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Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya, and is the biggest city in that state. It is a place that is honored with everything that a traveler spot could request as far as nature. The atmosphere is pleasant to the point that it can be gone by whenever of the year.

Shillong Tour Packages

Place : Nohkalikai Falls, Kamakhya Temple
Hotels : Hotel Siroy Lily, Hotel Knight In

Place : Nohkalikai Falls, Kamakhya Temple..
Hotels : Ekora Resort, Kaziranga, Hotel Kn..

Place : Umiam Lake, Double Decker Living ..
Hotels : Ginger Guwahati, Kutmadan Resort,..

Best Shillong Tour Packages at Visiit

Shillong is definitely one of the most beautiful capital cities of any state in India. It is blessed with nature, rainfall, even little things like Rock formations that make it a beautiful place to look at point Shillong has a signature in everything, not only increasing and culture, but also in the welcoming Ness and the smile of the people there. Shillong is one place in India that you should never miss to explore!

Going to Shillong is definitely meticulous and not as easy as enjoying it. You will need to know the Roadways, the possibilities of landslides the rivers and the slippery parts that might be here and there. It is also important to plan your travel well in advance, as Guwahati is the nearest airport. Visiit brings you exclusive and customised Shillong tour packages that let you experience the best of Shillong in the best way possible. Book with us to know the absolute beauty of Meghalaya and Shillong!

Shillong Peak
For a dazzling perspective of the encompassing slopes and valleys, visit Shillong Peak which happens to be the most noteworthy view point and extraordinary compared to other spots to visit in Shillong. Situated at a height of 6449 feet and for the most part encompassed by mist, Shillong Peak offers 360-degree bird's-eye perspective of the removed slopes, waterfalls, Shillong city, and fields of Bangladesh. Ideal for nature darlings, picture takers and trekkers, this place is without a doubt a standout amongst other vacation destinations in Shillong.

Laitlum Canyons
Roosted in the Khasi Hills, Laitlum Canyons is the most odd name in the rundown of Shillong vacationer places. Literally converting into the "finish of the slopes", Laitlum Canyon is a perfect place for trekking devotees, nature admirers, and peace searchers. Visit this ridge perspective, and appreciate dazzling perspectives of chasms, far off slopes, valleys, and crisscrossing bumpy streets.

Mary Help for Christian Cathedral
Highlighting high curves and recolored glass windows, Mary Help of Christian Cathedral is a standout amongst the most popular holy places in Shillong. The white marble working alongside Mother Mary statue looks amazing and rich. This is absolutely the most acclaimed Shillong visitor spot.Inside the Cathedral, there are some wonderful earthenware stations of the cross that exhibits life occasions of Jesus. Roosted high on a slope, one can likewise visit the Grotto Church which cut out a similar slope and is found directly beneath the Cathedral.

Ward's Lake
Amid Shillong touring, it is difficult to miss the Ward's Lake. Situated at the core of the city, this is another renowned lake in Shillong, otherwise called Polok Lake. The lake is encompassed by cobblestone walkway, perfect for night walks. Individuals visit this Shillong vacationer spot, to appreciate the characteristic magnificence, day picnics, watch moving wellspring appears or unwind at the cafeteria, situated by the lake.The wooden scaffold on the lake and sprawling lotus beds on the two sides influence the place to look colossally picturesque.

Lady Hydari Park
Named after the primary lady of the territory Lady Hydari, this park is a standout amongst the most mainstream Shillong vacationer places. The park involves a sprawling and manicured garden including wonderful rose-gardens. There is a small zoo inside the park lodging in excess of 73 types of birds and 100 types of reptiles.

All Saints Cathedral
Thought to be one of the most established houses of worship in the city, All Saints Cathedral is surely a standout amongst other spots to visit in Shillong. The building mirrors a provincial style design alongside wooden rooftops while the inside structures add to the excellence and tastefulness of the Cathedral. Every day masses are sorted out here, however most footfall is seen amid Sundays.

Boating in Umiam Lake
Umiam is a lovely lake to appreciate sculling. It is situated in Nongpoh at a separation of approx 17km from Shillong. Encased with rich greenery of Shillong from all sides this lake is loaded with blue and completely clear water to cruise without being stressed over water contamination. We came to by the late evening and could see that water-skiing, cruising and paddling alternatives are likewise accessible at Water sports complex at Umiam Lake. Be that as it may, we decided on sculling as we were set up for that as it were. The vibe was out of the world as the beautiful excellence of Shillong was going with us while skimming on this tranquil waterbody.

Elephant Falls
Considered a standout amongst the most grand spots to visit in Shillong, Elephant Falls is a three-level falling magnificence and the most stupendous waterfall of the city.The Britishers named it so on account of a colossal abutting rock, that has an uncanny likeness with that of an elephant. Be that as it may, the stone is never again observed as far back as it was crushed in a seismic tremor.

Don Bosco Museum
As a standout amongst other spots to visit in Shillong, Don Bosco Museum of Indigenous Cultures respects each visitor, craftsmanship lovers, and history buffs with open arms. Highlighting workmanship galleries, wide accumulations of crafted works, antiquities, clothing types, decorations, and weapons utilized by different clans of North-east India, one can witness all encompassing perspectives of the whole Northeast India.

Air Force Museum
Situated inside the complex of Eastern Air Command, Air Force Museum in Shillong is yet another sight of excellence and ponder that makes it a standout amongst the most prevalent spots to see in Shillong. With galleries showing different rockets, rockets, miniatures of military aircraft, identifications, rank decorations, and honors, this museum pulls in all sorts of voyagers consistently.

Just like any other North East Indian state that is blessed with immense amounts of rainfall, the best time to visit Shillong would definitely coincide with the months between September and may, when the climate is a lot pleasant and the Rains put a relatively be lesser. Between June and August, you can consider visiting Shillong if you are really adventurous. The Rains give a very beautiful touch of charm to the state of Meghalaya and it is a wonderful experience to see Shillong and the rest of the state on a Meghalaya tour package.

Shillong is a perfect conference of authentic Khasi and Jaintia Crossings. It incorporates a lot of Spice, onions, Jhajjar, Chili's, garlic, soyabean and even a lot of meat. If you are a fan of how Indian cuisine can collaborate with Chinese and Burmese cuisines, then the food in Shillong is definitely a must try for you!

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