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Yercaud tour packages include trip to the boundless coffee plantations, green meadows, the enchanti... ing hillocks and various sightseeing places of Yercaud. Get the best Yercaud homestay packages at Visiit. We arrange from tickets, accommodation to sightseeing, food and transportation. Being accessible from Selam, Chennai and Bangalore, Yercaud Tour pacakges are great ways to break away from the strenuous week-stress!

Yercaud is popularly termed as "South Jewel" and is a popular destination and it's no surprise that people from Chennai and Bangalore throng to avail Yercaud Tour Packages! It is renowned for being located amidst lush green lawns that make the entire place a tranquil and serene destination. Escape from the busy city life and explore Yercaud tourist places for this summer vacation. It is a must visit hill station in the Eastern Ghats. It exactly situated in the South India Tamil Nadu (Salem District). The captivating destinations impress the visitors along with its mesmerizing and charm locations. At Visiit, we offer best Yercaud tourism packages that are designed in such a way you can stopover to all the enthralling corners of the Hill Station.

Yercaud Lake :
It is a stunning lake popular in Yercaud, and who would want to miss these pristine green waters on a Yercaud Tour Package? It is the primary location in most of the Yercaud tour packages. It offers panoramic views of lush green lawns and hills situated in the close by areas. It is a destination that should be explored by all visitors. If you love boating, fishing, bird watching or admire nature, you should simply visit here to explore the beauty of Eastern Ghats. It is bounded by large and beautiful wooden trees. It will surely impress you with pristine outlooks and aromatic fragrance. Big Lake is famous for numerous eateries. You can taste a wide range of authentic and indigenous foods. Along with Lake Forest Yercaud, you can shop around and taste some of the best delicious dishes of Tamil Nadu.

Pagoda Point : Just like other hill station, Yercaud has its summit point or vanity point. Yercaud's highest point is Pagoda Point. It is mostly included in all tour packages to Yercaud since it remains as a surprise to all people. If you wish to invigorate and refresh your spirit, body and mind by unfolding and exploring the undiscovered nature beauty, you should visit this stunning point.

It is a destination filled with breathtaking and beautiful views of Yercaud. Moreover, it remains as a concluding spot for several adventurous activities and trekking. It is usually offered in Yercaud. The fascinating view of mist and clouds with hums of breeze will hold your reflexes because of its harmonic and pleasant notes. It offers a calming and tranquil experience, which you will feel like shifting to Utopia, a whole real fantasy world.

Yercaud Rose Garden :
It is a perfect offbeat destination and Honeymoon getaway, which you can visit while traveling to this hill station.Other sightseeing spots you should visit in Yercaud includes Loop Road, Tipperary viewpoint, Yercaud Town, Bear cave, Botanical Garden, Kiliyur Waterfalls and the Servarayan Temple.

Yercaud cottages are another major highlight. If you are looking to spend some quality time with your family, partner or friends, you need to choose from variety of options like Yercaud resorts, hotels or cottages. If you require more information about cottages, you need to contact our tour operator.
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Yercaud Tour Packages

Place : Rajeshwari Temple
Hotels : La Flora Resort

Place : Rajeshwari Temple
Hotels : TGI Star Holiday Resort

Place : Rajeshwari Temple
Hotels : Indeco lake view resort

Place : Rajeshwari Temple
Hotels : Indeco lake view resort

Yercaud is a picturesque hill station located in the southern part of Indian state, Tamil Nadu. It is a part of the Shevaroys Hills in the Eastern Ghats mountain range. If you want to opt for a refreshing and tranquil holiday, Yercaud trip can be perfect. There are many magnificent spots to visit in this town. Travellers can explore the true essence of the Tamil Nadu culture and cuisine in this peaceful and serene town. Yercaud hotels are conveniently located near the tourist attractions.

The Yercaud Lake :
The Yercaud Lake is the most charming place to visit. The lake is surrounded by lush greenery. You can have a lovely boating experience on the lake and enjoy the scenic beauty of the hill station.

32 Km Loop Road :
It is a 32 km stretch which begins from the Yercaud Lake and it takes you through the scenic coffee plantation sites. You can taste varieties of coffee while driving through the road. You can also find thick bamboo forests on this road.

Monfort School :
The Montfort School is one of the interesting places to visit in Yercaud. This co-educational school is almost hundred years old and bears a great historical value. It had reached its pinnacle during the WWI period.

Pagoda Point :
The Pagoda Point is one of the most charming spots in Yercaud. You can get panoramic views of Salem city from this point. The mystic ambience of the place keeps you mesmerized.

The Servaroyan Temple :
The Servaroyan Temple is located at the highest point of Yercaud. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kaveri and God Servaroyan. You can get a pristine view of Mettur Dam from here. The path towards the temple is enthralling.

Kiliyur Waterfall :
Kiliyur Waterfall is considered as a must-visit in Yercaud tourism. You would be completely enthralled by the beauty of this 300 ft high waterfall. You can reach this beautiful waterfall, only through the rugged and rustic terrains of Eastern Ghats.

Ladys Seat :
Ladys Seat is basically a rock in the shape of a shape. You can get an incredible view of the clouds, mist and the surrounding area from this spot. It was once a favorite recreational spot for British women. There is one watchtower located in the area.

There are many other spots to visit in this erstwhile British colony. The Silk Farm and Rose Garden, only a few kilometers away from the town is an offbeat destination for many travellers. This place is included in the Yercaud Honeymoon package. Couples and families visit this place and witness the production of silk yarns from cocoons.

Your vacation in Yercaud is going to be a fun-filled experience as there is so much to see and Yercaud is a small town and tourists throng to this place all around the year for the beautiful locales and wonderful weather. The annual summer festival of Yercaud is held in the second week of May.

