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Wow! Visiting a place like Disneyland Paris would be a dream for the majority of kids. Younger kids and toddlers would enjoy meeting cartoon characters and gentle rides whereas the young children would enjoy Discovery Land and Adventure Land with high tech gizmos and thrilling rides. The great European philosophers have greatly influenced the Disneyland Park. It has a Main Street attraction which is on the American themed based.

Disneyland Paris comprises Adventure Land, Fantasyland, Discovery Land and many Disney Dreams. You can even witness the laser shows and the beautiful fireworks every night. The Walt Disney Studios Park gives you the feel to be how it is to be in an animated movie as a Disney character. You can even enjoy the magic carpet ride and the roller coaster ride at the Walt Disney Studios store. You can find many amazing restaurants all around like the Blue Lagoon Restaurant, Cape Cod, Park Side Diner, etc. which offers mouth-watering dishes to its customers.

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Disneyland Paris Package at Visiit

Visiit offers the best trip to visit the world just like you have imagined. Disneyland Paris Package trip is fabulous for both kids and adults. It is a must visit destination in Paris. Even people who are very serious by nature, Discovery land is a great place for you. It is basically two parks next to one another. You can find many thrilling rides and innumerable themed parks, like Cinderella’s castle, etc. you can even meet many Disney characters there.

Visiit offers you an unforgettable insight into the park with many activities to do. You can have the most memorable trip here. You even get to see how most Hollywood movies are made. What’s more? Plan a trip with Visiit to Disneyland Paris and enjoy the best luxuries of life.

Main Street USA
This is the perfect shopping arena and an even better Disney souvenir. Here you get to witness the City Hall, which is like the 19th-century small-town America. From here you can get yourself a copy of the park plan where you will get the opening and closing hours of the rides, the timings of the shows and parades. You can even take the fake steam train from here the Main Street station. You can go round the park on this train too. You can even witness the Disney magic parade over here.

The main attraction in Frontierland is the Big Thunder Mountain. It is a tower made of red rock. You can board the roller coaster attached to it. The Phantom Manor is designed in such a way to give you the spookiest feeling, straight out of Hitchcock’s Psycho. You can discover the Pocahontas Indian village where little kids can have a great time. You can even enjoy a Mississippi Paddle Steamer Ride over here.

Riding the 360 Degree Roller Coaster Ride is the best experience in Adventureland. It is called Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Peril. It makes you plunge in ore carts amidst the rainforests. The top rides are usually very crowded so it’s better to try these rides as early as possible. You can enjoy the perfect cruise in the ride, Pirates of the Caribbean. It is a 6 minutes animated journey where the pirates are invading a Spanish fortress. The Pirates beach is a playground where little kids can enjoy themselves.

The main attractions of the Fantasyland are ‘It’s a Small World’ and ‘Peter Pan’s Flight’. It is very popular among the young children. You can visit the Towers of Sleeping Beauty and the Lair of the Dragon. Here there is a hidden creature which makes roaring sounds and even hisses smoke. The children get excited seeing the setting of the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The children can even enjoy in the Peter Pan’s flight. It is a great ride which takes you above the streets of London. Fantasyland is a small world is a delightful riverboat journey which takes you to the Kitsch kingdom of singing puppets.

At Disocoverland, you can enjoy high tech experiences. The Space Mountain is a great roller coaster ride for the older children. It will take you to the outer space. It is inspired from earth to the moon written by Jules Verne. In Autopia, you can drive a car in a proper race track. In Laserblast, you can participate using your laser pistols to shoot the enemies. You can do it under the guidance of Buzz. You can enjoy a sci-fi film called Captain EO over there.

Walt Disney Studios Park
This portion is divided into four zones. Of which, the front lot brings you to Sorcerer’s Apprentice. It is a water fountain. It is 33 meters in height. You can witness the Hollywood studio from there. You can even go around the Hollywood Boulevard which is designed in the pattern of 1940. There you can find hundreds of movie props. The entire walk through the studio gates is surrounded by palm trees all around.

Toon Studio
The second part is the toon studio. Here you can explore the art of film animation. From the ancient days to the 21st century, you get to see all the animated pictures over here. Toy Story Playland and crush’s coaster are the major attraction over here. It is extremely popular and it would be best if you get there early in the day. The ride, Finding Nemo is also very popular in the Toon Studio.

Production Courtyard
Here you get to see the production facilities and the production show daily. You get to hear live music and hear live performers too. Cine Magique is the best tribute to moving image. There you can enjoy a studio tram tour too with which you can explore the entire place. When it reaches the Catastrophe Canyon, you can find a damn bursting with a huge amount of water falling all over. The twilight zone tower of terror gives you the thrill of falling from a 13 storey high building.

Back Lot
Here you get to board the fastest ride, that is, the Rock and Roller Coaster. It is a high-speed ride with many thrilling turns and drops. Armageddon is another thrilling ride which takes you back to the history of many special effects. The Stunt Show Spectacular is another main attraction of the back lot. It is a live action show, mainly on car movies. You will learn about a series of movie stunts over here.

Disneyland Village
Here you will find many shops and restaurants and many live music shows. It has a movie complex as well as a games arcade too. The restaurants jolly well stay open till 11 pm so you can easily have your dinner there. You can even find a small train there which takes you to the hotel from the park. It just charges 2 euros.

You can get a wide range of deals and options which usually keeps on changing throughout the year. The Disneyland Hotel is located exactly at the entrance of the park. It is the most expensive hotel but the most convenient one. There are other hotels too like Hotel New York, Sequoia Lodge, Newport Bay club and other hotels. The park just lies at a distance of 10 minutes from these hotels. You can even board the little train to reach these hotels. There are many hotels proving indoor pools in it. You can choose a hotel with a steam room too. You can even find kid-free zones in the hotels. Many hotels even offer shuttle bus services for free.

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