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Dubai Tour Packages

Want reasons to go on Trip to Dubai? Dubai is s renowned for sweeping sand dunes and glittering landscapes. It is a multi-cultural metropolis worth to visit. During Dubai trip, you will encounter mostly world’s first, tallest and best things. From the tall buildings, man-made islands, adventurous beaches to shopping malls and snowy indoor slopes, it was once a tiny fishing village. It has developed recently as a best cosmopolitan city.

Dubai Tour Packages

Place : Desert Safari Dubai
Hotels : Citymax Hotels Bur Dubai

Place : Burj Al Arab, Dubai Museum
Hotels : Panorama Deira Hotel

Place : Desert Safari Dubai, Burj Khalifa..
Hotels : Palm Beach Hotel Bur Dubai

Place : Desert Safari Dubai, Burj Khalifa..
Hotels : Fortune Pearl Hotel

Place : Desert Safari Dubai, Dhow Cruise ..
Hotels : Admiral Plaza Hotel

Place : Desert Safari Dubai, Burj Khalifa..
Hotels : Citymax Hotels Bur Dubai

Place : Burj Al Arab, Desert Safari Dubai..
Hotels : Fortune Pearl Hotel

Place : Jumeirah Mosque, Desert Safari Du..
Hotels : Citymax Hotels Bur Dubai

Place : Desert Safari Dubai, Burj Khalifa..
Hotels : Rolla Residence Hotel Apartmemt

Place : Burj Al Arab, Dubai Museum, Jumei..
Hotels : Citymax Hotels Bur Dubai

Place : Burj Al Arab, Palm Islands, Dubai..
Hotels : Panorama Grand Hotel

Place : Burj Al Arab, Dubai Museum, Jumei..

Place : Burj Al Arab, Dubai Museum, Jumei..
Hotels : Fortune Pearl Hotel

Place : Burj Al Arab, Dubai Museum, Jumei..
Hotels : Smana Hotel Al Raffa

Place : Desert Safari Dubai, Burj Khalifa..
Hotels : Citymax Hotels Bur Dubai

Place : Desert Safari Dubai, Burj Khalifa..
Hotels : Citymax Hotels Bur Dubai

Place : Burj Khalifa, Ski Dubai, Dubai Aq..
Hotels : Imperial Suites Hotel

Place : Ile aux Cerfs island
Hotels : Tarisa Resort and Spa Mauritius, ..

Place : Burj Khalifa, Dubai Aquarium & Un..
Hotels : Tarisa Resort and Spa Mauritius, ..

Place : Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Mosque, De..
Hotels : Omega Hotel, Bur Dubai, Dubai, Th..

Place : Desert Safari Dubai, Dhow Cruise ..
Hotels : Citymax Hotels Bur Dubai, Tarisa ..

Place : Burj Al Arab, Desert Safari Dubai..
Hotels : Citymax Hotels Bur Dubai, Tarisa ..

Book Dubai Tour packages at Visiit.com: Top Tourist Attractions and Things to do in Dubai
Have you ever imagined shopping in world’s biggest shopping mall? Well, get ready to experience one of the key aspects of a Dubai Tourism Package! Dubai will give you a new shopping experience you have never seen in your lifetime. Apart from these highlights, the untamed and glittering dune of Dubai is best for desert drive and camel ride. We Offer Dubai Tour Packages from India (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kerala, Cochin, Trivandrum, Pune)

We offer hassle free Dubai honeymoon packages for lowest guaranteed price and flexible policies. In Desert Safari Ride, you will be travelling in a top range, air conditioner vehicle. An English speaking local guide will accompany you. Our holiday packages for Dubai includes places like Ferrari World, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, Dubai Creek, Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai Dolphinarium, Under Water Zoo, etc.

Dubai City Tour Packages :

You have a lot of options in Dubai when it comes to Dubai tour packages. Apart from a large range of adventurous activities, you can check out Dubai beach, visit man-made islands, go for shopping, and experience the luxury of Dubai hotels. It is an interesting place on the planet where you can relax, drink, eat and of course shop as you wish.