Lord Servaroyan of the famous Servaroyan Temple is worshiped at this time with great splendor and vigor. The locals take part in the festivities most enthusiastically. Yercaud also witnesses the most number of footfall during summer. There are flower shows, dog shows and lovely boat races in the festival.

Many religious and social festivals are celebrated in Tamil Nadu. Yercaud also celebrates the Tamil New Year. It marks the beginning of the month of Chithirai and it usually falls on 14th of April. A plate full of auspicious things like gold, silver, fruits, and flowers is kept in front of the deity on that day.

A special festival menu is served in every family on this day. People generally start their new year by visiting temples. You can enjoy Pongal in Yercaud, if you visit the place in January. If you choose homestay in Yercaud as your accommodation, you get a chance to be a part of their festivities and special menu.
Yercaud is a laid-back hill station. Yercaud resorts are always busy as most of the tourists yearn for a relaxing holiday. However, if you are adventurous in nature, you can try trekking or explore the old caves.

You can also spend an exciting day and night under the starry sky if you are with your friends. You can pitch up a tent and have a barbeque session and watch the stars. You can also plan many day trips from Yercaud.

The Coffee gardens are the biggest attraction of the area. You can go for long walks in the misty mornings through the coffee gardens. Enjoy the fresh smell of coffee and get ready for a refreshing day.

Shopping is not a very big attraction in Yercaud, but you can buy local handicrafts and bright-colored handlooms from the local shops in Yercaud and Salem. The lake and forests of Yercaud are home to many wild animals. You can spend an entire lesiure day at the Deer Park with your camera. You can get a wonderful view of the valley from the park. Arrange a picnic with kids and family in the park.

There are many interesting places to visit in the vicinity. Salem is the nearest city, it is around 30 km from Yercaud. Plan a day trip to Salem and visit the historical monuments there. There is one mosque built by Tipu Sultan. You can also visit the ruins of an old fort in Salem. There is one museum too, where you can find antique terracotta sculptures.

Many tourists also visit the London Missionary Society in Salem. If you are interested in the things of history, you can plan a short visit to Kodumanal. This place is situated around 40 km away from Yercaud. The hamlet is an archeological site of 2nd century BC. You can see some great ruins of the Megalithic and Neolithic age.

Yercaud Hill Station is a favorite destination for couples and families for its pleasant climate. However, the best time to visit the town is from October to June. You enjoy sightseeing and all other outdoor activities during this season. Entire India celebrates different festivals during this time. You can witness the Pongal celebrations if you plan a visit to Yercaud in the month of January.

The temperature ranges between 13 degrees to 25 degrees in autumn and winter seasons. So, you can carry only light woolens and enjoy your time in the serene hill station. The monsoon season lasts from July to September. You can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Kiliyur waterfalls during Monsoons. If you are booking Chennai to Yercaud tour packages, you can book during the monsoons to get relief from the sweltering heat of Chennai.

Yercaud and you can visit other attractions near the town. Namakkal is 48 km away from Yercaud and there is a magnificent old fort. You can spend an entire day there.

There are also two intricately-carved rock temples, one is for God Narasimhaswamy and the other one is dedicated to God Ranganathaswamy.

You can also visit Bhavani on the banks of river Kaveri. It is one of the pilgrimages of Tamil Nadu and people visit this place throughout the year.

Karur: You can also visit the temple town Karur, which is around 100 km away from Salem. There are many cottage industries in Karur, the town is situated on the banks of river Amaravati. It is one of the seven sacred homes of Lord Shiva. The other famous temple in Karur is Pugazhimalai Shree Arupadai Murugan Temple. You can book your accommodation in Yercaud and visit these smaller places by a rented car.

Yercaud homestays are wonderful options to stay and enjoy local hospitality. The owners are very warm and they provide hot and fresh food to their guests. You should try the traditional South Indian dishes at Yercaud. You can savor the delicious idlis, dosas, and authentic Tamil-style sambar in the breakfast. You can choose to stay in budget hotels in Yercaud and eat at various restaurants.

You get both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options The Malar Restaurant at the Hotel Shevaroys serve finger-licking delicacies. You can also visit Rock Perch, one of the sterling resorts in Yercaud. Their multi-cuisine restaurant serves mouth-watering Chinese, Continental and South-Indian dishes.

Those who have chosen Bangalore to Yercaud tour packages, they can find a stark difference in the taste of traditional South-Indian food. Try the special tamarind rice, curd rice, and sweet Pongal. Rice and legumes are the main food of Tamil Nadu. Food is generally spicy. There are orchards of oranges, guavas and jack fruit. You can taste the freshest of fruits in Yercaud. You also get to taste various types of coffee here. You get a chance to taste the authentic preparations during Tamil festivals.

Yercaud is well-connected by trains from all the major cities of South India. You can book Yercaud holiday packages from Bangalore and Chennai. The nearest airport is Trichy which is around 165 km away. Yercaud can also be reached by train. The nearest rail stations are Salem, which is 36 km away and Salem town which around 33 km from the town.

You can take the Salem-Yercaud bus service to reach the city. You can reach the town by your own vehicle or rented cars too. You can reach all the popular Yercaud tourist places by public transport. If you are planning to drive to Yercaud from Bangalore, you can reach there by following NH7 from Hosur and then SH188.

Weather in Yercaud has been always pleasant and temperate. The summer is from March to June. The temperature in summer ranges between 16 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius. The place receives medium to heavy rainfall during Monsoons which is from July to September. Autumn and winter temperature remains mild and pleasant. The temperature varies between 13 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius. You should carry cotton clothing if you visit Yercaud during summer. Light woolens are enough for winter. Carry your trekking shoes if you plan to visit the place during monsoon. You can get good hotels in Yercaud for cheap tariffs during the rainy season.

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