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Punjab-the place that is known for five streams. Punjab is the place that is known for nourishment, shading, and joy. Being a standout amongst the most critical places in India truly, this state is loaded with awesome design and places of love. If Punjab somehow happened to be represented, it would most certainly be the intense person who strolls around conveying his fight scars with his head held high.

Punjab Tour Packages

Place : Solang Valley, Solang-Nullah, Had..
Hotels : Imperial Palace Manali, Hotel Dia..

Place : Solang Valley, Solang-Nullah, Had..
Hotels : Hotel Snow Park Manali, Sukhsagar..

Place : Solang Valley, Solang-Nullah, Had..
Hotels : Snow Flake Cottage, Imperial Pala..

Place : Solang Valley, Kufri, The Rock Ga..
Hotels : Rajat Hotel, Kapoor Resort, City ..

Place : Jallianwala Bagh, Wagah Border, G..
Hotels : Sukhsagar Regency, Hotel Snow Par..

Place : Jallianwala Bagh, Wagah Border, G..
Hotels : Hotel Snow Park Manali, Sukhsagar..

Best Punjab Tour Packages at Visiit

With its Tryst with History, nature and religion, the land of five rivers is a definite tourist destination that gives you of Holistic experience of everything that you can expect from a place like this. Punjab has a very welcoming attitude, and is the gateway to multiple cultures. This kind of a place should definitely be explode in the best way possible, in terms of nature, Patriotism, food and even dancing the famous Bhangra.

Understanding the state of Punjab, the culture, the roots and the craziness can be very handy in meticulously Planning a proper Punjab tour package. While it might not be possible to everyone, it is definitely possible with Visiit. With our extensive experience in operating travel and tours to Punjab, for friends and even couples going on a honeymoon, we will ensure that you get the best experience of Punjab that you will Treasure for a lifetime.

Amritsar, the profound capital of the Sikhs, is an absolute necessity visit put because of the choice Golden Temple. It draws in pioneers from everywhere throughout the world, and looks especially capturing during the evening when it's delightfully lit up with its forcing unadulterated gold vault enlightened. The commemoration at Jallianwala Bagh close to the Golden Temple is one of India's best authentic destinations and is likewise worth seeing, alongside the new Partition Museum committed to protecting the encounters of those influenced by the 1947 Partition of India. Amritsar is eminent for its road nourishment too, making it a foodie's joy! Plan your outing there with this Amritsar travel direct.

Wagah Border
The Wagah Border, amongst India and Pakistan, is a prominent side trek from Amritsar. Regular of the year, just before nightfall, a banner bringing down function happens there as the outskirt is shut for the day. It begins with high enthusiastic spirits from the two sides of the outskirt and goes on for around 45 minutes. Here's more data about it and how to best experience it.

Capital city Chandigarh is an advanced arranged city that is diverse to some other in India. It needs turmoil and shading yet makes them intrigue attractions. The feature is the unprecedented 25 section of land Fantasy Rock Garden, open day by day. Craftsman Nek Chand utilized a wide range of urban and modern waste, and in addition nearby stone, to by and by make a large number of particular models (counting in excess of 2,000 statues) more than 20 years. It's garbage workmanship at its finest! The city's other strange attractions incorporate the notorious Open Hand Monument (situated in the UNESCO World Heritage Capitol Complex) and a 56 foot tall imitation of Paris'

Eiffel Tower (situated in Leisure Valley, before the Government Museum and Art Gallery). In the event that you appreciate nature, visit Sukhna Lake (which has paddle vessels), and the city's different stops and gardens too. There's a Rose Garden with 1,500 assortments, and a Bougainvillea Garden. The helpful and reasonable Hop On Hop Off Bus stops at huge numbers of these spots. Chandigarh has likewise been experiencing a hip change as of late, with the opening of various microbreweries (attempt Malt and Co at the Piccadilly Hotel, and Hops N Grains at Sector 9 in Panchkula) and the extravagant Oberoi Sukhvilas lodging.

