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Vijayawada Trip & Andhra Pradesh Tourism

Although Vijayawada is a very popular business hub of Andhra Pradesh, it is a great tourist destination too. The Indrakeeladri Hills surrounds the entire place. This hub is located on the banks of river Krishna. The Kanaka Durga Temple, Undavalli Caves, Gunadala Shrine and the Horticulture Garden are some of the most popular landmarks in Vijayawada. The Durga Temple is famous for its inscriptions. The inscriptions are of various dynasties. When you are visiting Vijayawada, you must definitely see the Durga Temple. The Budameru Canal is another popular attraction in Vijayawada. It is a beautiful place with many places of interest.

Vijayawada Tour Packages

Place : Simhachalam Temple, Kailasagiri, ..
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Place : Talakaveri, Abbey Falls, Nisaraga..
Hotels : The Casiita

Place : Golkonda fort, Qutb Shahi tombs, ..
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Place : Golkonda fort, Ramoji Film City, ..
Hotels : Hotel Sandhya

Place : Golkonda fort, Ramoji Film City, ..
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Place : Kamakshi Amman Temple, Ranganatha..
Hotels : Amblee Holiday Resort, Hotel Sarv..

Place : Marina Beach, Kamakshi Amman Temp..
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Place : MeenashiAmman Temple, Abbey Falls..
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Vijayawada Tour Packages

Vijayawada is a divine place which provides great opportunity for the tourists so that they can see the history and the architecture of the place. There are many scenic islands in this place, which you should plan for at-least day trip with Visiit. There are many Hindu temples and Buddhist pilgrim centres in Vijayawada. It is one of the most knowledgeable place that you can visit along with your friends and family.

The ancient caves and the architectural structures are sure to impress the tourists. The Amravati museum, the Ashokan pillar, the Kanaka Durga temple are all some of the major attractions of this place. The place is definitely worth exploring and the all the striking places over here capture the travellers. Plan your Vijayawada trip with Visiit to enjoy all the best features of this city. At Visiit, we let you to customize Vijayawada tour package and plan the trip as per your need.

Bhavani Island
It is the largest island located on the Krishna River. It is the perfect place where you can relax with your family or partner. Bhavani Island is a great place for adventures too. It is named after Kanaka Durga. There is also a temple of this goddess which is located in the Indrakeeladri Hill. The beautiful Krishna River and the lush green surroundings make it even more attractive among the tourists. The sunrise looks simply magical from this island.

Undavalli Caves
It was formed during the 7th century. It is a very popular rock-cut architecture which is located in Guntur. It is located on a hillside and is carved out from sandstone. It is a great place for all the history lovers. It has now been converted into a Hindu temple. Previously it was a part of the Jain caves. It is a great specimen of Gupta architecture which is popular for its marvellous structure and design. There are many Tirthankaras sculptures too. The Krishna River adds to its natural beauty.

Kanaka Durga Temple
This shrine is dedicated to Goddess Durga. It is popular for its Dravidian architecture. The Indrakeeladri Hills surrounds this beautiful temple. This is a popular temple where you can find many sacred texts too. The temple is filled with tourists and devotees throughout the year. The temple also offers many charitable activities and even donates food to the poor every year.

Mogalarajapuram Caves
This heritage site was formed during the 5th century. This ruin hold great religious values. There is an idol of Lord Nataraja and also of Lord Vinayaka. There are many carvings of the events of South India. The Ardhanareeswarar carvings holds the most significance in this cave. The place also holds great spiritual value.

Victoria Museum
It is a great museum in Vijayawada which is popular for the sculptures, inscriptions, idols and paintings. There is a rich and varied collection of antique items that will leave you completely fascinated. The white marble statue which has been brought from Alluru is another major attraction in this museum. This white huge Buddha statue is a great specimen in this archaeology department.

Tour the Kondapalli Fort
This fort is historically very rich. It is a perfect centre for recreation as well as for trade. The main entrance gate has been made out of a very big granite boulder. It is known as the Dargah Darwaza. There is a Golconda Darwaza, Tanisha Mahal and other significant places of importance too. Many lightweight wooden toys are also found here which are significant.

Visit the Gunadala Matha Shrine
It is the popular shrine of mother Mary. This shrine is located at the hill region and it is named as St. Mary’s Church. This iron cross is made on the top of a hill which makes it even more different from the other shrines. Our Lady of Lourdes feast is hosted here and lots of devotees come from various parts of the world to witness. Sundays are the best time to visit this shrine. It is located in Lurdhunagar.

Enjoy the water sports at Bhavani Island
This gorgeous island is formed on the River Krishna. You can enjoy various water sports as well as boating rides over here. You can even just sit and relax on the hammocks that are hung here. It is a great leisure activity to just sit there and watch the boats pass by. It is a very scenic place which is perfect for picnic and also for weekend getaways.

Visit the Prakasam Barrage
It is built across Krishna River and is very popular among the tourists. It is one of the largest barrage in Asia. It is a road bridge and three canals runs into this large barrel. It is a great place for a leisurely walk. It gives the perfect look of Venice. You can enjoy by this shimmering lake and it helps in the grain production.

Explore the history of Vijayawada
It is a historical place with rich flora and fauna. It helps you to rejuvenate and makes you feel relaxed. It is famous for its rich history and statues and shrine. Thousands of people and pilgrims come to this place every year. It is a great place to enjoy with your family and friends. The wildlife and the lakes are also a great attraction here.

7 Days
It is a great place to hangout located in Pinnamaneni Polyclinic Road. This place serves delicious pastries and other baking stuffs. The major attraction of this place is the brownie with ice creams. Chicken rolls and paneer rolls are yummy over here.

5 to 10
It is an economical restaurant with warm service and great food. The owner is very friendly and there’s a wide variety to choose from. You can have veg noodles, veg fried rice, paneer preparations, chicken fried rice, pulka and others. It is located in Pinnamaneni Polyclinic Road.

Idly and Idly
It is located in Autonagar. It is a great breakfast point with a variety of idli and more than 60 varieties of dosas. It serves countless combination and that make this spot a great food joint. You should try masala dosa, gaari and sambar and tea over here. It’s delicious and mouthwatering.

Good Morning Tea and Fast Food
It is located in 3 places, of which the one in Kasturibai is most popular. It remains very crowded during the morning times. The paneer dosa and the rava dosa is the most popular over here. The quality of the food is simply amazing here. The crowd never can affect the quality of the food over here.

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