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Charming Beaches in Kerala

Kerala is blessed with a coastline of about 580 km, and is bordered by the Arabian Sea on one side completely. This unique landscape of Kerala has given rise to a lot of backwaters, beaches and even brackish water lakes. In all this, we just stand out as a distinct attraction of Kerala, promising an enchanting and enthralling Kerala Beach Tour. The beaches are of different flavours including but not limited to be executed, laid back, coconut Garden, commercial and even beaches with churches. Nice beaches of Kerala give you a flavour of romance in everything. The tropical warm weather, the hammocks, the umbrellas, the coconut tree and the Cocktail that you can sleep under the shades of these trees are definitely moments that you will Treasure for your lifetime. Here are a few beaches in Kerala that you should make an integral part of your Kerala tour package.

Kerala Tour Packages

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Visiit’s Tourism Packages

Kerala has different flavours of beaches, and it requires a very intense understanding of every beach and all the offerings around it to plan a perfect Kerala beaches tour package. Visiit, With its expertise and experience in handling Kerala and the different tour packages to locations like Trivandrum, Kochi, Munnar and a lot of other places in Kerala will take care to bring you the perfect Kerala beaches tour package customised and planned according to your requirements. After all, it is about drinking you in a wave of joy with our tour packages!

Must see beaches in Kerala

Kerala is one of the states of India that is the highest amount of inflow of tourists in a year. There are about 2.5 million tourists to land in God's own country your after here, and with the increasing number of beaches which are being developed and discovered, it becomes difficult to find the best beach for you to enjoy. We have hand picked a few beaches that you can choose to explore.

Marari Beach
The marari beach in Alleppey district is tucked between between Alleppey and Cochin. If not for this picturesque beach, marari would have been yet another fishing Hamlet with a lot of coconut trees on the seashore. Marari makes it to this list, not only because of the white sands in the shorts and the coconut trees creating a natural border to the sea shore, but more because it is a perfect place for you to explore the Arabian Sea on a day Cruise in the backwaters of Alleppey.

Marari is a very special beach, because it is one of the very few places in India where you can just see a vast stretch of sand and sea, and nothing more. This is an experience that every couple would love to enjoy, and there is nothing more romantic than just holding the hand of your loved one while you walk in the show when the water of the Waves kisses the feet of the couple. If you are taking up a Kerala beaches tour package, then marari beach has to be on your list of places to visit.

Alleppey Beach
When we talk about the town of Alleppey, we might not always think about beaches. This place is more known for its backwaters, house boats and ferry rides that make it a mini Venice. However, the beach at Alleppey is not only a great beach to visit on your Kerala beaches package, but also has a rich history to it. The pier at the Aleppey beach is more than 137 years old, and it is quite a sight to look at the pier extend into the sea. The Alleppey beach also has a Lighthouse and a park called the Vijaya Park which makes this beach a more Holistic destination, because you're not only get to have fun in the blue waters, but also in the green lawns.

Vizhinjam Beach
If there is one place that reflects the essence of Kerala in it's very mean, it has to be the port of Vizhinjam. This place is the unofficial fishing capital of Kerala, and it is one of the most fishing harbours. It is quite a sight to see the fisherman who venture into the sea at dawn silhouetted against the mix of red and blue of sunrise. This place is just about 3 km from Kovalam, but it does not have any commercial elements of Kovalam attached to it. This means that this beach at Vizhinjam is Savage, tempestuous, unpolished and rustic - something that is a very rare find in beaches of today.

This beach also has a marine aquarium where you can take a look at a lot of fishes like the squirrelfish, the piranha, the Lion fish, the sturgeon fish, The clownfish, Turtle, trigger fish and even sharks.

Kovalam Beach
no talk about the beaches of Kerala would be complete without the mention of this Kovalam beach. It is the most popular beach in Kerala going to the shallow waters and the blue waves. This makes Kovalam one of the most safe beaches in the Arabian sea coast. Kovalam was made famous by the Hippie culture that started to grow in the 1970s. It is this cultural transformation that resulted in the transformation of a small coastal village of Southern Kerala into one of the hottest tourist spots in India.