Anandpur Sahib
Anandpur Sahib, around 2 hours north of Chandigarh close to the Himachal Pradesh fringe, has been an essential journey put for Sikhs for a long time. Known as the "Sacred City of Bliss", it was the origination of the Khalsa (Sikh fraternity). The authentic gurdwaras (sanctuaries) are radiant, alongside the environment. Anandpur Sahib is flanked by a seventeenth century fortification, and confined between a transcending mountain range and stream.

Visit amid Baisaki to get the fair like festivals that happen there. Be that as it may, the most amazing presentation of Sikh boldness can be seen amid Hola Mohalla, held amid the Holi celebration. It's extraordinary compared to other spots to observe Holi in India. Rather than tossing hued powder, be set up for testosterone filled taunt fights highlighting sticks, blades, tomahawks and swords. Extraordinary compared to other spots to stay is Bharatgarh Fort legacy homestay (yes, it is inside a post!) around 20 minutes away in Rupnagar.

Homesteads and Farmstays
Cultivating is at the core of Punjab, and the state makes them remarkable boutique farm stays where you can encounter rustic living (and at the opportune season, even skip among the yellow mustard fields like in a Bollywood motion picture). It's workable for visitors to takes an interest in cultivating exercises and go for tractor rides. Punjabiyat, around a hour upper east of Amritsar, is an interesting tribute to Punjabi culture with four houses encompassed by fields. Rancher's Villa is strategically placed around 20 minutes north of Amritsar. Citrus County is determined to a sprawling kinnow plantation in Hoshiarpur, around 2 hours east of Amritsar and 2 hours upper east of Chandigarh. It has extravagance tents for glamping. Kailash Farm is additionally famous (and less expensive) in Hoshiarpur, and is awesome for families. Prakriti Farm, around a hour from Chandigarh, is another suggested choice with extravagance tents and hovels.

Kila Raipur Rural Olympics
Found not a long way from Ludhiana, the town of Kila Raipur has the famous Rural Olympics each February. This exhibition has earned overall acknowledgment. The adrenaline-pumping bullock truck race is the primary fascination. Different occasions that are enthusiastic about diversion incorporate a tractor race and a pull of-war. You'll additionally get the chance to see some extremely strange exercises, for example, individuals lifting bikes with their teeth, pulling autos with their teeth or ears, or riding a bike ringed with a consuming tire, and other adrenaline junkie stunts.

In the event that you need to investigate the regal Punjab of the past, Patiala offers a magnificent knowledge into the historical backdrop of eighteenth and nineteenth century Punjab, especially the Malwa locale. Found southwest of Chandigarh, this medium-sized town was before a free Sikh kingdom and one of India's wealthiest august states. You'll be welcomed by great landmarks, gardens and stops. The primary attractions are a sanctuary dedicated to Goddess Kali, Moti Bagh Palace (which houses a great workmanship exhibition), and the monstrous 10 section of land Qila Mubarak complex with its arrangement of royal residences, internal fortress, group of onlookers lobby, and historical center. It's an uncommon and striking case of Sikh royal residence design in India.

Patiala is likewise celebrated for the liberal Patiala peg of bourbon, salwar suits with free jeans, pagdi (conventional turban), and paranda (brilliant hair enhancements for ladies). Slip-on cowhide footwear, known as the Patiala jutti, is another hot thing that you can search for in the clamoring nearby markets.

Off the Beaten Track: Harike Wetlands
Did you realize that Punjab has the biggest wetlands in northern India, arranged where the Beas and Sutlej streams meet around two hours south of Amritsar? It hasn't been created as a traveler goal, so it needs offices and regularly falls under the radar of numerous guests. In any case, it's an unmistakable reproducing ground for transient and occupant water fowl, with in excess of 360 recorded species. Sailing isn't conceivable without extraordinary consent yet there are trails, open by vehicle (drive your own or contract a jeep in Amritsar), that offer fine fowl sightings. Section is free and the Harike Wildlife Office issues grants. November to February is the best time to go. It's an engaging goal for nature darlings searching for peace.

There can be no mention of Punjab without food. Being the land of five rivers command one of the most fertile states in India, there is no dearth of cultivation offbeat and feeding of livestock. This makes wheat and lessee one of the most admired pair of dishes in Punjab. In addition to this, no one can forget the Dhaba style of dining where the combination of butter naan and butter chicken is an evergreen favourite!

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