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Terrific Trip to Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam is a very popular tourist destination in India where you can go with your family, kids and partner. You can try all the popular things to do and the main places to visit in Visakhapatnam. It is a popular heritage destination of India. It is frequented by tourists throughout the year. There are many luxurious hotels perfect for comfortable stay. Visitors from Bhubaneshwar, Cuttack and Secunderabad finds very feasible to visit Visakhapatnam. You can even include Raigad and Araku in the itinerary in Visakhapatnam tour package. The large number of sightseeing options makes it a popular tourist destination.

Visakhapatnam Tour Packages

Place : Simhachalam Temple, Kailasagiri, ..
Hotels : Hotel Encore Inn

Place : Simhachalam Temple, Kailasagiri, ..
Hotels : Hotel Encore Inn

Place : Simhachalam Temple, Kailasagiri, ..
Hotels : Hotel Encore Inn

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This beautiful city in Andhra Pradesh is one of the most popular tourist destination in south India. At Visiit, we design and offer the best Visakhapatnam tour packages at your pocket price. The extensive beaches and the green hills make the city look even more beautiful. The golden beaches, the fishing villages and the other places makes it a popular tourist spot. It is one of the rapidly growing city in not only India but also Asia. The fun lovers as well as pilgrims visit Vizag. It has a mixed crowd. The natural harbours here are breathtaking. There are a number of beaches which makes it a heavenly destination with a beautiful coastline.

Buy Visakhapatnam tour packages at Visiit for an incredible and memorable experience. We help you to cover all the popular attractions at lowest price. Get in touch with our travel agent to know more about Visakhapatnam tour packages.

Araku Valley
It is a gorgeous hill station which is located very close to Vizag. The running streams and the waterfalls make it a beautiful place. It has a lovely pleasant weather here. It is the perfect weekend getaway for people living or visiting Visakhapatnam. The natural beauty and the serenity of the place takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city life. The breathtaking landscapes, the tunnels and the bridges while going on a train is also enchanting.

Borra Caves
It is located in the Ananthagiri hills. It was discovered many years ago by a British geologist. There are many hilly terrains and landscapes covered with deciduous forests. It is one of the most favourite tourist spot in Visakhapatnam. It is a great creation of nature with a stream flowing through it. It is covered with limestone and calcium carbonate. There you will find many speleothems which are of different sizes.

Submarine Museum
Submarine Museum is open every day from 2:00 pm to 8:30 pm. It is located inside a submarine itself. There are many artefacts and articles in this museum. The golden sand and the beautiful blue waters make it even more attractive among the tourists. You can actually experience how it feels to stay inside the submarine. There’s limited space over here but still you can experience what it feels like.

Rushikonda Beach
It is famous for its beautiful pristine waters. It is located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. The beach is well maintained and looks clean and neat. It is put away from the harms of the tourists and the common man. For its natural attraction, it is called the Jewel of the East coast. The essential beauty and the serenity of the place remains intact. It is located in the middle of the Rushikonda hills. Here you can spend some peaceful time with your loved ones.

Dolphin’s Nose
This is a very high rocky land which resembles that of the nose of a dolphin. So, the name Dolphin’s Nose has been derived. It is protruded out in the direction of the Bay of Bengal. The hill which is nearby is referred to as the Dolphin hill. It is very beautifully placed and the beauty here is breathtaking. Yarada which is a secluded beach over here is also a beautiful spot here.

Beach Walk
It is a great thing to do in Vizag. The scenic beauty of the place is simply perfect. It stretches up to 24 kilometres on the south side. You can spot the Dutch settlements here too. Bhimili is the perfect place where you can simply walk around. The waves on these beaches are very inviting. The evening walks on the beaches while witnessing the lighted ships on the water are a beautiful sight to withhold.

Bird Watching
It is a great outdoor activity in Vizag. In the Eastern Ghats, you can enjoy bird watching in many places and explore different species of birds. The hills, valleys, parks and gardens- all have a large number of species to be explored and witnessed in Vizag. The sanctuaries and the reserve forests also have a wide variety of birds.

Take part in the Art of Living Course
You can take part in this course when you are in Vizag. It provides you with a lot of potential and practical knowledge which makes you stress free and happy. It increases your self knowledge and awareness. You can unlock great potential that you have inside you through this course. It teaches you many ways to reduce your physical and mental stress and weakness.

Play Golf
You can play golf in the East Point Golf Club and take part in the golf course that is there in Vizag. It is located in the Mudasarlove reservoir area and the view all around the place is really great. You will never get tired in this place. People of all ages can come here and try their hand at golf. It is a great experience that you can have in Vizag.

Go for Hiking
It is one of the best recreational activity that you can do in Vizag. It is a great thing that you can experience outdoors. The sceneries all around and the flora and fauna that you get to see in Vizag can be felt in the wilderness of the surrounding place. It is the best experience that you can have with nature. It is a great way for experience while having loads of fun.

Baker’s Castle
Located in Siripuram, Baker’s Castle is great bakery where you can avail yourself great food and that too at a pretty reasonable price. The things you should try here are the burgers and the pastries. It is famous for the dark chocolate pastry. It serves the yummiest birthday cakes for you to try.

Greenpark Midnight Biryani
This restaurant is located near Jagadamba. It serves you the most delicious biryani. It is open for a longer duration at night. So you get the best biryani any point of time. The great ambience and the good food here attracts a lot of tourists even. You must definitely try the ice cream with gulab jamun over here.

Deepak Punjabi Dhaba
It is located near RTC complex. It serves the best authentic Punjabi food. You get to taste the best North Indian cuisine over here. It serves the best tandoori chicken and dal makhni in all of Vizag. It also serves great paneer and chicken items.

Sai Ram parlour
It is located in Diamond Park and it is popular for the Southie veg meals. It serves the best South Indian food and for this reason it is always too crowded. It serves a speedy meals and you can just hop in at odd hours too. It also has another outlet which is open 24 hours daily. It is a great choice for quick bites.

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