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Colombo is a huge city in Sri Lanka which is popular among the tourists. It is visited by people all the year round as it is a tropical city. The heat is usually very high in Colombo. You can explore the entire Colombo by hiring a tuk-tuk or you can even drive your own tuk-tuk.

Colombo has an entirely colonial setting as well as a cosmopolitan one. It has many places to visit, many stylish and grand eateries and many shopping centers. The Colombo National museum primarily consists Sri Lankan history. Colombo has a huge harbor which has many sea routes. Galle Face Green is located along the coast of the Indian Ocean. It is a very popular tourist destination is Colombo. The Gangaramaya Temple is the most famous temple in Colombo.

Colombo Holiday Packages

Place : Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Royal..
Hotels : Hotel Hilltop, Hotel Avian Breeze

Place : Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Royal..
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Place : Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Dam..
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Place : Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Dutch..
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Place : Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Royal..
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Place : Dambulla cave temple
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National Museum
The national museum is Colombo was established by Sir William Henry. It is a major tourist attraction in Colombo. It has the regalia of Sri Lanka and is the largest museum in Sri Lanka. It has many rare and ancient artifacts and many important pieces of literature which are preserved in a proper way in the national museum.
Viharamahadevi Park
This Park is a heritage site in Colombo. It is even the oldest park in Colombo. This park belonged to the colonial period when it was under the British. This park was previously known as the Victoria Park. It has many varieties of trees and plants and various types of flowers which makes this garden look like a vibrant garden.
Galle Face Green Promenade
It stretches up to half a kilometer. It lies between the Indian Ocean and the Galle Road. It is an important landmark in Colombo. Here the locals as well as the tourists can have picnics all the week and on the weekends too. It is also popular for the local street food that is available here.
Dehiwala Zoo
This is the national zoo of Sri Lanka. It has a wide variety of birds and animals. It stretches up to 24 acres of land. There is also a museum inside the zoo itself as well as an aquarium which contains a variety of fishes. An elephant zoo is organized every evening over here. It is very popular among the tourists.
Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple
Gangaramaya Temple is popular in Colombo. It is the most important place for the Buddhists as well as the tourists. It is the most famous Buddhist temple in Colombo. Its architecture is a great blend of Chinese and Thai architecture along with Indian architecture.
Wolvendaal Church
This church was built during the 18th century. It is famous for its great architecture and the grand and beautiful interiors. It is a very important place for the tourists. This church was built during the time of Dutch and is a great place of interest among the locals as well as the tourists.
The Lighthouse of Colombo
The lighthouse is one of the significant and fascinating attractions of Colombo. It is maintained by the ports authority of Sri Lanka. The lighthouse is very high. It is as high as 12 meters. The tourists, as well as the local people, visit the lighthouse very often and it is a great place of interest for them.
The Khan Clock Tower
This is a great place of interest among the tourists. It is usually always buzzing with tourists as well as the locals. It is located in the middle of Pettah market and its entrance is also there. This tower was built to honor the father of Bhikhajee and Muncharshaw Framjee Khan.
Green Path
This is the most interesting thing to see in Colombo. Here you can find the works of the young artists and their great artworks. It is located near the Victoria Park. Here many young students and painters display their works every weekend. It has an open-air art show even. You can even buy anything from the artwork that has been put on display and that too at a very reasonable cost.
St. Thomas Chapel
this is an Anglican Church in Colombo. It is popular for the breathtaking interiors inside. David Paynter transfigured the entire church. Here Carol singing is very popular. This church is always filled with tourists, especially during Christmas. Many arrangements are done during Christmas Eve.
One must definitely visit the National Museum and the other colonial buildings that are there in Colombo. They are a great sight to see and enjoy. The beautiful gardens offer you escape from the busy and the bustling crowds. You should also visit the Beira Lake which is a beautiful lake. There is even a small island in the middle of the lake. It contains the Simamalaka shrine. One can wander on the streets of Pettah. There are many shops and markets and it is always filled with tourists and locals.

You can find many ice cream vans in Colombo who are roaming around selling ice creams. You should surely try the ice creams to beat the heat.Definitely, try taking the tuk-tuk ride. It is an interesting thing that you will find in Colombo. The Galle Face green is a perfect place to play football, cricket and one can even enjoy having a picnic over there. It is a very lively place filled with young people and children. The tourists love spending time over there. Here you can even enjoy the beautiful sunset and click loads of pictures.

You should definitely visit Bu Ba. It is a beautiful place where you can have the best seafood and that too on candlelit tables. It is a perfect place to have food for the couples. To visit good market is an interesting thing to do. Here one can find organic food. It is next to the Colombo Racecourse and it is filled with tourists and visitors all the year round. In Paradise Road, you will be able to find a lot of collectibles. It is a great place to hang out. Here you can even find a huge collection of authentic Sri Lanka homewares.
* The governor’s restaurant is a great place to have buffets thrice a day. Hotel de Pilawoos is a famous restaurant in Colombo. It serves you the best Kotthu.
* The Bombay sweet Mahal on Galle Road serves you a wide variety of sweets which is popular for its Indian flavor.
* Cloud Red is a rooftop bar of Cinnamon Red Hotel. It offers you the best of views of Colombo from the 26th floor.
* Beach Wadiya is very popular for its seafood. It serves you the best of treats and a great variety.
* La Voile Blanche is a popular café in Colombo. It is the most popular beach front cafe. The milk and honey café is a little and cozy café in Colombo which even has a kid’s bookshop.
* Barefoot Garden Café serves you the best salads and sandwiches. Sri Suryas Hotel is an above average hotel which serves a wide variety of dishes in Colombo.
* Yaal Restaurant serves the best Tamil cuisine in Colombo. At Colombo Food Court, you can find the best Sri Lanka food and that too at a very reasonable cost.
* If you are a coffee lover, you should definitely try visiting the Black Cat Café. The coffee drinks here are a must remember and the tea served at the Heladiv Tea Club is the best in Colombo.

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