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Engaging Rajkot Tour Packages

Rajkot is an important city in Gujarat which is popular for its true form and culture among the others. It is also a popular tourist attraction in Gujarat mainly for its cultural and religious history. There are many tourist attractions in Rajkot like the museums, the gardens, temples, religious and cultural edifices. It feels great to explore the beauty of the city as it is very pleasant and grand. The Watson museum and library highlight great tradition and culture of Gujarat. The Rotary Midtown Dolls’ Museum is also a famous attraction. The Kaba Gandhi No Delo is a great place where Mahatma Gandhi is said to have been grown up. There are still many things that you can find about Gandhi. Visiit organizes the best Rajkot trip within your budget.

Rajkot Tour Packages

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Exclusive Rajkot Tour Packages at Visiit

Rajkot is a great place to have a fun-filled holiday with your friends and family. The beautiful sceneries and the pleasant weather of the place are an added advantage over here. Visiit offers you a stress-free vacation in Rajkot. Our Rajkot tour packages cover all the popular places and the tourist attractions in Rajkot. Visiit conducts the hotel bookings as well as the tickets for the travel. It is a beautiful place which you can have a good time as well as delicious food. Visiit offers a number of packages to choose from and you can book them online too. Plan and book your Rajkot tour package at Visiit and enjoy a fantastic vacation.

Rotary Midtown Dolls Museum
It is a very interesting museum where you can find a huge number of dolls that have been put on display. Almost 1500 dolls are showcased over here from all over the world. A flag is kept along with the doll representing the country from where it has been brought. The tradition and culture followed in that country are also written beside the doll. Doll making and sculpting are also highlighted in this museum.

Watson Museum
To understand the colonial history of Rajkot, one must definitely visit this museum. Even the history of India is on display over here. The history and culture of the human is the major theme of this place. You can even find paintings from the Indus Valley and the paintings of the princess of Saurashtra here. It is the finest museum of Gujarat.

Aji Dam
This gorgeous dam is built on River Aji. This river provides water in and around places of Rajkot. It is a perfect picnic spot. You can even find an amusement park and a zoo over here. This dam serves the purpose of maintaining the ecological balance of the city. This dam also helps in cleaning the city. The municipal corporation of the area maintains this dam. It channelizes the water in a proper way.

Jagat Mandir
Jagat Mandir is known by the name of the Universal Temple. It is dedicated to Sri Ramakrishna. It is made up beautifully with red sandstones. The deity in this temple is made up of white marble. The deity is kept on the structure of a lotus flower. People of all the religion can go inside this temple hence it is called the universal temple. There are also 60 pillars in this temple. They are made up of granite and sandstone.

Nyari Dam
Nyari Dam is a lovely dam which one should visit during their Rajkot trip. It is located on the Nyari River itself. The scenic beauty of this place is very delightful. If you are a bird lover, then you can spend your time bird watching over here. It is a great place to spot a variety of birds. It is also a great picnic spot away from the buzzing crowd of the city. This place has its own beauty and glamour.

Visit the Krishna Water Park
The Krishna Water Park is the best picnic spot in Rajkot. It is located on Kuvadva. There are many rides over here for both the children and the adults like the wave pool, pendulum, octopus rides, rain discotheques and many more. It is a fun place to be. You can even get a variety of food stalls over here too.

Visit the Swaminarayan Temple
It is a very popular temple where people go to seek peace of mind. It is located on the Kalavad road. This temple is very popular for its great architectural design. It is a very artistic temple which is a great specimen for everyone. You can even get a variety of vegetarian cuisine in the Premvati food court which is located in the temple area itself.

Visit the Pradhyuman Zoological Park
Pradhyuman Zoological Park is a great place where you can spend time with your family and friends. There is a variety of flora and fauna which attracts a large number of tourists visiting Rajkot. It is open from 9 am to 7 pm. You can spot more than 35,000 species of plants here. It is always closed on Fridays.

Visit Café LPL and have a cup of coffee
This place is popularly called the Love Peace Latte. It is popular among the tourists for its coffee as well as the ambiance here. The ambiance and setting of the café are very attractive. It is a perfect café where you can click loads of pictures. It is located on the Kalavad road and it can be spotted very easily.

You should not miss the Gujarati Thali
You must definitely try the Gujarati thali when you are in Rajkot. You will get a variety of items on the thali. Buttermilk and the sweet daal are the main items in the thali. Since it lies in the Kathiawar region, you can even try the Kathiawari food items. These thalis are very reasonable and delicious too.

Mehek Restaurant
Mehek is a multi-cuisine restaurant which serves pure vegetarian cuisine. It serves Indian dishes. It is located on the Sarovar portico, on Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road. It is in Limda Chowk, Opposite Shastri Maidan. You can even find international dishes here along with the Indian dishes.

Sky Lounge Restaurant
Sky Lounge is a rooftop restaurant. It is an open-air grill restaurant. It serves both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian cuisine. It is open from 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm. It is also located on the Sarovar portico, in Linda Chowk, on Dr.Rajendra Prasad Road.

Waves Restaurant
This restaurant is set up in an exquisite and very relaxing atmosphere. It is a very elegant restaurant. It is one of the very popular dining options in Rajkot. It is located in the lobby and is a multi-cuisine restaurant, which is opened all day long. It has the largest buffet in Rajkot. It serves both local and international dishes. There is also an attached lush green courtyard. It is located in the Cinema Chowk.

Michis Restaurant
This restaurant serves great Punjabi, Continental, Chinese and South Indian cuisine. It offers you an unforgettable experience with lot of variety and mouthwatering dishes. The fast foods here are very popular among the people. It is located near the Indira Chowk, on the university road.

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