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Bora Bora is popularly referred as ‘jewel of the south oceans.’ It is the most popular island in Po... olynesia. It is a synonym of secluded luxury, turquoise waters and remarkable beauty. The small island is mostly visited by island enthusiasts and romantic couples. By visiting this place, you get a chance to know how a tropical paradise should remain.

Within a glance, it is sure you will get impressed by its effortless beauty. Most people visiting Bora Bora via air get captivated by the picturesque scenes of large coral reef that is scattered with emerald islets. It encloses the primary island as a string of pearls. Mount Otemanu add as an icon to this beautiful setting. It rises exactly from the gentle lagoon. It remains a focal point of attention.

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Bora Bora is a dream destination for celebrating honeymoon in Polynesia. From lush mountains to turquoise lagoons, everything that comes with Bora Bora Island honeymoon package is magical. If you are searching for exclusivity, this is the right destination.We suggest various affordable and custom made Bora Bore Honeymoon Packages to make sure your honeymoon serves as a memorable holiday of a lifetime.

The lagoon is a palette of turquoise, blue and sapphire. Under its surface, vast coral formations lineup with large range of bright colored fish. The large lagoon has only one steerable pass. It means intricate coral reefs, vibrant marine life and calm waters remain protected and pristine. It is popular for overwater bungalows. The luxurious resorts offer the perfect atmosphere for their guests. They can explore and enjoy uncountable blue hues of the infamous lagoon in the island.

Bora Bora is the most magnificent destination in the world. The captivating island claims a relaxing calm atmosphere that in turn presents its guests an awe-inspiring sense of peace. It spreads a lasting impression on visitors who experience it. Most visitors take a bit of Bora Bora memory and home with them. They also leave a part of memories here while moving.

Visiit Travel Company in Chennai offers great saving Bora Bora vacation packages. We will plan your itinerary, book your tickets, arrange accommodation and food and also take care of your transportation. The entire volcanic frame consists of tiny islets and coral reef with coconut trees and lovely beaches. As you explore the island, you will get to know lots of interesting things. There are ancient Polynesian temples deep inside the jungle.

Bora Bora Beach: The South region has a number of sweeping Beaches. The island remains as a residence for 8800 Polynesians. They are crazy to show travelers their cherished lagoons and surrounding marine inhabitants. They entertain visitors with dance and music. In simple words, Bora Bora Island is a collapsed volcano or a caldera. Polfai Bay remains as the crater center. The towering Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia are leftovers of volcano walls. It is good to travel Bora Bora anytime. It has pleasant average temperature throughout the year. Bora Bora package is ideal for honeymoon, Family Vacation or weekend trip.

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Bora Bora Tour Packages

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