Burj Khalifa :
Burj Khalifa is the tallest structure you should see in Dubai. It is around 2,722 feet. It has a total of one hundred and sixty-three floors. This amazing skyscraper owns two observational decks. One is situated on the 148th floor and another is situated on the 124th floor. It is mesmerizing to view the entire Dubai city sparkling from the observational deck. It is best to visit Burj Khalifa during evening time. Apart from this, there is more to see on the ground. The Dubai Fountain is another major attraction in Burj Khalifa. It is said to be the world’s tallest fountain. It is enclosed by gorgeously embellished gardens. It is an interesting area where you can see skyline of the city without any interruptions. Burj Khalifa is popularly referred as Jewel of Dubai because it displays exceptional artwork.

Palm Islands :
When you go for Dubai sightseeing or Dubai city tour, you will be covering Palm Islands. Palm Jabel Ali and Palm Jumeirah are the islands located at shore of Dubai. These islands are referred as Palm Islands as they look like palm trees. Palm Jumeirah is open for public access. There are numerous tourist attractions in this manmade island. Some of the popular attractions you should not miss during your Dubai tour include Dolphins Bay, The Lost Chambers Aquarium , Atlantis Hotel and Aquaventure Dubai.

Burj Al Arab :
Burj Al Arab is one of the high class and best places in Dubai. Moreover, it is the most lavish and grand hotel in the Earth. The building is sail-shaped. It is an epitome of world class amenities and luxury. It is the world’s third tallest building. It gets public attention throughout the year since Burj-Al-Arab displays beautiful colored light show during night times. The best feature of this building is it is located on the artificial island and offers the guests amazing view of the picturesque coast and ocean. Make your Dubai trip memorable by spending a day at Burj-Al-Arab.

Wild Wadi Waterpark :
It is situated in front of Burj-Al-Arab. Enjoy your holidays in Dubai by visiting the Wild Wadi Waterpark. It is sure you will have wet, crazy, exciting and fun-filling day. This park is set up in a land area of around 12 acres. Some of the popular rides in this water park include Tunnel of Doom, Falaj Fury, Thunder Rapids, Rushing Rapids, Tumble Falls, Flood River Flyer, Wadi Basher, Wadi Leap, Jebel Lookout, and White Water Wadi. In the entire Middle East, the largest wave pool is the Breakers Bay. It is one of the main Dubai attractions you should not miss to visit.

Desert Safari : Desert Safari in Dubai is an ultimate adventurous travel experience and is an integral part of every Dubai Tour Package. The sand dunes city is popular for desert safari. It consists of camel rides, 4x4 dune bashing and delicious barbeque dinner along with belly dance performance. Ensure to book Dubai tour packages from India at Visiit Travel Company.

You will be visiting most of the main attractions of the city in Dubai sightseeing tours. Apart from the above places, you should visit other famous tourist places in Dubai like Jumeirah Mosque, Atlantis Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Mall, Dhow Cruise, Snow Park, etc. Dubai is the place if you wish to make your honeymoon romantic, adventurous, intimate and special. Tripping to this magical city is special as well as mesmerizing. Get ready to treat your loved one as best as possible. Other optional activities in our Dubai packages includes henna tattoos, camel rides, belly dance show, barbeque dinner and visit to Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

If you have landed at DXB airport and wish to spend the most beautiful emirate of UAE, you have to make some plans in advance. You have lot of options in Dubai like outdoor activities, cuisine, architectural marvels and shopping. It is necessary to plan quickly and brush up along with the everyday routine of city to enjoy all the wonders.

Desert Safari Dubai
Dubai Safari is 6 hours excursion where you will be traveling on a 4x4 vehicle. Get a splendid henna tattoo, adore the camel ride and enjoy adventurous sand boarding down the desert dunes of Dubai. Desert safari Dubai rates are affordable. Desert Safari in Dubai is a must to do thing during the trip.

