappings of the traditional Western style holiday. You will be seeing plenty of Christmas trees and lights along with Santa hats during this time of the year.

Coptic Easter
This festival is celebrated in the month of April and you can trace the roots back to the Pharaonic era named Sham al-Nassam, which means “sniffing the breeze”. During this season they celebrate the arrival of spring and many families enjoy picnics with fesheekh, which is a pickled fish, and other specific food items.

When you are thinking about planning your travel to Egypt, you should make sure that you are planning it during the best time of the year. The temperatures here are normally extremely high, especially from May until August, which is summer. If you want to enjoy cooler weather, then visit during October until February, you can enjoy this season with minimum winter clothing like long sleeve shirts and jacket. If you want to enjoy the water, then make sure to come during March and April, especially if you want to indulge in snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing at the Red Sea. You can enjoy scuba diving all year round.
Ras Dur
If you want to enjoy somewhere without having to do anything other than relaxing, then this is the place to go. You can enjoy this location during the summer as well as the winter, including sunbathing, swimming and more. However, if you come here, you have to carry your own alcohol with proper receipts for the same.

Ain El Sokhna
It is another great beachside location that you can enjoy over the weekend, but make sure to book your hotel or rooms well in advance. The beach here is beautiful and you can enjoy some great seafood dishes here at Abou Aly or Bouillabaisse.

If you want to enjoy an ecovillage, then this one that is 60 kilometers north of the capital. You can enjoy some great organic ingredients here along with other eco-friendly items. This place has good telecommunication connectivity, which makes this a great place to come and relax and get work done.

It is a Coptic retreat location, but here your race, religion and nationality do not matter. This is the best place to get away from the chaos of the city and enjoy reflection, introspection and meditation. There are wide areas both inside and outdoors where you can relax and de-stress, and the library is filled with books in numerous languages.

Ful Medames
It is one of the local dishes that you can enjoy in the country during your holidays Egypt. It is made of fava beans that are slowly cooked in copper pots that are entirely or partly mashed. It is often cooked with olive oil and garlic and served with fried garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and chopped parsley. It is often enjoyed with baladi or Egyptian bread or shami, which is a Levantine style of pita.

It is another traditional dish in the country and it is made using balls of ground fava beans that are deep-fried. This is often enjoyed as a snack or fast food and is something that you need to try.

It is another famous dish that you should try during your Egypt travel packages, which is made of tomato sauce, chickpeas, rice, lentils and macaroni. It is one of the favorite dishes of the locals and it can also be made with gratinated options, which is known as Taagin.

Exotic Fruits
There are also plenty of exotic fruits that you can enjoy while you are here, including small melons, watermelon, mango and guava. Also, make sure to try ishta, which is often found in the local orientated markets and not the tourist locations.

Depending on where you start from, your Egypt holidays can either be by bus, boat or plane. There are numerous international airports that you can arrive at, including Cairo International, Alexandria Nozha, Luxor International, Aswan International, Hurghada International, Sharm El-Sheikh International, Burg Al-Arab International Airport and Marsa Alam International Airport. There is also a ferry that leaves from Aqaba or Aswan and Sudan, if you are coming from those ports. You can also enter the country through Tel Aviv or Jordan by bus where you would arrive in Eilat before crossing the border at Taba and another bus to Sinai or Cairo.
The coldest month in Egypt is January, which makes it perfect for any Egypt tour packages that you might be wanting to book. The hottest part of the year is from May until October while November until January is the winter time. You can also experience the most rain in January, March and April. If you want to have longer hours to visit more locations, then make sure to plan your vacation during July until September, when you will have at least 12 hours of sunlight every day, while December and January can see around 8 hours of sun every day.

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