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The city of Madurai live in South Tamilnadu. It is one of the world's most continuously inhabited cities. It has seen a lot of generations of Kings, rulers, Empires, and even the democracy is off today. The fact that it has been under so many rulers and so many dynasty makes it an ideal place for you to explore the vast tradition and Legacy of Tamilnadu. Madurai is known to have been the place that was the epicenter of Tamil art. The literature of Tamils, popularly known as the Sangam literature arrived in Madurai. The temple city of Madurai is also known for one of its most famous landmarks, the Meenakshi temple. In addition to the Meenakshi temple, there is also the Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal. All these little attractions make Madurai quite a destination that you should never miss out to explore on a Madurai tour package. A proper trip to Madurai I will give you an insight into the annals of the Tamil culture and traditions.

In today's context, Madurai is the second biggest city in Tamilnadu, at least in terms of importance, only next to the capital city of Chennai. It has everything its takes to replicate in Chennai in the South Point the famous engineering university called the Anna University has its branch in Madurai. Even the High Court of Madras has its branch in Madurai. Madurai is quite known for its street food, and the piping hot Idli that you get even at 2 a.m deep into the nights. A lot of renowned hotels like the muniyandi Vilas, the Amma Mess, the amsavalli hotel and the famous jigarthanda our native to Madurai.

Madurai Tour Packages

Place : Meenakshi Amman Temple, Aarupadai..
Hotels : Hotel Rajadhane, Hotel Pearl Resi..

Place : Swaraj Dweep, Kaala Pathar Beach,..
Hotels : Hotel De Marina

Place : Meenakshi Amman Temple, Ramanatha..
Hotels : Southern Crest, Hotel Pearl Resid..

Place : Meenakshi Amman Temple, Aarupadai..
Hotels : Sea Breeze Hotel, Anandha Inn, Ho..

Place : Meenakshi Amman Temple, Aarupadai..
Hotels : Hotel Rajadhane, Hotel Bharani, H..

Place : Meenakshi Amman Temple, Aarupadai..
Hotels : Hotel Rajadhane, Sea Breeze Hotel..

Place : Marina Beach, Meenakshi Amman Tem..
Hotels : The Spring Hotel-Chennai, Green C..

Place : Marina Beach, Kumarakom Beach, Al..
Hotels : Sangam Hotel, Hotel Rajadhane, Gr..

Place : MeenashiAmman Temple, Abbey Falls..
Hotels : Keys Hotel Whitefield - Business ..

Place : Meenakshi Amman Temple, Aarupadai..
Hotels : Rio Grande Hotel Madurai, Daiwik ..

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Madurai might not be a great city in terms of surface area, but in terms of legacy, it might even be better than Chennai in certain aspects. The city of Madurai needs to be expert in one of the best ways possible to give you a Holistic experience of the food, the culture and the lifestyle that has grown around the temples and the important monuments in this place. The trust that Madurai has with the freedom struggle in being the place of people like the marudupandiyar and Marudhanayagam give Madurai an important place, not just in old history but even in modern history.

Visiit brings you exclusive Madurai tour packages that are designed to give you a Holistic experience of this place. Explore the eateries in addition to the temples, and hear the stories from the locals who have preserved the folklore for generations. In addition to all of this, we also give you the option to customise your Madurai tour package so that you can enjoy the city in a way that you have always wanted to come either as a foodie, or as a photographer, or as a pilgrim, or adjust a plane human being who likes to get surprised in every corner of this city that has seen generation after generation!

Meenakshi Temple
Without a doubt the most popular of all attractions in Madurai is Meenakshi Temple. This sanctuary remains as a declaration of the splendid model craftsmanship that existed in India. Based on a real estate crossing 15 sections of land, the sanctuary is a place with movement all the time-you can spot pioneers and additionally visitors. Some intriguing highlights of the sanctuary are the corridor of thousand columns where seeing from any point will make us to see every one of the columns in a straight line and melodic columns which when tapped create a melodic sound.

Thirumalai Nayakkar Palace
Second most prominent fascination in Madurai is Thirumalai Nayakkar Palace. It was worked by lord Thirumalai Nayak in year 1636 (consequently it's name) in Indo-saracenic style with tall curves gracing the royal residence. Being recent home to the lord, just a single fourth of the real structure is flawless. Endeavors have been made as of late for redesign of the castle.

Puthu Mandapam
Here comes a place in the rundown for shopaholics and craftsmanship admirers! Puthu Mandapam lies only a short distance far from Meenakshi sanctuary and it's a delightful market with things like adornments, form extras, scarves, textures, handiworks and so forth being sold. You can purchase artworks, wearables from here and furthermore take away dazzling trinkets for your friends and family back home.

Holy person Mary's Cathedral
It is one of the most seasoned Catholic temples in India and is that is the reason one of the best vacation destinations in Madurai. You will be flabbergasted to realize that the congregation has been built mixing different engineering styles together-European, Roman and in addition Continental. Remember to lay your eyes upon the tall and excellent chime towers developed in Roman engineering style.

Banana Market
Bananas particularly unripe ones are an imperative element of the sustenance culture of Tamil Nadu. So here is a discount advertise uniquely committed for the offer of bananas. Sixteen unique assortments of bananas are sold in this market. Come and watch individuals working in this market as movement never appears to stop here.

Gandhi Memorial Museum
This gallery is one of the five Gandhi Sangrahalaya (historical centers) in India. It was set up in 1959 and houses a detailed accumulation of delineations – representations to demonstrate Indian flexibility battle and pictorial display portraying life of Mahatma Gandhi. The historical center likewise has choicest of example painstaking work from the southern conditions of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. You can likewise locate the individual things of Gandhi like his displays, shawl and furthermore the bloodstained Dhoti that he was wearing when he was killed.

Arranged at 10 kms. south of Madurai city is Thiruparankundram which is first of the six homesteads Murugan. It has old sanctuary of Lord Murugan (otherwise called Kartikeya-child of Lord Shiva) where pioneers come in substantial numbers with the end goal that it is second just among the most went to spots of Madurai. Aside from this you can likewise visit Thiruparankundram Dargah settled on Thiruparankundram Hill which has been dealt with by the progressive ages of a similar family.

The summer season of Madurai is between the months of March and June. The heat and humidity make it uncomfortable for you to explore what Madurai has got to offer. It is strongly suggested that you take to the winter months in Madurai that fall in the months of December, January and February when the weather is pleasant and the sun during the day is quite variable. Quite proximal to Madurai is one of the best hill stations in Tamilnadu, Kodaikanal. It would be a great idea to club this hill station along with your Madurai tour package.

Without any question, Madurai is the food capital of Tamilnadu. Some of the best hotels in Tamilnadu at present in Madurai. The commitment and the determination that the people of Madurai have towards making their that’s quite full when it comes to food can be reflected in the kind of food that they have. Madurai is known for its Idli, and more than the flavour and texture of it, it is quite known for being served piping hot with sambar at even 2 a.m. in the morning. Add that to the cold weather of the winters, and it is quite a heavenly experience. The sea food omelette at Amma Mess is something never too miss for seafood aficionados. In addition to all of these, to finish your grant meal at Madurai, you have the desert called jigarthanda which literally means cooling the liver. It is one of the must try dishes in Madurai.

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