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Kerala is one of the most special states in India point with respect to even trivial things like the affinity for Communism, the 'o’ in the language, and that was for football which makes Lionel Messi a bigger star than any other mainstream stars in India, Kerala has a League of its own. It is rightly called the God's own country. However, considering the wildlife sanctuaries that are present in Kerala Kerala is not just the country for God's but also for a lot of mammals for kids, flowering plants, birds and a lot of rare species like the flying squirrel and the lion tailed macaque.

Let's explore the wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala that could contribute significantly to a well planned Kerala wildlife tour package.

Kerala Tour Packages

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Best Kerala Wildlife Tour Packages at Visiit

Kerala is definitely a great place for you to experience wildlife in its most pristine form. With the importance that it has given to nature, a lot of wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala are still untouched by any human elements, and that makes it a great place for animals to be themselves.

Visiit brings you Mrs Kerala wildlife packages that take care of your wireless experience in Kerala. Right from taking care of the transport from your home city to the hotspot of Kerala, we will take care to engage you in the mode of transport, find the perfect accommodation and also make sure that your transfer from one place to another place is free, and all this without the compromise of you experiencing wildlife at Kerala!

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
Without second thoughts, the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as the Thekkady wildlife reserve has to be the first in the list. Situated in the Western Ghats at the southern tale of it, the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary spreads over an area of 675 square kilometres and houses a lake that is about 26 square kilometres in area at the heart of the sanctuary. This Sanctuary is a home to a lot of animals plants and birds. The numbers about this wildlife reserve are found to surprise you. You will experience over 171 species of grass, 143 species of orchids, 1800 species of flowering plants, 265 species of birds and 35 species of mammals. Elephant sighting for quite common in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. In addition to this, you can also find the Malabar giant squirrel, the flying squirrel and the lion tailed macaque. To give a lighter feel to your Kerala wildlife tour package, you can also engage in activities like trekking, elephant riding, and even scenic boating at the Periyar lake.

Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary
The parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is located in the Palakkad district of Kerala, almost bordering at Tamilnadu. Parambikulam sanctuary, like its other counterparts in Kerala houses rich list of animals and plants, and it also is a home 24 native tribes that have built their awards in the Sanctuary itself, and much like the wildlife in this region, they have made this Sanctuary their home without affecting the natural elements of it.

This century might fall short in numbers when compared to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, but the numbers are still interested. There are about 268 varieties of birds, 61 varieties of reptiles, 39 species of mammals and 16 species of amphibians. An interesting aspect to note here is that there are about 124 species of butterflies that flutter around this place making it a beautiful experience. To increase the probability of you spotting and animal, but all was Tower has been built for the benefit of the tourist.

Like its predecessor, you can watch species like the Lion tailed macaque, storks, rollers and the king cobra. You could consider experiencing trekking, but it is essential to obtain the permission of the Kerala forest department before you embark on it.

Idukki wildlife sanctuary
Situated at about 40 km from Thodupuzha is relatively small wildlife sanctuary post between the rivers Cheruthoni and Periyar. Spread at about 77 square kilometres, this wildlife sanctuary in closes a thick canopy of Evergreen forests, and these forests are home to a lot of species.

You can consider taking tourist spots on the rivers, and you would be lucky to spot a wild animal waiting into the waters for a shower or stopping at the banks for a drink of water. The animals that you can spot in here include the wild dogs, the Jungle cats, and the tiger. Here again, much like the parambikulam tiger reserve, trekking is possible only with the prior permission from the Kerala forest department.

Chinnar wildlife sanctuary
Unlike the rest of Kerala that is known for trains at almost any time of the year, the Chennai Wildlife Sanctuary is special because it only receives strain for 48 days in a given year. This makes it ideal for Scrub vegetation, and also a great place for species that live in this particular climate and vegetative area.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is a twin to the Idukki wildlife sanctuary, and is situated close to Tamilnadu and on the Udumalpet road to be precise. There are no instances of ferocious or man eater species roaming in this century, and that makes it a great fall for you to explore through nature walks, treks, waterfalls and even Sandalwood forest. There are even options to camp inside the Sanctuary that give you an exotic feel!

Wayanad wildlife sanctuary
Wayanad, as we all know, is an extension of the Deccan Plateau, and is quite a place when it comes to the exuberance of nature. Just make it a great place for a wildlife sanctuary, and it only makes it better that it is an extension of the Bandipur National Park and a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere. It has an area in excess of 344 square km, be a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere, and it is the home to a lot of species including tigers, leopards, elephant, bears, wild dog and civets. Being an about of elephants, you can consider taking an elephant ride in the forest. The best time for you to go on a safari in here is in the early hours of the morning where the chances of you citing an animal are extraordinarily high!

Kerala might live in the tropics, but the presence of the Western Ghats makes it a very special place with respect to the time of visiting. The peak season of Kerala is between the month of September and March. September month the end of the monsoon and much marks the beginning of the summer. The monsoons, although not quite unbearable, might put a few inconveniences in visiting places pertaining to wildlife and hill stations. On the other hand, the time after March is unbearably hot and humid, and it is not a great experience to visit Kerala drenched in sweat!

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