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Eastern Europe is basically the eastern part of the continent of Europe. There is no fixed geographical precision on the area that it covers. It is basically a wide range of the geopolitical area. It has a great intermingling of the basic cultures which exists in all over Europe. It consists of Russian, Greek, Byzantine and Ottoman culture.

The eastern part of Europe consists of the Caucasus Mountains, Ural Mountains and the Ural River. These form the boundary of Eastern Europe on the edge of Europe. Even the religion faces a division in Europe with eastern Christianity and the western Christianity. Eastern Europe mainly consists of the Orthodox countries with the Orthodox churches in the world like Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Ukraine, Macedonia and Serbia. Visiit offers the best Eastern Europe Tour Packages at affordable price.

Top Sightseeing Tourist Destinations in Eastern Europe


This region of Eastern Europe has varied cultures and languages. There is a variety of ethnicities and histories. They are very different from that of the countries in Western Europe. Russia is the largest country in Eastern Europe. It consists of varied cultures, languages and terrain. The regional variety and traditions in Russia are one of a kind. Moscow is one of the most frequently traveled place in Russia.

The Czech Republic

This east-central nation in Europe has one of the most popular European travel destination- Prague. There are a lot of sights for sightseeing, many romantic places for a couple and many castles and museums for travel delight. There is a lot of things to celebrate in Czech throughout the year. The souvenirs and traditions in Czech are popular all over the world. The beautiful castles and the medieval towns are must-visit places in the Czech Republic.


Poland is a part of east or East Central Europe. This country is very rich in culture with many big cities and small towns with a unique heritage. It is a dream destination for a traveler. Warsaw is a modern destination with a historic touch to it. There are many cities in Poland which attracts tourists from all over the world. There are many museums and polish castles too which are worth seeing. The polish culture is very diverse with festive traditions and colorful costumes. The charming costumes found in Poland are also very popular location.


Croatia is located on the Adriatic Sea. It has a long coast with many enchanting cities to visit. The tourism industry saw a sudden surge in Croatia with as it has a lot to offer to the tourists. There are many beaches for the spring breakers. The cruise liners are the ultimate getaways for the honeymooners. Dubrovnik is an old walled town on Croatia. It is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. It is a must-see city in Europe. The local cuisines in Croatia are a must try.


Slovakia was previously a part a Czechoslovakia. Later they became two independent countries in Europe. It is an attractive traveling country in Eastern Europe. Bratislava is the most popular destination in Slovakia. It is a small, old town in Slovakia, where many festivities take place. The Bratislava Christmas market is very popular for the authentic Slovakian food and handmade goods and gifts. The mountains, fields and lakes are a great attraction in Slovakia. These are famous spots for hiking and picnics.


Hungary is a great tourist destination in Eastern Europe, basically central Eastern Europe. Its heritage differentiates the country completely from other regions in Europe. The Hungarian culture is a lot different or diverse to that of other cultures. Budapest is one of the most romantic countries in the world. It is famous for its grandeur and nouveau architecture. The parliament building of Hungary is one of the unique specimen of architecture in Hungary. Lake Balaton is always filled with tourists all around the year.


Serbia is becoming even more attractive and tourist friendly with each passing day. It is very attractive to visitors for all that it has to offer. The Serbian capital city, Belgrade, is the hub of activity. There are a number of hostels which pulls many students every year. It is the perfect place for businessmen and travelers. Belgrade is popular location among the tourists for its wider coverage of the English language which is a lot more than many other places in Europe.

Things to do in Eastern Europe

When in Eastern Europe, you should definitely visit Bucharest. It is known as “Little Paris”. You should definitely try the hip cafes over here. The boulevards are worth visiting in Bucharest. It is a vibrant city with great architectural feat. Don’t miss the cultural magic of Sibiu. It has its own medieval charm.

Definitely try the authentic Romanian food at the Crama Sibiul Vechi restaurant in Sibiu, Romania. Visit the traditional market at the center of Bratislava. It gives you the true feeling of holidays. Indulge in the bright boat rides in Nida. You can even do hiking through the pine forest in Nida. Explore the Curonian National park. It is a great place to visit for the travelers. Enjoy the historic museums and structures in Skopje.

Enjoy local conversations in bars and cafes there. Here you can even see local people playing chess in the park. Take a cable car ride in Dubrovnik. From here you can enjoy the aerial view of the entire city. Visit Bacvice Beach to enjoy sea games in Split, Croatia. You can even take a walking tour at the Diocletian’s Palace. Check out the Roman Palace in Poland or eat by the sea at Konoba Ankara in Zaton Veliki, Croatia.

Do you want to add some thrill to your trip? Do you like to visit haunted places? Visit the newly opened caves in Moldova. Visit the Orhei Vechi Monastery. It is Moldova’s most haunting place.

Places to Eat in Eastern Europe

There are many places to eat in Eastern Europe. They rely on locally found ingredients for the authentic taste of the food. Leib Resto ja Aed in Tallinn, Estonia is famous for Estonian diet and a totally unique cuisine. Quail with chimichurri sauce is one of the popular dishes to be tried here.

Kaks Kokka in Tallinn, Estonia is famous for the bold green soup which is made from the forest greens makes it an extraordinary dish to be tried.

Riga, Latvia is a very cozy restaurant which should be tried during late summers. The blueberry cold soup and the chocolate cake with cocoa butter are to be definitely tried here.

Panna Cotta in Sweet Root should be tried. Sweet Root (Lithuania) is famous for Lithuanian cuisine.Baked vine leaf dolmas should be tried in Homa in Belgrade. It is really popular among the tourists.

Eastern Europe Holiday Trip with Visiit

Eastern Europe is popular for its diversities and many small and big unique countries. It needs a proper guide to take you to the perfect places with a lot a historical background. Visiit should be your traveling guide while visiting Eastern Europe. It needs a lot of detailing while visiting these countries.

With Visiit, you don’t need to worry about anything. They take care of everything and makes sure that you have a great vacation without missing out on the fun. You can have a tension free vacation with the efficient and cordial staffs of Visiit.

We have sufficient experience in travel industry and we have served thousands of travellers these years. Eastern Europe will no longer remain just a dream for you and your family with Visiit. We provide best price guarantee for all domestic and international tour bookings. Our travel agents are experts in personalizing and designing international tour packages as per your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip now. You can also book Eastern Europe vacation tour online in advance. Another benefit of booking your all-inclusive tour package in advance is that you get special discount deals on packages.

Eastern Europe Tour Packages

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