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Rishikesh styled with a title called “The yoga capital of the world” is composed of hundreds of Ashrams offering yoga and meditation classes for the tourists by worshipping Adiyogi who remains as the “source of yoga”. The place itself provides a relaxing environment with ganges, dense forests and gradient highlands with hidden waterfalls for meditating in nature. The evenings of rishikesh fills the air with sacred chants and gongs the bells while the pilgrims, saints and the tourists gets ready to watch the Ganga Aarti that is sure to give goosebumps. There is another side to this spiritual filled land that remains as a total contrast offering white water rafting, bungee jumping, cliff jumping, rappelling, camping, kayaking, zip lining and trekking which are enjoyed by all the adventure enthusiasts.

Rishikesh Tour Packages

Place : Doon Valley, Kempty Falls, George..
Hotels : Imperial Square

Place : Shri Satya Narayan Tulsi Manas Ma..

Place : Doon Valley, Kempty Falls
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Best Rishikesh Tour Packages at Visiit

It is time for a contemporary party with the gods and the living souls of Adventure. It is a go to destination for the tourists who want to experience the both extremes. Take the VISIIT tour packages that could be customized as per your wish and indulge in a soul stirring expedition to the ganges. We the VISIIT holidays offer everlasting memories when you go on a trip with us.

Must see points of attractions in Rishikesh

Famous for its ayurvedic treatments, it attracts a huge number of tourists into its laps offering a great range of activities that should be experienced by every single soul to relax and rejuvenate our souls and bodies.

Triveni Ghat
Triveni Ghat, as the name suggests, it is the place where the three holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meets together making it the most pious among all the other ghats. Reach here by morning to enjoy the glistening golden rays touch the meditating Shiva. Sit back in a stretched staircase and enjoy the serene scenes in silence where we could witness offerings made into the river, people feeding the fishes and yogis performing Surya Namaskars while the evenings becomes way more beautiful due to the “Maha Aartis”. The sacred chants and hymns of the saints brings in a spiritual feel inside every soul.It is believed that the souls are purified and the sins are washed away when we take a dip into the ghat.

Shivpuri is the go to place for white water rafting in India. This serene and calm little town offers extreme adventurous activities for the tourists with thrills, fun and loads of laughter with friends. Shivpuri does not only offers a heart thumping river rafting, but also provides a picturesque series of landscapes painted with lofty mountains and dense forests on every turn. There are also other adventure sports like body surfing, cliff jumping and abseiling.

Beatles Ashram
Beatles Ashram, does the name strike a bell? Yes, indeed. In the year 1968, the world famous band group “Beatles” visited this quaint little ashram to meet a saint called “Maharishi Mahesh Yogi” to practice meditation under his guidance. It gained immediate popularity among the tourists after the visit and became a huge hit. The ruined stone huts of the ashram stands proudly even after its abandonment in the year 1997. The government has been taking measures to turn this ashram located in the foothills of Himalayas into a museum to showcase its huge contribution and historical significance to the society.

Lakshman Jhula
Lakshman Jhula is a marvellous suspension bridge that is very popular among the tourists for its construction connecting the Tehri and Pauri districts of Uttarakhand. The bridge marks its date in the epic saga called “Ramayana” quoting that Lakshman, brother of the Lord Rama crossed the river in a jute bridge where a bridge was built with pillars ,but washed off in a flood of 1924. Later a suspension bridge was constructed at the exact same place which is now visited by many tourists due to its relativity in many sacred places.

Vashishta Gufa
Vashistha Gufa or Cave is known for the famous mark of the sage Vashishtha and his wife meditating in this very cave for hundreds of years. Vashista is the human son of Lord Brahma and one among the seven sages called “Saptarishi”. This is now turned into an ashram with some rooms outside cave residing and meditating permanently. The cave is becomes pitch darker to each step we take. We can spot aroma oils and incense sticks next to white mats for a peaceful meditation.

Rishikund is a place that revolves with many legends. The first being Rishikund meaning “Pond of the sages” was where a sage got his blessings from Goddess Yamuna for residing here forever and other is the bathing place of Rama and Sita where we can spot Raghunath Temple near it. We can witness a clear reflection of the temple in the water on a fine day. There is also another legend that quotes Sages performed a huge Yagya to please Mother Ganges, but Goddess Yamuna appeared and stayed here forever. Rishikund is a hot spring that receives good shadows from the trees and is surrounded by 10 steps on all four sides.

Rishikesh attracts tourists and yoga enthusiasts all through the year. It is known for its friendly culture and touristry feel. Religious festivals and events are found in every corner of Rishikesh. In the month of July there occurs a festival called Sawan. It is a month where we can find the shravana nakshatra of lord Vishnu where each day is celebrated extravagantly by worshipping the supreme god and Kanwar Mela is organized. Many Hindu festivals falls under this Sawan month. The Holi and Diwali are other festivals that are celebrated in a great bash in Rishikesh. In the month of November , there occurs Annual yoga festival where yoga enthusiasts from all over the country come together and perform yoga,also learn about it.

Rishikesh can be enjoyed anytime of the year since it offers a pleasant weather round the clock. If it comes to the best time, we can quote August to October, February and March to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the place and also to indulge into spirituality. In the month of July , we can visit rishikesh if we want to relish in the Sawan festival. The months of September to November are best preferred if we are looking for the white water rafting.

Rishikesh can be reached through the Jolly Grant airport at Dehradun situated in 35 kms from rishikesh. Air India, Jet airways and Spicejet offers daily carriers from New Delhi, lucknow and dehradun. It is also connected via buses from Haridwar, Dehradun and New Delhi while the nearest railway station is Haridwar that is instead well connected with other major cities around the country. VISIIT holidays ensure that each and every tourist enjoys their time both in spiritual and in adventure activities by relaxing and relieving themselves out of stress.

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