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The United States of America is made up of 50 states. Of all this, two states are very special. One of them is Hawaii which is situated somewhere in the Pacific, and the other is Alaska which is separated by one country in between the mail and United States and Alaska. It is interesting to note that Alaska was purchased from the kingdom of Russia by the United States of America for a mega to million United States dollars. Little did Russia know that Alaska was full of oil reserves. This state of the US is almost permanently covered in snow. However, there are a lot of places of attraction in Alaska that make it an ideal destination for you to visit on an Alaska tourist package. Alaska become a very beautiful place when it is summer, and the weather is pleasant and quiet cosy. There are a lot of places that give a very diverse flavour to complete Grand tour package to Alaska.

Alaska Tour Packages

Best Alaska Holiday Package by Visiit

Alaska is one of the most unconventional states in the United States of America. Unlike its main length, Alaska has a different climate and a different appeal altogether. It might not even figure out in the places to visit on a United States tour package, because it is, obviously, quite far. However, the Treasures that this state hold is nothing short of spectacular, and it only makes sense and it also would be great to see a lot of people visit this state on and Alaska tour package.

Visiit brings you exclusive Alaska tour packages that are designed to make you experience the best of this state. You will get to experience a lot of places that can offer you different activities, sceneries, a view of the Pacific Ocean, and if your budget allows, even a glimpse of what the other side of the world looks like in a view of Russia. With all these attractions made a part of your experience at Alaska in our Alaska tour package, we are sure that it will be unforgettable. However, we also have the option of customising and making the package according to your wishes. This will ensure that you enjoy and experience this state with so many attractions in a way that you have always wanted to!

Denali National Park
The mainland United States has the yosemite National Park which is definitely a great place for no justification but also for honeymoon point in Alaska, the nearest adequately filled by the Denali National Park. This National Park is the home to Alaska highest peak mount mckinley. This pic is not only the tallest in Alaska but in the whole of the United States. You can spot a variety of wildlife including will come up there and knows that would probably stop on the banks of the Savage river to get a drink of water. Along with those exotic creatures, you could also admire the silence of Wonder lake or Hike along the polychrome pass. A lot of adventure activities await people who visit Denali national park on and Alaska tour package. You have options like hiking, back-country camping, white water rafting and too many others. If you are not someone who would like intense adventure, there are climate controlled buses that offer you a very safe exploration of the place. If you are on the other end of the adventure spectrum, you also have Ranger guided trail-walks that you can take from the Denali visitor centre.

Katmai National Park
Katmai National Park is situated in Southwest in Alaska coming and is one of the most picturesque locations that is proximal to both the Humma and kodiak Island. The Novarupta volcano exploded in 1912, and ash flow has reminded to this day. This National Park is the home to the brown bears that feed on someone. Given the abundance of the fishes in here, fishing is a popular Timepass activity for the locals of this region. It would be interesting to note that the name Arctic literally means the place where the bears reside.

Kenai Fjords National Park Would you like to have an experience of what the world would feel like in the Ice Age? Then you have to visit this national park on your Alaska tour package! You can see abundance of glaciers and ice caps that almost Run into the ocean, and they create some of the most picturesque reviews of ice ever on this planet. If you are a person who is sensitive to cold come on this might be a great place to visit as it is covered in ice during most of the Year. This place is quite adequate to accommodate different kinds of Aquatic wildlife including humpback whales that are on a migratory trail. There are considerable chances you can watch some of the most exotic Birds fly down to get their catch of fish from the ocean. It is best to plan this location in advance on your Alaska tour package, because the accommodation options are quite Limited in the park!
Juneau No exploration to Alaska would be complete without the mention of the capital city of Alaska. It serves as a major port for Cruise ships that Sail through that area of the Pacific or the Barents sea. There are a lot of attractions in here including but not limited to the Alaska state museum, the shrine of Saint Therese, and the Alaska state capital. You have some scenic transportation that awaits you on the Mount Roberts tramway and there are also a lot of hiking options that could give the adventure junkie in you a little kick. Contrasting the cold temperatures in here, this city is also a home to quite a number of breweries and It wouldn't be a surprise if you were to engage in a brewery tour as a part of your Alaska tour package. To complete all of this, you have a lot of souvenir shops and local restaurants at the front Street.

Alaska is situated at the Arctic Circle, and most of the time, you can expect Alaska to be covered in snow. There are places like Sitka that was a very appealing look during the summer months. The best time to visit Alaska is between may and September when it is the summer season in the extreme Northern hemisphere. However, if you would like to witness the beauty of Alaska in its fullest with a bit of compromise on the crowd, you can consider visiting between July and August. This is the peak season when Alaska is at its most beautiful.

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