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Mussoorie is rightly called as “ The Queen of the Hills” for its wonderful climate that is situated at 35 kms from Dehradun having an altitude of 2000 metres. The name “Mussoorie” was earned by the place from the shrubs called mansoor that was found in abundance in the region. The discovery of Mussoorie dates back to 1825 where a British military officer and Superintendent of Revenues co-founded a shooting Lodge. The endless mountains of Shiwalik range and the deep doon valley with small streams paving its way here and there and brimming river with foamy flakes that bickers down the valley are sure to bring an outright beauty into the tourists eyes.

Mussoorie Tour Packages

Place : Doon Valley, Kempty Falls, George..
Hotels : Imperial Square

Place : Naina Devi Temple, Bhimtal, Nauku..
Hotels : The Palace Belvedere, WelcomHerit..

Place : Doon Valley, Kempty Falls
Hotels :

Best Mussoorie Tour Packages at Visiit

The tour packages of Mussoorie from VISIIT Holidays guarantees the fun one could have in Mussoorie offering us with the varied landscapes and casting away into the wild with the nature. It sure matches the poem called “The Brook” with its striking beauty. So pack your bags, hop on a flight and escape into the wilderness of lush green valleys and Highlands with VISIIT Holidays assisting you.

Must see points of attractions in Mussoorie

We can visit the Kempty falls and soak in the nature shower for hours and spend a day at Jabhargat National Reserve, take a rope car ride in the snow clad mountains and a stroll through the thick forests of Cloud’s End and dip into the Lake Mist as the name goes become a Mist.

Kempty Falls
This popular tourist attraction that is 150 years old is the most opted picnic spot by friends, families and the tourists. Situated at a distance of 15 kms from Mussoorie, this tall waterfall can be reached crossing tiny tibetan villages while tripping and dipping ourselves into knee deep water that plumes with white water creating streaks on the dark rocks with green bushes popping from the sides. We can also reach the Kempty Falls through a cable car ride which gives a good view of the himalayan cliffs.

Gun Hill
The name Gun hill is a deserved name to this one since the Indians brought a canon and fired it at the britishers due to the British dominance.At an altitude of 2024 metres , Gun hill is said to be an extinct volcano and a second highest point in Mussoorie. The hill provides a far reaching view of the emerald green valleys , with tall trees and coloured flowers dotting the land with bright blue and yellows. The butterflies and the dragonflies hovering over the flowers acts as a peaceful scene to watch.

Clouds End
The Clouds End records the end of Mussoorie which is covered by dense jungles and lush green grasslands with tall shrubs that covers 2 km of Benog Wildlife Sanctuary. It is best explored by walk offering a great view of Aglar River Valley.

The Mall
Located in the centre of Mussoorie, it is a colonial building with wooden benches and striking lamp posts with pop up shops, game centres and skating rinks. We can find bookstores with a varied collection of fiction, comics, fantasy and crime books and studios offering traditional costumes attires to pose for pictures.

Lake Mist
Lake Mist is considered as the most beautiful tourist attraction in Mussoorie. The turquoise waters are covered by green lush trees giving a rich feel to drench into it and rejuvenate in this serenity bliss. It is a jewel in Mussoorie which is less crowded ,but have the utmost beauty. We can also enjoy boating in this beautiful lake with our families and friends.

Lal Tibba
This wondrous tourist attraction is located in the Depot Hill which is 6 km away from Mussoorie. It offers the best stunning viewpoints to the tourists who would never want to forget it. It will most probably nail our foot in the viewpoint stopping us to capture the picture perfect scenery.

Mussoorie is a place filled with adventure. We can take a trek in the Lal Tibba, Clouds End or to the Gun Hill by dwelling into its splendid history and shop till we get tired in the Mall also we shouldn't miss out the rope car rides to get a nice aerial view of the Mussoorie hills with green mountains and striking Doon valley.

The best months to visit Mussoorie is during the summer from April to June since it serves as an escapade from the scorching sun. During the months of August to September, Mussoorie receives heavy rainfall due to the Monsoon season..

Veg Maggi
To beat the cold weather, the hot maggi that is cooked with chopped onions, tomatoes, green peas,capsicum and chillies can’t be resisted by any passerby. The maggies that is specifically made here has a unique taste to it that we can find nowhere else.

Bhaang ki khatai
This dish is a homemade recipe that is made with bhang seeds and cumin seeds and red chillies grinded into a fine paste and cooked with buttermilk. It is accompanied with paratha that flavours the dish to another level.

Thechwani is a dish that is made with boiled mashed potatoes and radish roots with a tinge of ginger and garlic and garnished with a dash of coriander leaves. It is a staple food of Mussoorie as kumaoni people live here.

Mussoorie can be reached through the nearest airport called Jolly Grant Airport in dehradun that is 54 kms away from with daily flight services from Delhi. It is also well connected through roadways with all state transportation. There are also many number of trains running from Delhi to Dehradun like the Jan Shatabdi Express, Mussoorie Express and Nizamuddin Ac Special trains with 5.5 hours of duration. The VISIIT tours and Holidays provides best packages in affordable prices to have a fun filled trip to Mussoorie.

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