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It would not be an exaggeration to say that Chile is the thinnest country in the world. Compared to the extent to which the country stresses on basis of its latitudes, it is quite true that Chili is almost a size zero model of countries. In this small area, Chile manages to encompass an entire range of attractions. The longest mountain ranges of the world, the Andes, is present in this country. The driest point on earth, the Atacama desert is present in Chile. In addition to this, there is the strait of Magellan which the famous explorers used to circumnavigate the world. With all these attractions, Chile is an amazing place to visit and there is no wonder that there is an increasing instance of people who are opting to explore this place on Chile tourist packages.

Chile Tour Packages

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It is quite interesting to note that the contrast of the highly developed Santiago with the crude nature of the Atacama desert. On one end, Chile is about snow capped mountains close to Antarctica and on the other, it is about the rainforests and the high rise Andes mountains. Somewhere in between, there is an amazing Pacific Coast and the Atacama desert. These kind of diversities in the way Chile presents itself to a tourist, Chile tour package that you are taking up needs to cover almost all aspects of this wonderful country.

Visiit’s exclusive Chile tour packages that make sure that you experience all the aspects of this country. With a meticulous knowledge about what all this place has got to offer, the transportation, the climate, the best time to visit, and even the best time of the day to visit certain places of this country, you can expect your Chile tour package to be nothing short of astounding and attractive. In addition to all of this, we also have the option of customizability. This would mean that you can create your own tourist packages to Chile and we will make sure that it also adheres to the norms of perfection along with the requirements that you have from your end. After all, it is about enjoying a place not according to what the planner wants, but according to what you want. With the diversity of attractions that this country brings and come up it only gets better and bigger!

Lauca National Park
Lauca National Park is situated in Chile's far north, in the Andean range and is one of the best vacation spots in Chile. The most fantastic component in Lauca is the delightful Lago Chungará, one of the world's most astounding lakes. Approaching over it is the outlandishly idealize cone of Volcán Parinacota, a torpid well of lava with a twin brother, Volcán Pomerape, directly over the outskirt with Bolivia.

Pucón is a little touristy town amidst the southern Lake District. The unrivaled area by a wonderful lake and forcing well of lava makes it a standout amongst the most prominent vacation destinations in Chile. Pucón offers an assortment of games and recreational exercises including water skiing, snow skiing, wilderness boating and kayaking, horseback riding, normal hot springs and climbing the Villarrica fountain of liquid magma.

Torres del Paine
Torres del Paine is a national stop in the Extreme South district of Patagonian Chile and highlights mountains, lakes and ice sheets. The focal point of the recreation center are the three Towers of Paine, three marvelous rock tops molded by the powers of cold ice. The most elevated pinnacle is around 2,500 meters (8200 feet).

Valle de la Luna
Valle de la Luna is situated in the Atacama Desert. This amazing desert scene is the aftereffect of hundreds of years of winds and surges on the sand and stone of the locale. The huge sand rises and stone arrangements impersonate the surface of the moon, giving the locale its name, which means "Valley of the Moon".
Situated on the Pacific shore of the important area of Chile, Valparaíso is known for its splendidly hued houses, bohemian culture and wonderful sea facing perspectives. Heaps of soak slopes disregarding the Pacific Ocean, Valparaíso gloats a maze of boulevards and cobblestone back roads, encapsulating a rich design and social heritage.

Los Pinguinos Natural Monument
The biggest penguin gathering in southern Chile, Los Pingüinos Natural Monument is home to in excess of 120,000 Magellanic penguins. Situated on the little Magdalena Island, only one square kilometer and beat by a truly red beacon, it lies 35km (22 miles) upper east of Punta Arenas. In September or October every year, the flying creatures move back here and discover their mate. Before the finish of March the penguins have come back to ocean once more.

Chiloe Churches
The Chiloe archipelago is a disconnected gathering of islands, best known for various extraordinary chapels that gloat a specific engineering style called Chilota. This style is an exceptionally one of a kind mix of native and European Jesuit impact, and was reflected in excess of a hundred wooden places of worship in these islands that were made in the seventeenth century. The houses of worship fell into dilapidation, yet right around two dozen reestablished locales are currently accessible to visit, and fill in as a dazzling portrayal of this interesting mestizo style blend.

One of the biggest attractions in Chile is Patagonia. Considering that people plan their vacation around visits to this place, the best time to visit the area is between the months of November to early March. Violet most places, we try to arrive at a fine. When the weather is ideal and the crowd is not intense comma it's cannot happen so with Akeli because the tourist season is intense and Limited as well. However, it can be assured that the compromise that you make with battling the crowds is worth the pleasure that you will get out of exploring this amazing country!

Chilean cuisine stems essentially from the mix of customary Spanish cooking, Chilean Indigenous Mapuche culture and nearby fixings, with later vital impacts from other European foods, especially from Germany, Italy and France. The nourishment convention and formulas in Chile are striking for the assortment of flavors and fixings, with the nation's various geology and atmosphere facilitating an extensive variety of horticultural deliver, foods grown from the ground. The long coastline and the people groups' association with the Pacific Ocean include a monstrous exhibit of fish items to Chilean cooking, with the nation's waters home to one of a kind types of fish, molluscs, shellfish and green growth, on account of the oxygen-rich water conveyed in by the Humboldt Current. Chile is likewise one of the world's biggest makers of wine and numerous Chilean formulas are upgraded and joined by nearby wines.

Some of the best Chilean Foods are Asado Chileno, Almejas a la Parmesana, Paila marina, and Caldillo de congrio.

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