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Kinnaur is a quaint little district in Himachal Pradesh, bordered by Tibet on the eastern side. Approximately 235 kilometers from Shimla, it is a very scenic mountainous region with breathtakingly beautiful valleys, rivers, lakes and wildlife sanctuaries. Kinnaur is also appealing to tourists because of its cultural heritage, customs and traditions, hospitality, and the lifestyle of the Kinners. This beautiful place is also a popular religious destination for Hindus because the famous Shiva Linga is located at the peak of the Kinner Kailash Mountain.

Kinnaur Tour Packages

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Visiit Kinnaur Tour Packages

Despite the rugged terrain of Kinnaur, we at Visit.com promise to make this trip as smooth as possible for you. Trust us to plan your trip, and enjoy your visit to the breathtakingly beautiful Kinnaur, truly the land of the gods!

Nako Lake
It is a high altitude lake (3662 kilometers above sea level) situated in the Hangrang valley, near the Indo-China border. The waters of this lake are usually a beautiful green; it is admired for its tranquility. The lake is bordered by willow and poplar trees. There is a small mountain behind the lake. Tourists usually take a short trek up that mountain in the morning to get a bird’s eye view of the lake, the village near it and the mountains at a distance. There are small Buddhist temples and monasteries in the quiet Nako village where you can spend some time. If you happen to visit the lake in the evening, you can see a beautiful sunset over the mountains with the snow covered mountain caps radiating a glowing gold light.

Reckong Peo
Reckong Peo is the district headquarters of Kinnaur is 235 kilometers from Shimla, is just known as Peo among locals. It is a small town with basic facilities and amenities. It serves as the starting point for treks to Kinnaur Kailash. One can get a picture-perfect view of the mountains from here. If you are lucky, you will be able to spot the Kinner Kailash peak on a bright day when skies are clear. Owing to the cool weather, there are plenty of apple orchards across Kinnaur, but make sure you grab a bottle of handmade apple cider vinegar from Peo before you leave!

Kinner Kailash
located 6050 meters above sea level, the Kailash mountain range is considered to be one of the mythical homes of the Hindu god Shiva. A 79 feet vertical rock formation resembles shivalinga and it is said to change its color as the day passes. To view the shivalinga most tourists prefer to take a trek up the mountains. The trek is considered to be moderately difficult and can be completed within 3 days by most people from Tangling- a base camp. The trek provides one of the most captivating views of the great Himalayas.

Lipa-Asrang Sanctuary
Lipa-Asrang Sanctuary is known as a haven for nature lovers. It is spread over an area of 31 square kilometers and is situated in close proximity to Moorang town. It boasts of having a variety of fauna and flora that are native to the cold rocky barren dessert and dry coniferous forests. It is home to the Himalayan ibex, blue sheep, leopards, yaks and Musk deers. This sanctuary is very different from any other wildlife sanctuary you have seen so far. Get ready to capture some beautiful photos of this unforgettable experience at Kinnaur.

Chitkul known as the last village of India is the farthest point in India up to where you can travel without a permit. It is situated on the right side of the Baspa river in the Baspa valley. Chitkkul is renowned for its traditional houses, quietness and sparse population. It is so far from busy chaotic city life, that it will help you connect with your inner self as you surround yourself with the beauty of nature in the last village of India.

The rocky terrain of Kinnaur provides an ideal environment for various adventure activities. In the Sangla Valley, there are facilities for adventure sports such as rock climbing, rappelling, nature trails, bird watching and river rafting.

The route to Kinnaur Kailash' is famous for trekking, apart from the Bhaba Valley and Sangla Valley treks are other popular trails.

There are many small Hindu and Buddhist temples and monasteries in Kinnaur. Visiting them may help you feel rejuvenated and peaceful. There are small shops that sell Buddhist charms and prayer beads - buy your special spiritual keepsakes here, so you can treasure your visit to ‘the land of the gods’.

Take part in their festivals. If you are there during January, then you can witness the celebration of Sazo; Phagul in March; Baisakhi is celebrated in April, to mark the end of winter and welcome spring. Other festivals take place in July, September and December as well; during which you can see and enjoy their mysterious customs and taste their traditional foods. In Peo, the state observes 30th October to 2nd November each year as Tribal festival. Many cultural programs are put up to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Kinnaur district, also providing an opportunity to the local people to exhibit and sell their horticulture and agriculture produce, handicrafts and artifacts.

For those who love to shop, Kinnaur has some beautiful things in store for you! You can purchase handmade colorful woolen Kinnauri shawls, rugs, socks, and mufflers. Other hand crafted items such as wood carving and silver and gold ornaments are also a popular buy for tourists.

while every place has a best time to visit , Dalhousie gives you reason to visit anytime of the year ,making it a haven for honeymooners. However the warm months of May and June are visited the most by those wanting to beat the summer heat. The super cool months between December and February May not appeal to everyone but still tempts one because of the snowfall at higher elevations in places like Dainkund peak.

You must be careful while vacationing in the months between July and September as the town experiences heavy rains around this time. August and September sees heavy rush of Hindu devotees taking a trek to the Manimahesh lake.

The best mode to reach Dalhousie if travelling from anywhere in India is by train. There are said to be no direct trains to Dalhousie, therefore one must reach Pathankot which is the closest railway terminal to Dalhousie. This is the most cost effective way to travel. If the luxury of an aeroplane is preferred, then again the nearest domestic airport is at Pathankot , about 75 mms from Dalhousie, via Delhi. There are other options of Volvo and luxury buses offering convenient rides at affordable prices.

Once you reach Pathankot, you can easily book a taxi or a bus that are regularly available . Also, the best way to travel in and around Dalhousie for tourists is to hire a taxi . Your hotel could also book one for you.

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