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Bangladesh has the distinction of being one of the youngest nations in the world, having been found only in the year 1971. They got their Independence from east Pakistan, the country that we know today as Pakistan. It was a thing of pride for India, as a nation that was less than 25 years old health in liberating another Nation.

Bangladesh is one of the most fertile countries on this planet. The Ganga and the Brahmaputra converge in Bangladesh, and forms one Mighty super river, known as Meghna. This, coupled with the dense rainforest that have been failed because of the excessive rainfall in the region, make a Bangladesh one of the most beautiful places to visit! Enjoy the awesomeness of Bangladesh with our Bangladesh tourism packages.

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Best Bangladesh Tour Packages at Visiit

Even with all that hostility in the game of Cricket, it has to be agreed that Bangladesh and India have shared a lot of close relationships, right from the Inception... Literally! Bangladesh is a great place to visit, because it might not have a long and distinct history, but it surely does have a history that it can be proud of. It is blessed with the river Meghna, which is the Confluence of a couple of some of the mightiest rivers in the world -Ganga and Brahmaputra. This makes the country of Bangladesh a nice place to visit not just for history and nature, but also for the lifestyle that is greatly influenced by these rivers.

Reaching Bangladesh might not be difficult at all comma and planning a tour package to Bangladesh to might not be a tedious task. However, if you would like to get the best of the place, it needs an expert to chip in. This is where Visiit's tour packages bring out its relevance. Planned around seasons and purposes, a perfect Bangladesh tour package will cover everything that needs to be covered and in a way that it does not cause a crunch on TIME. Book your Bangladesh tour package with us, and enjoy what this little Nation has got to offer parallel to India!

Sundarbans is the biggest mangrove woodland on the planet, and is thought to be an UNESCO World Heritage site. It is calmly shared between two neighboring nations, Bangladesh and India. A lion's share of this astounding woods is situated in Bangladesh. It is the home to the Royal Bengal Tiger and numerous other natural life species. Going to Sundarbans ought to be in the rundown of the activities on your Bangladesh visit bundle.

Chittagong Hills
The slope tracts territory of Chittagong in Bangladesh is a standout amongst the most normally wonderful spots. This place remains as a declaration to the ancestral history of Bangladesh. In the event that you are somebody who is into Adventure Travel, you can consider taking in the aptitudes for a considerable length of time together. You can even get inviting with the tribals in here and find out about their way of life and Lifestyle. The Sangu stream which is thought to be the most delightful waterway in Bangladesh is situated in this area.

Srimangal tea Gardens
This place, situated in the North Eastern piece of the nation, flanking with the Indian province of Assam, is thought to be messy capital of Bangladesh. The well known Assam tea is likewise a local to this place. This place, which is very restoring, is an incredible cycling trail, and going through the tea ranches is a brilliant affair. This place likewise house is a national stop and a waterfalls, making it an extremely comprehensive place to visit!

Boating at Rangamati
Arranged in the slope track locale of Chittagong, this place is the home to the Kaptai lake. This lake is the biggest artificial lake in Bangladesh, and is encompassed by wonderful slopes. This place is an incredible alternative for you to experiment with a Boat Ride that gives you astonishing perspectives. This place is likewise an extraordinary choice for shopping where you can purchase garments made of carefully assembled textures. You can likewise consider going to a Buddhist religious community close by.

Bangladesh is essentially an extension of North East India. Bangladesh has a climate much like Meghalaya and West Bengal. The average temperatures in Bangladesh drastically vary, ranging from as low as 12 to 16 degree celsius in December and January 2 as high as 34 degree celsius in April and May. Given these temperature variations, Bangladesh can be visited according to what you wish for. It is suggested that you avoid the rainy and the summer Seasons because of the witness and the humidity. Bangladesh is best visited in the small window between mid October and November when the temperatures are moderate unbearable, and when there are no rains as well.

Bangladesh advanced from India, and it's anything but an unexpected that the Bangladeshi food is to a great extent Bengali. Rice is the primary staple sustenance of Bangladeshi individuals and it is presented with an extensive variety of curries. Magnificent Bangladeshi dishes display solid fragrant flavors; and frequently incorporate eggs, potatoes, tomatoes and aubergines. An assortment of flavors and herbs, alongside mustard oil and ghee, is utilized as a part of Bangladeshi cooking. The primary breads are naan, porota, roti, bakarkhani and luchi. Dal is the second most imperative staple sustenance which is presented with rice/porota/luchi. Fish is a staple in Bangladeshi food, particularly freshwater angle, which is an unmistakable element of the nation's gastronomy. Real fish dishes incorporate ilish (hilsa), pabda (butterfish), rui (rohu), pangash (pangas catfish), chitol (clown knifefish), magur (walking catfish), bhetki (barramundi) and tilapia. Meat utilization incorporates hamburger, sheep, venison, chicken, duck, squab and koel. Vegetable dishes, either pounded (bhorta), bubbled (sabji), or leaf-based (saag), are generally served. Fish, for example, lobsters and shrimps are additionally frequently predominant.

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