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Meghalaya, as the name implies is the Abode of Clouds. It is one of the most frequent destinations in the North East, because of the ethnic diversity and the esthetic Beauty that his abound in here. Meghalaya can be considered as a hotspot of diversity in every way - natural, cultural, human and even climates.

To this day, Meghalaya has retained the distinction of being one of the very few locations that can be visited any time of the year. Everything about Meghalaya is a treat to every sense of a human being.

Meghalaya Tour Packages

Place : Nohkalikai Falls, Kamakhya Temple
Hotels : Hotel Siroy Lily, Hotel Knight In

Place : Nohkalikai Falls, Kamakhya Temple..
Hotels : Ekora Resort, Kaziranga, Hotel Kn..

Place : Umiam Lake, Double Decker Living ..
Hotels : Ginger Guwahati, Kutmadan Resort,..

Best Meghalaya Tour Packages at Visiit

Meghalaya, as the name implies, is an Abode of Clouds. This place is one of the most unaffected by the ruins made by man. The nature is so Pristine that it needs to be visited even before the artificial components take over the serenity of the place. The water falls, The villages come out the Roadways and the living bridges make Meghalaya one of the most Holistic tourist destinations.

Visiit brings you exclusive and customisable Meghalaya tourism packages that help you explode the place with much ease and without much hassle. Or meticulous understanding of the landscape and the locality ensures that you visit all the places in the best possible time of the day and of the season. With our local expert, you can also expect you to understand what this place stands for!

Mawlynnong village
It is not every time that a village gets voted to be one of the cleanest cities in the world, and undoubtedly the cleanest in Asia. Mawlynnong village in Meghalaya is so clean that it is difficult for you to even spot a straw, a bit of paper or even dust on the roads. The roads are so clean that they seem as if it was laid only the previous day, and the field is the same day after day.

The wonder of Mawlynnong village doesn't stop with just the cleanliness. This village is the home to the Mawlynnong waterfall which is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in India.

When we talked about unity in diversity in Meghalaya, even the tree stand as a testimony to this concept. The roots of the trees intertwine among themselves to form living root bridges, and it is one of the most signature attractions of Meghalaya.

The laitlum Canyon
We have been talking about how Meghalaya has everything to offer for everyone with every kind of a taste. The laitlum Canyon is what Meghalaya has to offer for an enthusiastic tracker. In fact, the laitlum Canyon has been one of the most challenging and price trekking destinations for trekkers, and is a bond figure on their bucket list. The train is a bit difficult to scale, but with local guidance and the expertise of experience trackers, it is definitely Worth trying out. The trek takes about 4 to 5 hours to complete, and what stands at the end of the trek is the actual prize. You get a panoramic view of the entire state of Meghalaya, and the rainbow of colours that you see from Up Above is definitely a site that you can be hold for a lifetime.

Double decker living root bridges of Cherrapunji
Cherrapunji is a place that every 90s kid will remember. It was the answer to the general knowledge question of the wettest place on Earth. More than just the rainfall, there is more to Cherrapunji. There is a double decker living root bridge in probably the rainiest place in India. We have seen about the root bridges in the village of Mawlynnong, but the one in Cherrapunji is a little more than that with an extra layer. It is frequented by Travellers and nature enthusiasts from around the world. The path to reach this place might be a little cumbersome. It is located in the Nongriat village of the Cherrapunji district. The way to reach this place is so slippery that even experienced trackers and athletes need to carry a Cane to avoid slipping and falling over in the mosque covered rocks and staircases.

Lalong park
This Lalong park is a place that is often neglected when you plan a tour package to Meghalaya. Meghalaya is not always about difficult treks, root bridges that thrill you after a long and tiring walk, waterfalls and rainfall alone. If you would like to experience this place in a way that you would like to unwind and relax, the Lalong park is the place that you should look for. It is situated at about 10 km from the town of Jowai, and of late, the government has taken measures to make the park more environment friendly, by maintaining the greenery. The view of the river that runs by its side, the lush greenery and the contrast of the green with the blues of the sky is definitely a site that will let you unwind after a tiring day of treks.

The balpakram National Park
With so much of area to exploit, no state in India would be complete without a national park that is dedicated to conserving the species of plants and animals. This National Park, however, is a bit different. More than just conserving about 8 different species of feline predators like the lion, the Cheetah, the snow leopard and a lot more, and even the prized Red Panda (remember Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda?) It also offers stunning views of the rock columns. It is a meghalayan believe that the source of the departed and sisters suicide among the rock structures. A lot of nature enthusiasts consider this park to be a very crucial Observation. For birds.

The Don Bosco Centre for indigenous culture
For some of them, travelling is passion. For some of them travelling is an activity. For some of them, travelling is a lesson in life. If you would like a lesson in the history and anthropology of Meghalaya, then the dbcic is a place that should make it to the list of places that you would like to visit on your Meghalaya tour package. This Museum is privately done, but with no instances of being commercial. This place provides a comprehensive learning centre for the history and culture of the life in North East India. This library also houses a museum, and is a giant storehouse of knowledge to people who would like to explore more of the North East. One added attraction in the Don Bosco Centre for indigenous culture is the Sky Walk which gives you a panoramic view of the campus and the places surrounding it.

Umiam lake
There are some places that undergo a massive transformation between the summers and winters. Umiam lake in Meghalaya is one such place. If photographs of this lake in summer and winter well soon, it would be hard to believe that it is the same like. In the summers, the snow of the Himalayas melts and fills this Lake so much that most of it is submerged. In the winter's, the lake drive up revealing all what it had consumed in the summer months. This lake is so beautiful that it is often compared with the lakes of Scotland, without the scare of The Loch Ness Monster. This lake is the chief source of water supply to Shillong. In the summer months, you can also engage in some adventure activities around here, and it is a great experience to row your boat into the Horizon of this lake.

Just like any other North East Indian state that is blessed with immense amounts of rainfall, the best time to visit Meghalaya would definitely coincide with the months between September and may, when the climate is a lot pleasant and the Rains put a relatively be lesser. Between June and August, you can consider visiting Shillong if you are really adventurous. The Rains give a very beautiful touch of charm to the state of Meghalaya and it is a wonderful experience to see Meghalaya and the capital of the state on a Shillong tour package.

With so much of cultural heritage, Meghalaya is sure to have a culinary signature. There are a lot of dishes that make Meghalayan cuisine a very special one. The special type of rice preparation called the Jadoh incorporates different kinds of meat including pork. this this is distinctly spicy because of the chillies used. The nakam bitchi is another soup that complements the spicy me. It is prepared with a special dry fish that I had a lot of flavour to the soup.

India has a lot of Gems that are unexplored, especially in the seven sisters of the Northeast, and Meghalaya definitely stands as a first in this list. There are a lot of elements of nature, adventure, Romance, rain and a lot more that Meghalaya stands for, and it is one place that you should consider visiting as an Indian, and as a human being who lives in Commune with nature.

Tour package to Meghalaya could be a bit complicated in Planning. The connectivity is a bit Limited with respect to the trains and the flights, and it requires the understanding of the weather, the landslides that could possibly happen, the connectivity, the roots and the mountains, and everything about the terrain to plan a proper trip to Meghalaya. Visiit brings in its expertise to plan your Meghalaya tour package understanding your expectations and customising it according to all needs. After all, this place needs to be experienced in a way that you want it to be, because the state of Meghalaya has too much to offer for everyone!

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