City Tour Dubai
There are lot of places to see in Dubai. Experience vibrant cosmopolitan life and historical sites by obtaining the Dubai city tour package. You will see various famous landmarks of Dubai like the beautiful Jumeirah Mosque, sail-shaped hotel Burj Al-Arab and obtain interesting information about each landmark from a tour guide. Ensure to view the city’s best picturesque residential areas and palaces and enter into Dubai’s fascinating old quarter- Bastakiya. Make use of water taxi (abra) to cross Dubai Creek and stop over at the Spice Souk. During this tour, you will also be given extra time to shop at the grand Deira Gold Souk.

Dubai Dhow Cruise
If you wish to spend a night in a romantic way, plan to spend your evening at Dhow Cruise. It will mesmerize you and your loved one in such a way you may even plan to apply for Dubai work visa. Dhow cruise in Dubai is said to the biggest in the world. You can enjoy beautiful views of the city from Deira Creek. It is sure you will feel special while experiencing hospitality in traditional Emirates style. As you get settled on the board, you will see a lavish buffet of local and international options.

If needed, you can buy alcohol at the bar. The traditional environment accompanies as you sit to dine. Watch and enjoy authentic folk dance performances like tanoura and youwla. Get an unforgettable memento with henna painting. Share your adventure with your friends in real time by connecting your mobile devices with complimentary wi-fi. Added to it, a professional singer would sing mesmerizing melodious songs while you enjoy fabulous views of Dubai. What’s more? Make sure to add Dhow Cruise in your Dubai package tour itinerary.

Aquaventure Waterpark :
Tower of Neptune is the world’s famous ride at Aquaventure Waterpark, Dubai. You will cross Maya pyramid before dipping 60 feet tunnel via a lagoon that is filled with real sharks. Believe it or not, it is real live sharks. This water park is spread over 40 acres with numerous swimming pools and water slides. It is the huge waterpark in the world. It has the largest slide tube in the world, first dual slide in the world and also the longest zip line circuit in the Middle East. If you are brave, you can go for swimming with lagoon sharks. There is also a private beach where you can float casually or try river ride. While buying Dubai holiday packages from India, ensure to include this waterpark in your itinerary.

In Dubai, several festivals are celebrated throughout the year. The majority of festivals are structured by Dubai officials to attract visitors and tourists. These festivals make Dubai as the liveliest city in world. If you are planning for Dubai tourism with your family, ensure to travel during the festival season.

Dubai Marathon
It is celebrated every year. It is a charitable trust festival. If you wish to participate in the festival, you need to pay entry fees that is affordable. There are chances for participants to win cash prize upon winning the race. During the event, three kinds of races are conducted and people of age groups can watch and enjoy. It includes 15’s run, long distance run for people above 18 years and fun run.

Dubai Shopping Festival
It is organized on January of every year. It is said to the best shopping festival in the world since people can bargain and buy lots of things. The festival takes place for the entire month. Dubai shopping festival is popular all over the world and more than two million people travel to Dubai to participate. It also involves firework displays, concerts and several entertaining activities. Purchase cheap Dubai packages during January and enjoy world class shopping.

Dubai Desert Classic
It is a popular golfing event. A large number of famous swingers take part to play golf and win attractive prize money. Dubai Desert Classic event is organized in Emirates Gold Club. Tourists visiting Dubai enjoy watching this event every year.

If you are planning a short trip to Dubai, you need to plan and visit during the right season. Some people will plan on wrong time and end up missing several activities. It can be due to poor weather conditions or other changes. It is best to visit during winter months that is between November and April. Dubai shopping festival occurs in January and you can witness heavy tourist traffic in January and February.

November to March : The winter season is between November and April. It is the right time to plan for Dubai travel. The weather remains favorable for all types of outdoor activities. It remains pleasant and cool. Moreover, you can enjoy the world’s best shopping festival. The entire Dubai will be crowded. As it is the peak season, Dubai trip cost can be expensive. If you plan between February and March, you can easily cheapest package for Dubai.

April to October : Summer months in Dubai remains very hot and humid. You may find hard to explore and indulge in outdoor activities. But still, all the stores and mail are fully air-conditioned and you can continue to shop as you wish. April and May are peak summer seasons where the temperature would start to rise. It may even hit forties. Cheap Dubai tour packages are easily available during these months.

