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Ranchi is known all over the world as the City of Waterfalls. It is the summer capital of Bihar. It is located at a height of 2140 feet. The pretty hills and the rivers with innumerable waterfalls make it a beautiful place to visit in India. It is also popular for its calm and serenity as it is surrounded by beautiful green forests on all sides. There are many tourist attractions in Ranchi. The most popular tourist attractions are the Tagore hill, Kanke Dam, Ranchi Hill, Research Institute and Museum and many more. You can even find a wide variety of wildlife and trees in Ranchi. Several rare varieties of trees are also found in Ranchi.

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Hotels : Suhasita Resort

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Hotels : Hotel Yuvraj Palace

Exclusive Ranchi Holiday Packages at Visiit

Visiit guarantees you a fun-filled trip to Ranchi with your friends and family members. It is a great place where you can rejuvenate yourself. It has a perfect pleasant weather, great scenery, and delicious cuisine to give you the best days of your life. There are many packages provided by Visiit to Ranchi priced at different ranges. Visiit looks after hotel bookings to travel tickets and provides you with a stress-free vacation. You can visit the numerous attractions in Ranchi by booking all inclusive Ranchi tour packages and enjoy the best trip. To know more details, please call our customer support team.

Hundru Falls
It is a lovely fall which is popular for its perfect scenic beauty. Hundru Falls is located at a distance of just 45 kilometers from the main city of Ranchi. It is a very favored picnic spot among the tourists. It is located on the Ranchi-Purulia road that is on the Subarnarekha River. It falls from a height of 320 feet. Hundru Falls is a great picnic spot with an appealing scenery all around. You can even see the great rock formations over here.

Rajarappa Mandir
Rajarappa Mandir is located 65 kilometers from Ranchi. It has the deity of Chinnamasta or Goddess Kali. It is commonly known by the name of Prachanda Chandi. There is also a waterfall over here. It is just 48 kilometers from Hazaribagh. Here you can find other deities like Astramatrika or Dakshina Kali. It is located at the connection point of river Damodar and river Bhera. There are other attractions like the Betla Forest and Konar Dam.

Rock Garden
Rock Garden is located very near to the Albert Akka Chowk. It is very popular like the Garden in Jaipur. The Gonda Hill is from where rocks are taken to build this gorgeous Rock Garden. There is also a huge swing made up of two big iron rods. The waterfalls found here adds to the beauty of the place. The Kanke Dam Lake is located very close to this Rock Garden. It is a very popular picnic spot too.

Sun Temple
Sun Temple is not located in proper Ranchi but even then it is a popular tourist spot for the people traveling. It is also a famous religious spot located at a distance of just 40 kilometers from the main city of Ranchi. Devotees from all over India come to take a dip in the waters during the auspicious occasion of the Chhat Puja. The architecture in the Sun Temple is truly exclusive and is popular among the tourists.

Jonha Falls
Jonha Falls is located 40 kilometers away from the main city. It is located very close to the Kanchi river. There is a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Buddha. It is very easy and convenient to reach this place. This fall is well connected with the roadways and the railways. A tourist rest house is also there near this fall. It is a delightful tourist attraction in Ranchi.

Take a plunge or a dip in the Jonha Falls
Jonha Falls is a perfect place for picnicking and sunbathing. A local fair is also organized where you will get the most mouthwatering jalebis. It is a gorgeous hanging valley falls with breathtaking views all around. It originates over the Raru River. It falls from a height of 141 feet. One has to climb 700 feet to reach the top of this falls.

Go for a picnic on Tagore Hill
Tagore Hill is the perfect place where you can go for a picnic. Here you can enjoy a great meal amidst nature. Feeling the cold breeze on the top of the falls is simply mesmerizing. There is a 300-year-old cottage even on the top of the Tagore hill where Rabindranath Tagore was known to have spent his time. The Tagore hill is also known as the Morabadi Hill.

Explore the art of Paitkar Paintings
The ethnic handicrafts of Ranchi is showcased at Firayalal. Here you can find many tribal souvenirs. It puts up the culture of Eastern India. It is a great way to highlight the historical events. Ranchi Handloom Emporium and the Bareja Handloom Emporium are the most popular ones among the tourists. The Paitkar Paintings are of great importance in Ranchi.

Visit the Birsa Zoological Park
It is a beautiful zoo where many ex situ conservation practices are done. The Jharkhand wildlife association looks after this zoo. You can find exotic wildlife and exotic biodiversity in this zoo. The other name of this zoological park is Birsa Jaivik Udyan. Many wild animals can be spotted in this zoo. Sambar is found in the wooden enclosures over here. It is a great place for the wildlife enthusiasts.

Enjoy Jungle Safari at the Nakshatra Van
Nakshatra Van is a friendly environmental site. It is organized by Jharkhand Forest Department. There are different sections here termed as the Nakshatras. It is famous for its ecological and medicinal importance. It is a unique attraction that showcases India’s cultural side. The traditional side is also highlighted in this zoo.

Walk around the Eclectic Rock Gardens
The Eclectic Rock Gardens is located very close to the Kanke Dam. Made from the rocks of the Gonda hill, it is located on the banks of Ranchi Lake. It is popular for its peace and serenity. It is located on the top of the Gonda hill. Swinging on the ironclad jhula, you can explore the ethereal beauty of the place. There are many sculptures to look around over here.

The Great Kebab Factory
It is a very popular Indian restaurant located in Ranchi. It is located in the Radisson Blu Hotel. The meat and roasted vegetable kebabs are their specialties. Kebabs are prepared in seven different and unique ways over here. You must definitely try the Mutton Gulati when you visit Ranchi.

Angithi Restaurant
Angithi restaurant is a great place for mouthwatering North Indian dishes. It is budget friendly and provides a perfect setting for a family gathering. The Dehati chicken, the tandoori and the kebabs are their specialties. It is located on the Club Road, in Pearl Apartments.

Yellow Sapphire
Yellow Sapphire is located in the middle of the city and provides flawless service. The lunch buffet should definitely be tried. It offers both North Indian and Continental cuisine. The Murg Joshina is a must try here. You cannot miss out on the creamy faluda. It is located in Hotel Capitol Hill near Ratan talkies.

Jungli Moon Dance Restaurant
This nature-inspired restaurant is located in Kanka. It is an open lawn setting and is spacious. It is a great place for the meat lovers. You should definitely try the chicken tikka masala and the laal maas over here. It also has a traditional approach to it. It is located near Shree Nand Bhavan.

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