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When we talk about Nainital trip, images like meandering paths, forested hills and glistening lakes come to mind. Nainital’s bustling roads remodeled with Victorian lampposts give out a vintage beauty.Nainital is situated in a fabulous state Uttarakhand. If you want to relax and get far from the hustle and bustle of city life, plan for a trip to Nainital. Nainital is the best peaceful destination. Visiit offer affordable Nainital tour packages throughout the year. There are several ways to spend in this beautiful scenic location. It is a modern hill station. It has excellent road, air and rail connections.

Nainital, literally translate into the land of 7 lakes, is one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand, and it attracts a lot of people from all over the world who explore this place on a Nainital tour package. Everything about this place, including the lakes, the greenery of Pine forest, the caves, food, the climate and even the water that flows on the sides of the road is so mesmerizing, and it's captivates all the senses of the people who visit this town. Nainital not only should be a part of any Uttarakhand tour package, but even North India as a whole. This place wasn't considered to be a lot important as long as it was a part of Uttar Pradesh, and with the formation of the new state of Uttarakhand, it has come to gain a lot of importance, and the inflow of tourists who visit this place on a Nainital tour package has consistently increased!

Nainital Tour Packages

Place : Golf Course, Hanuman Giri, Naina ..
Hotels : Hotel City Heart

Place : Nainital lake
Hotels : Treebo Trend Lakeside Inn

Place : Golf Course, Hanuman Giri, Naina ..
Hotels : Hotel City Heart

Place : Naina Devi Temple, Snow View Poin..
Hotels : WelcomHeritage Corbett Ramganga R..

Place : Naina Devi Temple, Bhimtal, Nauku..
Hotels : The Palace Belvedere, WelcomHerit..

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The pleasant weather in this region remains as a major plus point to this town. It can be easily accessed by taxis, buses and trains. It is a suitable spot to relax from the temperature of the plains. It is a small hill station and does not have a direct connection to other cities via air. Pantnagar is the nearest airport. It is located at a distance of 60 KM from Nainital. If you have purchased Nainital honeymoon packages, you get an unmissable opportunity to sightsee myriads of spots.

Kilbury is a popular wooden spot in Nainital. It is best for peaceful and quiet holidays. It can be easily accessed by road. People in this region speak Kumaoni, English and Hindi. Malli Tall and Talli Tal are major business centers at Nainital. Nainital has lots of attractions and spots to visit and experience. It is sure you will enjoy a memorable break from the usual humdrum of the city. Booking Nainital tourism packages via online is an excellent choice. You can enjoy a relaxing and fun-filled moments here. The charming lake town is a right destination for honeymoon couples too. You can spend a lot of time with your better half in the romantic atmosphere of the Hill Station. At Nainital, you will witness the most memorable romantic days in your life. Ensure to take your camera with you so that you can click pictures as you wish.

This kind of a place deserves a very special attention in terms of a Nainital tour package, which is meticulously planned and with this place explored. The lakes, the caves, the tracks, and even the voters deserve a very special attention on your Nainital tour package.

Visiit brings you exclusive Nainital tour packages that make sure that you experience the place in a way that you have never experienced before! It is not just about boating in the lakes, but about splashing the waters that make this experience a little more special. We specialise in giving you those kind of experiences that make your Nainital tour package one of the most memorable things that have ever happened in your life!

The town is covered by calm forests and the newlyweds can explore the splendid views of the reserved Himalayas. The honeymooners will definitely enjoy boating in the glittering Nainital Lake. Book Nainital Honeymoon Packages at Visiit to celebrate your wedding and cherish the initial few moments of your marriage life together.

Nainital is more than just the seven lakes, and it has got a lot to offer for a person visiting the place on a Nainital tour package. The first of everything, has to be visiting the city and strolling around.

Some of the places you should not miss in Nainital tourism include cultural and scenic spots like raj Bhawan, Snow View Point, Dorothy’s Seat, Hanuman Garthi, Naina Devi Temple, and China Peak. Nainital is a home steppe eagles, snow leapords and Himalayan black bears along with several other animal species. One of the best places for grownups and kids is Nainital Zoo. It is beautifully set up and maintained in excellent condition. Take your kids to teach several things about nature, ecosphere and animals at the popular Eco Cave Garden.

Lakes of Nainital:
The many lakes of Nainital like the Bhimtal lake, which has a small island in the middle of it, and the Khurpatal, which is a horseshoe shaped lake are a few attractions that you should never miss out on the Nainital tour package. The Sattal Lake area, which has about 7 lakes situated close to each other, is a perfect place for fishing, and you can fish amidst the lush green and the real nature that surrounds you. The Bhimtal Lake also features and inland aquarium that houses a lot of freshwater fishes.

Chandni Chowk at Nainital:
No one would ever associate Chandni Chowk with Nainital, as we have always known this place to be the shopping Landmark of New Delhi. The Chandni Chowk is one of the most fascinating restaurants that is situated on the Mall Road of Nainital. This place is quite reflective of its name inspiration, and is one of the best places where you can enjoy the cuisine of North India and its most authentic sense. You get the Delhiwala Chaat and the Punjabi cuisine at the most economic rates.

The Himalayan view:
Uttarakhand is known to be the Abode of Gods, and then you will the Himalayan peaks, you will understand how it is this device. You can take a cable car to reach one of the most famous destinations in Nainital, called the Snow View point. From here, you can get a perfect view of the Himalayan mountain ranges showing of all its Glory in altitude with an attitude. The view is simply outstanding, and is something that you cannot afford to miss on a little tour package. The only thing that will stop you from getting this view is the lack of clear skies. What is more fascinating is that you could get A Pinch of Thailand in here, not in food or anything else, but in photographs where you can wrap a Python around your neck and get a photograph!

Nainital zoo:
Zoological Gardens are present in almost every city in India, but to see wild animals in caged in their most Natural Habitat is something that makes the Nainital zoo very special. This is a place where you can find a lot of Himalayan animals including the famous Red Panda.

Eco cave:
Nainital houses ok Complex and is an absolute treat for people who are high on adrenaline. This case gives you a feel of the famous game Temple Run. Some places you will have to walk, and some places you will have to crawl and there are places you could even get a bit adventurous by skating on the slippery rocks. This place also has a few spots where you can take a step away from the path and relax, getting astonished by the chill of the dark caves inside.

Shopping at the Tibetan Market:
We have seen that Nainital has very special connections with the north east, and it can be seen even in their momos point to complete this divine connection, you even have a Tibetan market. This Tibetan market gives you an advantage like most other markets in India! All you have to do is keep bargaining. This is a direct entry for Chinese products into India commands without all that hassle of merchandising, shipping kamarband housing and infrastructure and it makes it a great economic option for you to shop for T shirts and jackets. An interesting thing to note about this place is that the collections are mostly for women, but men still have a great selection to shop from.

In general, a lot of towns and cities in certain States carry the signature of the entire state when it comes to the cuisines. However, Nainital stands as an exception. There are a lot of local preparations that include dishes made from multiple lentils, baadi, bhatt ki churkani, aloo ke gutke and even suites like arsa and gulgula. There is a little bit of influence from Nepal and China as well. High above in North India, you would also get some of the best momos in Nainital.
There are only a few places on this planet that can have the distinction of being beautiful when visited at any time of the year, and 9 tall is one such place. The summers are moderate and the temperatures do not exceed 30 degree Celsius. The winters could be challenging, but you will never experience sub zero temperatures. Isn't this an awesome place to visit at any time of the year? However, considering the possibility of landslides, it is best when monsoons are avoided.

It is best to visit between the months of March and June or September and October.

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