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Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta is the capital of West Bengal and former capital of British Ind... dia that stuns the tourists on their Kolkata Tour package with complete contrary to whatever we have heard about it. This metropolitan city which is 350 years old boasts with British Era buildings, vast expanse of gardens and colleges that marked its significance in the history. It is also established its place as a cultural capital of India for the great poets, writers, film producers and Nobel prize winners like Tagore, C.V. Raman, Amartya Sen. The tourists shouldn’t miss the Howrah Bridge upon the Hooghly river.  Read more

Kolkata Tour Packages

Place : Museum, ISKCON Kolkata
Hotels : Hotel Executive Towers

Place : Museum
Hotels : Santiniketan Tourist Lodge

Place : Museum, Maa Tara Temple, Rabindra..
Hotels : Santiniketan Tourist Lodge, Hotel..

Place : Museum, Visva Bharati University,..
Hotels : Hotel SONALI BANGLA, Mayaban reso

Best Kolkata Tour Packages at Visiit

Kolkata is most colorful during the Navratri time. Every road you take and every turn you make awaits with a surprised look on your face. The VISIIT Holidays offers tour packages to Kolkata that is sure to give the best experience for the tourists. The city is filled with friendliest people who are ready to help for the persons. It remains as the example city for the “Atithi Devo Bhava”.

Must see points of attractions in Kolkata

Kolkata provides a kaleidoscopic view of the British culture with touch of Indian architecture blooming upon the land scattered around. There is so much to be enjoyed in Kolkata starting from the Howrah Bridge, Mother House, Swami Vivekananda’s ancestral House, Eco Tourism park, Victoria memorial, Sunderbans for its cherished wildlife, Marble mansion for its paintings of Reuben, Van gogh, Rembrandt and be sure to indulge in a cricket match at Eden gardens that gives us chills down the spine when the whole stadium roars for a Six.

Victoria Memorial
A mighty building that boasts the British Era in India that is located at the centre of Kolkata - it's a bound name in all Kolkata Tour Packages. This white Marbled structure that is known for its poise and grandeur was built to honour Queen Victoria in the celebration of 25 years in India. It depicts the Indo Saracenic architecture in India apart from being an example for British rule. The first Indian city Gallery has a huge collections of paintings, canvases including the Royal Gallery that has the collection of paintings representing the life of Prince Albert . The building looks like a little palace from heaven when it is illuminated at night with rippling reflections on the water providing a picture perfect venue for some special surprises to your loved ones.

Fort William
In the banks of Hoogly river, we are able to admire the beauty of Fort William. The Fort earned its name from King William III who was the first bastion in India. This fort is spread over 70.9 acres with hundreds of arched windows and emerald gardens spanning around the fort. The structure took at least 10 years to complete with some minor flaws in its base. It served for various purposes including a prison leading it to be called as “the black hole of Calcutta”. Now it is owned by the Indian Army accommodating around 10,000 Army personnels and simultaneously being as the headquarters of the Eastern Command. It is allowed only for the army and their relatives, however we can enjoy its structure from a far distance and click few amazing shots of the fort.

Howrah Bridge
Massive lovers of civil constructions enjoys this place for its architecture since it is one of the longest cantilever bridges of the world. The Howrah Bridge or the Rabindra Setu extends over river Hoogly connecting Howrah and Kolkata. It is one of the places with High traffics where 100,000 vehicles crosses and countless pedestrians walks past each day. For tourists, who wants to rejoice the beautiful construction of the bridge can take up a ferry ride in the river, especially during night.

Belur Math
This 40 acres of land that is spread in the banks of Hoogly river holds a remarkable beauty called Belur Math. It is a pilgrimage place and also the headquarters of Ramakrishna Math and Mission. It is a religion which is believed by any race and caste all over the world. The atheists also believes in this place and visit here to attain peace and use it for a higher purpose in the society and also in inner self. Swami Vivekananda’s thoughts brings a person to find himself. It holds a significant place for its architecture. He brought the confidence inside every youth with his thoughts like “Arise! Awake! and stop not until the goal is reached”.

Kolkata is a place which can be enjoyed by any person. It lets us to drift off from being a couch potatoes and jump onto the Trams that still runs through the city giving the vibes from British Era or replenish your energy in the College Street or Boi Para through peeking through second hand books while enjoying a strong cup of morning coffee. Go on window shopping when your pockets are empty in the Quest Mall or when you become a fan of Big Bang Theory, stroll into the science city to get your brains engaged.

The winter months of October to march is the best time to visit Kolkata for its pleasant climate and its astonishing Durga Pujas. Summers are very hot with temperature up to 45°C which is hot and also humid. The Monsoons are good to be enjoyed but due to the heavy showers we cannot enjoy the commutes to the tourist attractions which can be dreary at times.However, the pleasant evenings lets us to enjoy the sightseeings for the budget travellers.

The second largest city in India is connected with domestic and international transport facilities through air, water, rail and road. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport connects Kolkata with various countries providing the best comfortable travel for the tourists to enjoy their visit. There are regular bus facilities through the state highways connecting Kolkata from all the major cities of India via NH19 from Delhi and through nearby cities like Kharagpur and Haldia. And for the train lovers, it can be reached by Howrah and Sealdah. It can also be reached through ferry rides from Hoogly river to avoid the traffics and enjoy the trip right from its journey. The VISIIT Holidays makes sure to provide the best trip for the tourists according to their desire through best package trips to Kolkata.

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