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To the people who got bored of Ooty, Kodaikanal, Munnar,Panchgani and Lonavala, pachmarhi is the best escapade to explore new, bright and vibrant hill range with the tinge of religious waves. Pachmarhi is popularly called as Satpura Ki Rani meaning Queen of the Satpura range which remains as the tallest one with rajat prapat falls being one among the tallest waterfalls in India, Jata Shankar caves with mystic beauty, Pandava caves where the pandavas sheltered during their exile, Chauragarh Temple, Dhoopgarh and Satpura national park with various wildlife.

Pachmarhi Tour Packages

Place : Apsara Vihar, chota mahadev, jata..
Hotels : Hotel Natraj

Place : PRIYADARSHINI POINT, Handi Khoh, ..
Hotels : Pandava Inn

Best Pachmarhi Tour Packages at Visiit

The high altitude of pachmarhi benefits the climate being cool and pleasant. It is a hill station that is offered with myriad of attractions like ancient caves, breathtaking monuments with beautiful lush green dense forests with brimming streams and cascades. It lets us to tranquilize from the routine plan and rejuvenate ourselves in the serenity where the fragrances of the fresh blooms stirs in the air. VISIIT Holidays lets us to enjoy the best trip in Pachmarhi.

Pachmarhi is a retreat for the tourists who adorns the nature. It is a jewel of Madhya Pradesh with large plateaus and lofty hills that mostly gives the vibes of ruggedness. The hues of green are a visual treat with emerald waters that radiates during the dusk giving the much needed seclusion for any tourist.

Satpura National Park
The Satpura National Park offers a picturesque landscape and remains as a protected arena for its rich flora and fauna. The eye catching Tiger reserves spanning for 202 square miles attained its name from Satpura Hill ranges or Mahadeo hills. It plays a vital role in the ecosystem of India by providing a huge area for Tiger reserves with various endangered and extinct species of animals and birds. It has many number of plants species along with Indian Bison, Spotted Deer, Leopards, Sloth Bears, Blackbucks, Sambhar, Antelopes and Porcupines, Langurs, Crocodiles etc… The White Bison and Indian Giant squirrel are unique species that to be noticed in the Satpura National Park. It also offers excellent bird watching for the tourists to enjoy the infinite migratory birds.

Handi Khoh
Handi Khoh is a place which is a huge gorge that is 300 feet high amidst the dense forest. It is also associated with Lord Shiva mythological stories. The myth is about an evil snake living in this region which is believed to have been a lake at one point of time was slaughtered by Lord Shiva emptying the whole lake which remained in the shape of Handi (pot). It is very popular among the tourists for its poised beauty and other worldly charm. We can spot many number of bee hives on the trees while going on a trek to this location. It is the most preferred place for taking good landscape photographs in the deep green valleys.

Pandava Caves
The Pandava caves earned its name since it housed the pandavas for 12 to 13 years during their period of exile which now attracts a lot of tourists to visit these caves from the epic Mahabharata. It was also served as a shelter to Buddhist monks in the 1st century AD attracting Buddhists for its significant role in Buddhism. These rock cut caves are formed in sandstone rocks holding in many historic and natural beauty. The Draupadi Cave is the most spacious and ventilated one while the Bhima Cave is the darkest one. The pachmarhi translates to ‘five caves’ or ‘five huts’ which is believed to have got the name from these caves that is adorned with several columns and stupas. One of the caves gives the best echo effect which should have been used for meditation. And another cave is dedicated to the god of wealth Kubera.

Duchess falls
Duchess falls is a gorgeous cascade pouring down from 100 metres with great gushing sound. This waterfalls divides into three smaller cascades and we have to trek for at least 4 kms to reach the first torrent. It is a strenuous hike for the tourists to reach this beautiful waterfalls. Its deafening sounds astonish the tourists yet creates the urge to witness this marvellous waterfalls and it is worth the climb for its natural beauty and dense greenery around. Locals avoid this since it is a hard trip which benefits the trekkers to enjoy this alluring beauty in seclusion. If we further head into the woods, we are able to enjoy a swim in the woods like a wild tarzan.

Mahadeo hill
The Mahadeo hill located in the Madhya Pradesh is known for its old shrine of Lord Shiva. The main idol of this ancient shrine is the divine idol of Lord Shiva which is the most beautiful Shiva Lingams of India. It also contains amazing cave paintings and a holy pond where we can witness devotees and Shiva Bakhts taking a dip. The Gupt Mahadeo is a cave in Mahadeo hills where one has to walk in sideways to reach the main sanctum. This plethora of trees and shrubs fills the space with the most pure unpolluted air which can be felt reaching our lungs creating a shivering chills. A photostop in this location cannot be regretted.

Jata Shankar Caves
It is another special place to be visited by the devotees of Lord Shiva. It gives the vibes of positive energy in the deep dark cave where a small shiva linga is found at the shadow of the massive rock with the rock roughly shaped into the hundred headed snake called Sheshnag. The rock is shaped like the tangled hairs of Shiva earning its name as Jata Shankar Caves.

Pachmarhi can be visited round the year, however the best time to visit is from October to June. The summers are pleasant with downpours in the monsoon making the weather pleasant and enjoyable for the tourists. Winters are very cold and wet making it tough for the tourists to explore the attractions. It is best to visit Pachmarhi during the Bastar Dussehra and Navratri celebrations with vibrant colours and lights.

Pachmarhi can be reached through rail which is 2 hours from Jabalpur and 1 hour from Itarsi. We can take buses from Bhopal, Nagpur and Indore by roadways. It can also be reached by hiring a taxi or cab. The Maharashtra Road Transport has provided with luxury volvo buses to reach Pachmarhi within 8 hours. There are no direct flights to Pachmarhi but can be reached through the nearest airport in Bhopal.

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