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Shimoga is the district headquarters of the Shimoga district in the central part of Karnataka. This... s place is one of the most naturally diverse tourist hotspots. It is the gateway to the hilly region of the Western Ghats, and is popularly called as the Gateway of Malnad. Situated at about half a kilometre above the sea level it is drenched in a finesse of green. Paddy fields, betel nut trees and coconut groves make this place a delight to the eyes of a nature lover.

The name Shimoga, now officially called as the Shivamogga literally means Shiva’s pot. Legend says that Lord Shiva used a pot to drink the water in the Tunga river on whose banks the city of Shimoga lies. It has seen various flavours in its history. It formed the Southern tip of the empire of Ashoka The Great. It was ruled by various dynasty including the Kadambas, the Chalukyas, the Ganga, the Rashtrakutas, the Hoysalas and Shivappa Nayaka.
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The Shetty Halli Wildlife Sanctuary
One of the hallmarks of a wildlife sanctuary is that the place should make you experience the wildlife in its most natural and crudest form possible. This is where the Shettihalli wildlife sanctuary marks its distinction. While in most other sanctuaries, you will have to wait or depend on your luck to sight an animal, it is quite common to see a whole lot of wild animals like leopards, tigers, jackals, sloth bears, elephants, spotted deer and langurs just a few feet away from you. Wildlife sanctuaries may be found in all the corners of the country, but the Shettihalli wildlife sanctuary makes it a very close affair with nature. This is one place that you should never miss out on your Shimoga tour package!

Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary
Bird watching might have a different context in the clubs and pubs of Bangalore, but in the Mandagadde bird sanctuary, it only becomes more real. Like the Shetty Halli, this place allows you to explore and enjoy the birds rejoicing in their Natural Habitat. This picturesque island is on the river Tunga, which also is the lifeline for Shimoga. The Bird Sanctuary is also perfect location for wildlife and Aryan photographers. The backdrop on which the birds fly make it a photographers Paradise. A lot of species like the Egret, the cormorant, the snake bird and the darter make the Mandagadde bird sanctuary one of the most important places to visit on your Shimoga tour package.

Shimoga, as discussed earlier, is a very Holistic tourist destination. There are a lot of attractions in Shimoga. Even around Shimoga, you can see a lot of places like to Jog Falls, Kemmanagudi, Agumbe and even Mangalore. Why these places could be clubbed along with the Shimoga tour packages, here are the things that you can do right in Shimoga.

Trekking at Kodachadri
Shimoga has a perfect treat to offer to trekking enthusiasts. With Western Ghats quite in its vicinity, this kodachadri peak is definitely a traxxas Paradise. This is the 10th highest peak in Karnataka, and is blessed with an abundance of green canopies that give you a great experience, both visually and aurally. There is no way you are going to miss out on the trickling waterfalls, the green carpet of Meadows, and of course, the sound of birds singing to enthrall you with their melodies. And, any place like this would definitely offer you a great view of the sunrise and the sunset point with these kind of views, it is surely a great idea for you to go on a trek either early in the morning, or if you go late, it is a great idea to stay until late in the evening. It is never a good idea to miss out on The Spectacular sunrise and sunset view.

The waterfalls of Shimoga
The entire stretch of the Western Ghats is blessed with a lot of picturesque waterfalls, and Shimoga has an extra favour from God in this respect. Jog Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in India is situated close to Shimoga. On a perfect Shimoga tour package, Jog Falls is the main attraction. It is the second highest plunge waterfall in India, with the water falling down at about 253 metres. The Jog Falls is created by the river Sharavathi, and is probably it's only claim to Fame on its entire Run. The waterfall can take two different avatars at two different Seasons. In the monsoon, the plunge is vigorous and is a full floor. In the other Times Of The Year, the Jog Falls gaskets as four distinct sections known as Raja Rani, rocket and the Roarer.

You can reach the Jog Falls only by taking a Jeep or an SUV to reach the spot from where you will have to take to a considerable distance. The view, even if it lasts for a second, will make you forget all the tiredness of the off roading and the tracking!

Water sports at Honnemaradu
If adrenaline is your principal hormone, then Honnemaradu is the place that you should look for in your Shimoga tour package. It is situated in the backwaters of The Sharavathi River, and it would not be as important as it is if not for the amazing water sport adventure activities and camping. There are a lot of adventure activities that you can do at Honnemaradu. The list is quite exhaustive and is including but not limited to trekking camping, windsurfing, water riding, kayaking, canoeing and a lot of other activities. What makes this place even more special is that the attractions are not bound by age. As we all know it, there is no age that limits your thirst for adventure!

Shimoga is situated at an elevation of about half a kilometre, and this puts the place in a pleasant climate all throughout the year except for summer. The summers are not only hot but also wet with unpredictable rains. However, in all this, the best time to visit Shimoga would be in the winter between October and March. This is the time when the climate remains most favourable, and is the best time to experience the awesomeness of Shimoga.

Let it be enough of adrenaline. It is time to stop your adrenal gland and engage your salivary glands. Shimoga is quite famous for its local crazy. Though there is a significant influence of the Holistic South Indian cuisine in Shimoga Shimoga also has its fair share of non vegetarian dishes as well. There are a few specialities like Midigayi Uppinakai and Avalakki, and a super-speciality like Halasina Hannina Kadubu that will delight your culinary senses.

With so many attractions to offer, Shimoga is definitely a place that you can look forward to go on a tour package. With so many attractions around it takes a lot of meticulous planning to created the perfect Shimoga tour package. Leave it to the expertise of Visiit to understand your requirements, customise the packages and let you enjoy this amazing destination in a way that you would want to enjoy it.

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