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Leave alone or travel aficionado! Ask any person from any country (with exceptions of the USA, Cuba and North Korea) which country they would like to visit, and the United States of America is a bound name on that list. With a brand name end with tourist spots that are enough to satisfy any kind of Traveller both in variety and numbers, United States of America is a country that Travellers of all flavours will look forward to visit. On the other hand comma with so many places to visit, it would be difficult for a Traveller to zero-down on the places that they should visit on a package tour to America. We have made it easier for you by compiling a list of places that you should never miss out on a package tour to America!

The City of New York:

It would be very stereotypical to have New York listed as the first place on the list of spots to visit in the United States on a package tour. However, sometimes it is fine to follow the crowd, right? Well... Not many people would be wrong in choosing one city as the Numero Uno destination for a visit to the United States of America!

The central park which is a proper Jungle within the concrete jungle of the skyscrapers of New York is one place that you might not want to miss visiting. Strolling 840 acres, this Central Park is the home to the Belvedere Castle, the Central Park zoo and a lot of other attractions. This is a place that is teeming with some activity or the other including jogging, bicycling, skateboarding, inline skating or just families and couples relaxing in the vast carpet of natural green.

The Empire State Building was the signature of New York’s Skyline. It was once the tallest building in the United States. A view from the top most floor of this skyscraper is a sight that deserves to be remembered!

Let us not talk too much about the cliches that are so very New York including but not limited to the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, The Times Square, and the memorial of the 9/11 tragedy.

However, we thought we would digress a little bit to talk about one special attraction in New York - the Grand Central Terminal. This place is a tried not only to New York, but to the entire United States of America. No wonder, no one ever misses this attraction on a package to the United States! Ever thought that a railway station would have such an elaborate and astronomical ceiling full of decorations and a fully functional Bar and Restaurant? If these little bits of data haven't convinced you, this place hosts the annual Christmas market and this only adds yet another shopping attraction to the shopping Paradise that New York already is!

Washington DC:

This city needs no introduction, not only in the United States, but also all across the planet! Washington DC is the seat of the Government of the most powerful nation in the world right now. Owing to a history that is about three decades, this city of magnificent distances present in a person who is on a package store in the United States with a lot of picturesque and awesome spots to look out for.

When you are in the capital city, the presidential Palace is something that you would want to see. The White House also features guided tours for visitors who planned ahead and request it through there Congressman's office a minimum of 21 days ahead of their visit. Consider yourself lucky for you have visited one of the most secure and heavily guarded places in the world exclamation point.

If there is one more building that shares and almost equal importance as the White House, it has to be the Capitol. This is the seat of the legislative government where the United States Congress meets. You can also get to see the sessions of the house of representatives and the Senate which are sometimes open to the public. You can obtain your free passes from your Congressman's office. It is interesting to note that the Capitol was one of the first buildings to be constructed by the United States, when it began in 1793. The legislators met for the first time in 1800.

We would have loved to include the Washington monument in this list. One of the most prominent and well known obelisks of Earth is now closed because of a damage caused by an earthquake in 2011, and reopening date has not been scheduled yet.

The Pacific Side - California:

One of the points of pride for India is that the country has produced some of the finest ingenious on the planet. Thanks to the Silicon Valley Revolution, it would not be a surprise to find a lot of Indian engineers in some of the Most iconic companies that have their presence in the Bay area of San Francisco in particular, and the whole of California in general.

Considering these, a trip to California would be something important to be included in a package to the United States of America. The Yosemite National Park is one of the landmarks in California that owes its fame to the nature, and not the technology. Abound with granite cliffs, plunging waterfalls, a vast expanse of wild greenery and a plethora of wildlife, the Yosemite National Park is definitely a treat to anyone who visits California. Situated in the Sierra Nevada region, the Yosemite Valley which forms a very small part of the Yosemite National Park is where most of the tourists from all over the world drop in and stay at. This spot is also an ideal place for a lot of adventures like Rock climbing, scaling and cross-country hiking in the summers and skiing and snowshoeing in the winters.

Remember that evergreen Windows XP wallpaper called Bliss? The most viewed photograph on the planet was shot at the Napa Valley in California. This Valley is known for its wines and it is considered to be the best place for wine connoisseurs to visit in the United States of America. The Napa Valley is also known for its amazing spas. This is yet another place in California that you should not miss when on a package tour to the United States!

The United States of America is the first largest country on the planet come up and it would be very difficult for first time tourer to decide on what place to visit and what place to omit. This is where the expertise of Visiit comes in handy! With our team of experts who know the United States right from Canada to Mexico, and right from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast, you can expect tour packages to America that are customised and tailored to the kind of Traveller that you are! Book your United States of America tour package with Visiit!

America Tour Packages

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