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Cyprus is a Small Island, nestled in the Mediterranean Sea. It might not be a very important player in world politics of Geography, but it's his tree stands more than 12000 years, and has been an important place in shaping of the culture that grew around the Mediterranean. The areas around the Mediterranean sea have contributed a lot to what we know as the modern world. It it was to the south of the Mediterranean sea and room was to the north of it. To the east of it where the places where a lot of religions like Christianity, Judaism, Islam and zoroastrianism sprang up. Cypress being in the middle of it was an important rate route and to this day is quite known for the finest wines that Cypress produces.

Caught between the most powerful Empires that have ever ruled that region, Cyprus has been under the rule of the egyptians, the Assyrians, the Persians, the Great Ruler Alexander and even the Roman Empire and the Arabic Caliphates. Cyprus is known for its inclination towards arts, music, and a lot of cultural elements that make Cyprus one of the most sought after destinations to visit in the Mediterranean region, increasing the number of people who seek for a Cyprus tour package.

Cyprus Tour Packages

Best Cyprus Tour Packages at Visiit

Cyprus is a beautiful island country, and the country, being in Mediterranean only increases its appeal. With so much of history to post about, and being in the Confluence of some of the mightiest empires and cultural influences in the world, Cyprus has a lot to offer for a tourist who visits the country on a Cyprus tour package. Explore the churches and the beaches of Cyprus, and you will know why this Mediterranean Paradise is one of the best places to visit on the planet!

One of the challenges with visiting any Island is to understand the temperature and climate which also should go along with the reference of the sea. Air travel to Cyprus might not be difficult, but it requires considerable amount of planning to get the best rates for your affairs. It also would be great to club Cypress along with either a tour package to Turkey, or Egypt, or Italy, Greece. With all these things in mind, Visiit brings you exclusive customisable Cyprus tour packages that will facilitate your enjoyment of this island paradise.

The most profound harbor in Cyprus is situated in here. Subsequently, this is the place huge numbers of the voyage ships dock when going to Cyprus. Notwithstanding a flourishing port, Famagusta is home to a conventional walled city, which still stands right up 'til the present time. Two of the most notorious historic points that still stay in Famagusta incorporate the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque and the St. Barnabas Monastery. Promptly toward the south lies the apparition town of Varosha, once the core of Famagusta's vacationer exchange, now segregated by the Turkish attack of 1974.

Akamas Peninsula
The western tip of Cyprus is a territory known as the Akamas Peninsula, and it is one of the slightest occupied parts of the island. In case you're anxious to get off the beaten track, at that point this is the place to be: There are actually no cleared streets! Accordingly, it is perfect for climbing or mountain biking. It is additionally a stunning spot for spotting natural life, only some of which can incorporate ocean turtles, reptiles and local feathered creatures. You can likewise investigate the historical backdrop of the Akamas Peninsula with a visit to the Agios Andronikos, a previous mosque and current church that was developed in the mid sixteenth century.

Authentic confirmation demonstrates that Larnaca is likely the most seasoned city in Cyprus, bragging a history that goes back over 6,000 years. Numerous guests today go through Larnaca in light of the fact that the city is home to the biggest global airplane terminal on the island. Be that as it may, you won't simply need to go through, in light of the fact that Larnaca has a considerable measure to offer. History devotees should visit the ninth century Church of St. Lazarus or the noteworthy Faneromeni Church. For an experience, go to the Larnaca Salt Lake to spot pink flamingos, or jump down to investigate the amazing wreck of the Zenobia, a noteworthy fascination for scuba jumpers in Cyprus.

On the southwestern tip of the island is the beach front town of Paphos, normally alluded to as the origin of Aphrodite. Today, Paphos is part into two sections. The lower area is known as Kato Paphos, and it is the place a considerable lot of the inns and archeological points of interest can be found. The upper goal is the business region where you can discover shops and restaurants. Remnants and prehistoric studies are the principle attractions in Paphos, and you won't have any desire to miss the Roman vestiges called the House of Dionysus and the House of Theseus, the sixteenth century Paphos Fort worked by the Turkish, the Tombs of the Kings or the Odeon, a great Greek amphitheater where plays and other live exhibitions are still advertised.

All the Mediterranean countries and islands are blessed to have a perfect climate. This would imply that Cypress enjoys hot and dry summers, and cool and wet winters. The sunshine is never know in Cypress, and it's never too striking as well. Depending on your taste for how you would like to enjoy Cypress, you can visit Cyprus at any time of the year. However, it is generally believed that the tourist season of Cyprus is between the months of April and October. It is not because of the temperature of the climate, but more because of the availability of flights, attractions and restaurants. There are numerous activities and festivals that happened during this time. It is strongly suggested that you avoid the month of August because in the Mediterranean belt, August is generally the hottest month, and is borderline unbearable!

The cuisine of Cyprus is essentially Mediterranean, and can be considered one of the best in the world. In fact, most of the Mediterranean dishes rank among the finest in the world. The Cyprus accusing consists of a lot of fresh vegetables and olives. It is known by a special name called Cypriot cuisine.

Some of the most famous dishes in Cyprus are:

• Sheftalia and souvlakia
• Wednesday vegetable market in Nicosia
• Halloumi cheese
• Typical bakery in Onasagorou Street
• Skordalia sauce, hummus and grilled vegetables
• Bamies (okra with tomato and oil)
• Meat meze with sliced lountza, chiromeri, onions and olives
• Moussaka.

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