Kovalam Is also one of the first beaches to get a tourist attention. In the early 1947 Global players of tourism like Thomas Cook where invited to develop this region. Special interest was taken in accommodating the guests from your up in the palaces and guest houses on the coasts of the Kovalam Beach. It is the little things like this that gave Kovalam the aura that it has today!

Kovalam is probably Kerala answer to Goa. Unlike Goa which is rather commercial, Kovalam is quite laid back and has almost the same culture as Goa. Kovalam also is more welcoming in terms of culinary hospitality. The food at the Kovalam beach is more Global and lighter. It does not damage your taste buds because of extreme spice. If your adrenaline levels are a little bit high, you can even consider hitching a Boat Ride with the fisherman, and if that isn't still enough, you can take a ride on the catamaran that the fisherfolk of Kovalam use to get their daily catch early in the morning.

Bekal Beach
Bekal beach is one among the very few beaches that you can find in extreme north of Kerala. It is located at about 16 km south of the Kasaragod, and this beach has one of the most distinct features among the beaches in Kerala. This beach is the home to the Bekal Fort. If you would like to know how beautiful and rustic this place is, you can probably consider watching the visualisation of the song Tu Hi Re from the film Bombay.

With multiple attractions like beaches, Fort, zoo and children's park, cleanliness is of Paramount importance when it comes to the vehicle beach. The Rocks around the Bekal Fort are the classic example of a poet's muse. You can sit here for hours together, and meditate upon anything and everything that you value in your life, or just stare into nothingness with the background music of the Waves lashing against the rocks.

Kappad Beach
Each beach in Kerala has its own speciality. Some of the specialities have a Historic significance. The kappad beach is one touch beach which might have changed the course of Indian history forever. It is the beach on which Vasco da Gama landed on his travel from Portugal. This beach is situated at about 16 km from the town of Calicut. What makes this beat even more special is the safety factor. There is also a hundred year old temple that you can access by walking into a rocky headland that stretches into the sea.

Byepore Beach
Kerala has a lot of things to do with the Middle East. It is not uncommon to spot a keralite in the Emirates or in the Arab Nations. With so much of people and goods movement, it is no surprise that there is a dedicated beach through which trading was done with the middle Eastern countries. We are talking about the Byepore Beach. the beach has a bridge that stretches into the sea for about a kilometre, and is a perfect spot for you to watch the sunset. You will also be joined by a lot of bird like kites, egrets and cranes trying to catch their meal of fish. This place also gives you a beautiful view of the Chaliyar river emptying into the sea.

Muzhappilangad Drive in Beach
Muzhappilangad Beach not a beach that might stand as a favourite among the beach lovers, but is sure to stand as a favourite among the people who love riding and driving. This beach is the second Longest drivable beach in Asia, and probably the largest in India. The sand on this week or so quickly fact that you can drive a car or ride a bike on the sand. It is so embedded in the culture of this place that many locals learn their driving in here. This beach is located between the Biryani Capitals of Kerala - Kannur and Thalassery. An interesting aspect to know about this beach is that there is a private Island at about 100 metres from the show. Yes! This might not be interesting, but what is interesting really is that this Island can be reached by just walking in the waters on the time of low tides.

Varkala Beach
Last but not the least on the list is the Varkala Beach. Varkala Beach was an answer to Kovalam being taken over by a lot of commercial elements like Resorts. Varkala is still untarnished and unaffected, and you can see a lot of Surfers who still enjoy this week but this week has a lot of shacks as opposed to the resort and the shacks give a very laid back feel, serving beer and seafood in non air conditioned huts.

The state of Kerala is rightly called as God's own country. With so much of nature blessing it in every way, including but not limited to mountains, Gardens, forest, beaches, backwaters, lakes, rivers and everything that you could want in a tourist spot, Kerala is a must visit place in every aspect, especially the awesome beaches that shouldn't be missed on a Kerala Beach Tour Package. Beaches of Kerala alone would make a separate genre of tourism in itself. No wonder, we see a lot of people planning exclusive beach packages to the beaches of Kerala.

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