Ras Al Khaimah
It is the northernmost emirate sheltered by hazy mountains. It is the best tourist spot where you can witness sun-baked deserts and white sandy beaches. You can indulge in various adventurous activities in Ras Al Khaimah. It includes water sports, camel riding, dune dashing, etc. If you wish to explore and learn its history, you can venture into historical sites.

There are several sites that describe stories about the rich heritage and culture of the country. The restaurants in Ras Al Khaimah serve delicious Lebanese and Indian delicacies. The best part of this emirate is it has its global airport. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach Ras Al Khaimah from Dubai. It is located at a distance of 120 kilometers from Dubai. You can use buses, cars and taxis to get around and explore the place. While planning for Dubai holidays, ensure to include Ras Al Khaimah on your list.

Al Ain
Al Ain is also referred as Garden City. It is a beautiful oasis town. It is given the nickname (garden city) because of its lush greenery. When you want to get fresh and pure air, it is the best place to rest and relax. It is hard to expect for fresh air in other populated and large cities around. It is said to be UAE’s fourth-largest city.

Jebel Hafeet is UAE’s second tallest mountain and it is situated in Al Ain. The transportation and accommodation are affordable in Al Ain. If you have purchased holiday packages for Dubai and traveling as a group of girls, you can use the pink taxi as it has female drivers. Al Ain is 125 kilometers from Dubai. You can reach in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Dubai is the right place to taste all kinds of Middle Eastern and Gulf cuisine including Arabic, Lebanese and Iranian food. Salads and starters are most common foods. Mehalabiya, hummus, tabbouleh, Ghuzi, Esh asaraya and Matchbous are other staple foods of Dubai.

Stuffed Camel : It has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. The dish is said to be prepared using delicious and astonishing roasted camel recipe. It is served for all special occasions in most houses in Dubai. Stuffed camel is multilayered stuffing of fish, eggs, sheep and chicken in a camel.

Al Harees : It is one of the best Dubai specials you should taste. Experience the exotic taste of UAE. It is recommended to taste this marvelous dish at least once when you visit Dubai. It is prepared by lengthy procedures and long hours. It is an elegant and simple dish that impresses all types of taste buds. Al Harees is a salty taste dish and rich in flavors of meat and wheat.

Falafel : It is also referred as ta’amia. It is the most famous dish in Arab East because of its mouthwatering taste. It is also consumed as a snack in Israel. It is slightly a changed form of French fries. It is served as side dish. It is prepared with a combination of various spices and chickpeas.

If you are planning a tour to Dubai, you need to know the best ways to reach Dubai. You have three travel options like by air, by road or by bus to visit Dubai. You can choose the right travel option as per your requirement and convenience. When you purchase all inclusive holiday packages to Dubai, the entire flight trip, accommodation, sightseeing and city tour and travel will be covered. You do not have to pay or purchase tickets for each and everything. Buy Dubai tour packages from India to enjoy the best vacation. Dubai travel packages are available throughout the year. You can pre-book any time.

By Air
Dubai International Airport is the busiest airport in the UAE. It is the only landing field in city. There are several airlines offering services in the airport. It includes Etihad, FlyDubai and Emirates Airlines. Emirates Airlines is the official international airline of Dubai. It travels more than one hundred destinations throughout the world. Other options to enter Dubai is via Sharjah International Airport.

By Bus
Emirates Express helps you to reach other Emirates from Dubai. It has interconnections between each emirate. You can use the frequent bus services functioning between Abu Dhabi, Masafi, Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai and others.

This city has a sub-tropical dry climate with high temperatures, sunshine and clear skies all over the year. It is erratic and rare to see rainfall. It is possible to witness showers in winter months that is between December and March. The maximum temperature will start from January. It ranges from 24 degrees Celsius to 41 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to visit between the months of December and March. During these months, the temperature will be cool in the evening and pleasant in the morning. It is said to be the peak vacation season. The hotels rates can be expensive.

July and August are worst months to plan for tourism in Dubai. The entire city will be hot as a furnace. The average temperature would be 41 degrees Celsius. When you visit during these two months, you have to remain inside the shopping mall, hotel or air conditioned location. If you wish to purchase cheap packages to Dubai, you can book in this season.

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