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The amazing coastline and the incredible beaches of Goa make it one of the most popular tourist destination in India. The parties, the watersports and sunbathing make South Goa a really happening place. It has a great past with a huge number of churches and museums too to be explored. You can even visit the flea markets and the spice plantations in South Goa. The exotic items and the casinos make it buzzing with tourists throughout the year. You can board the river cruises in South Goa and try the exotic seafood there. It is a great and memorable experience to have in Goa.

South Goa Tour Packages

Place : Fort Aguada
Hotels : Rahi Coral Beach Resort

Place : beach, Fort Aguada
Hotels : Magnum Resorts

Place : Maharaja s palace, Brindavan Gard..
Hotels : La Flora Pavanputra Resort & Spa,..

All Inclusive South Goa Tour Packages at Visiit

South Goa has grand churches and delicious food to offer its tourists. Visiit offers the best South Goa tour packages suiting the various budgets. The facilities are luxurious and Visiit ensures both comfort and worth of price. The beautiful beaches, the accommodation, the adventure trips and the various sightseeing spots will be arranged by Visiit. Our South Goa tour packages cover the best sightseeing places and the shopping places. The meals and the food are great and mouth-watering in this part of Goa. The trip to South Goa with Visiit is worth remembering.

Colva is very close to Maregaon. It is usually very crowded as it is filled with tourists throughout the year. If you love to party, then Colva is a great choice for you. The dolphin sighting is a great attraction here. Another major attraction is the Full Moon Party. The best time to visit Colva is during the months of November to March. You can commute by autos or bikes in this beach.

It is a great beach town which is surrounded by beautiful palm and coconut trees. It is a great place where you can relax or you can even take a sunbath over here. The variety of seafood is another major attraction. You can even spot dolphins from this spot. It is located just 5 kilometers from Margao. October to April is the best time to visit this place.

Vasco Da Gama
It is a small town which was named after the very famous explorer himself. It is an interesting place with all the shanties and the criminal highlights. It is perfectly connected to the main parts of Goa. The Baina Beach is the most popular beach in this area. Snorkeling is the most popular activity in this part of the place. November to March is the best time to visit Vasco Da Gama.

It is a very small place which has a large stretch of sandy shoreline. You can spend your wonderful time over here by basking in the sun. Many dive operators are found over here and you can try scuba diving here which is a really thrilling activity. November to March is the best time to visit Bogmalo. It is easy to travel to this place. It will take you two or three hours to explore the place.

It is a great destination where the main highlight is the beautiful beach. Varca is a popular tourist destination in South Goa. The unparalleled beauty of the place makes it even more attractive to the tourists. The palm trees, the beautiful waters, and the shining golden sand makes it a must visit place. Our Lady Of Gloria Church is a beautiful church that one must visit over here. The casinos are other major attractions here.

Water Sports
The beaches and the waters here provides great thrill and adventure to the tourists over here. The water sports enthusiasts are provided the best of opportunities. In the Palolem Beach, you will get the banana rides, boat rides, jet skiing and the dolphin trips. You can even enjoy the winch boat parasailing. The best time to explore the water sports are during the months of October to May.

Jungle Trek
If you are interested to explore the flora and fauna of the place, then you should definitely take the jungle treks in South Goa. The Cotiago Wildlife Sanctuary is the best place where you can undertake the jungle trek. The adventurous treks not only provides thrill but also provides fun to the tourists. You can even spot some animals while taking the trek. Through the jungle walk, you even get to see some of the rare species of birds.

Camp around the temple waterfall
To explore the waterfalls, you can visit the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. Here you can stay in tents and light the campfire which is a great experience at night. You can even visit the temple here which has been carved out of a boulder. The different elevations here provides you with a unique experience. You can even get both vegetarian and nonvegetarian meals here.

Rock climbing and rappelling
For this, you need to start at 7 a.m. from Panjim. The Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is filled with various types and shapes of rock which gives you the ultimate thrill to climb them up. The rock faces are suitable for both beginners as well as the experienced ones. After climbing the rocks, you can descend through them by rappelling. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are also provided and you can return at 7 p.m.

Stay on the houseboat
It is a great way to stay amidst the backwaters and the starlit sky. The cruises are all well furnished with various luxuries. The cruise is greatly popular among the tourists. Even if it’s a night cruise, you can see various flora and fauna over here. The overnight cruises are offered from the Chapora River. The Palolem and the Cola beaches also offer the cruises.

Sheela Restaurant and Bar
It is a great place to eat with beautiful views all around. You can spot the River Zuari from here. The fish thali and the stuffed crabs are the most popular dishes over here. The Bombay duck is another very popular dish that is found over here.

The Boomshankar Bar
It is located on Colombo beach. It is a great place where you can visit during the months of October and April. The sundowners just love this place. The rose flavored chai is the most popular item over here and people just flock here for the chai. It is a great place for the Goan fare.

Leda Lounge and restaurant
It is located on the Colva beach. Here the buffers are the most famous items. You will get various specialties, both local and international. The beef steak is popular in this restaurant. The prawn curry is also very popular over here. You can even enjoy the music of a live band over here.

Pentagon Restaurant
It was previously a famous shack but now it has become a very popular restaurant. It is located in Salcette. Here you will get the authentic Goan specialties. The Butter garlic crab is very popular over here. You can have a relaxed ambiance and setting over here. Try the Goan Xacuti over here.

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