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It will always be a delight to reach the pinnacles of certain aspects. It might not be possible to go to the highest point in India, but it is definitely possible to visit the lowest or rather the southernmost point of India which is the town of Kanyakumari. Named by the Britishers as Cape Comorin, this place is the southernmost tip of India. You can see the Confluence of three salt water bodies -the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean converging at this point, quite evident in the direction of the Waves. Just to watch this Pinnacle, people from all over the world come to this place on a Kanyakumari tour package. In most cases, Kanyakumari tour package will also cover other attractions like the Thiruvalluvar statue, Vivekananda Rock and the Ramakrishna Ashram.

Kanyakumari Tour Packages

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Place : Meenakshi Amman Temple, Aarupadai..
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Place : Meenakshi Amman Temple, Aarupadai..
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Best Kanyakumari Tour Packages at Visiit

The southernmost tip of India has a lot to offer than just the Confluence of the three seas. There are destinations that talk about the tradition of India, in spiritual sense. There are destinations that celebrate the most famous poet of the Tamil literature. In addition to all of this, even trivial things that you experience on and every day basis like the sunrise and sunset become very special in Kanyakumari.

Booking a Kanyakumari tour package becomes easier with the expertise and experience of Visiit. With our vast knowledge in reaching Kanyakumari, meticulously planning the commute between the places comma and ensuring that you get a perfect experience of the sunrise and the sunset in non cloudy days, so your effort will not be wasted makes us one of the most preferred partners for a Kanyakumari tour package!

Must see points of attractions in Kanyakumari

Being the southernmost tip of India, and offering an experience like no other, that might not be many things to do specifically in Kanyakumari. However, one thing that has to be on the list of things that you will need to do in Kanyakumari on tour package has to be the fighting of the sunrise and sunset, when you can see the golden red Goblet settle Into The Pale blue oceans.

In addition to this, there are a few more things that you can do in Kanyakumari.

Thiruvalluvar statue
Having authored Thirukural, a compilation of 2300 couplets, which is considered to be one of the greatest literary works in Tamil, Thiruvalluvar is held on par with some of the greatest philosophers in the world. In many cases, he is considered to be the pride of the literary contributions from Tamil language. For his contributions, a memorial has been elected in his honour. This Memorial is a massive statue of this great poet, and stands menacingly tall in the backdrop of the ocean. S A dedication to the number of chapters he has written, the statue this 133 feet tall, and it weighs more than 7000 tons. It is said that more than 500 craftsmen and artisans were involved in the construction of this Marvel. This is one of the places that puts all the visitors on a package tour to Kanyakumari in a state of awe.

Vivekananda Rock Memorial
If Thiruvalluvar St answer from Tamilnadu in the ancient times, then Vivekananda has to be the answer from India in the Modern Times. He is considered to be 1 Great philosopher who put India in the Global religion map of the world. It is said that Vivekananda meditated upon a rock that is about 500 m into the sea to attain enlightenment. The memorial was built in the 1970, and has been aptly named as the Vivekananda Rock Memorial. A lot of philosophy, nature and Vivekananda enthusiasts frequent this place and take a moment to reflect on the awesomeness of Narendra… With a different surname!

Padmanabhapuram Palace and Temple
Tamil Nadu and Kerala have had a lot of cultural exchanges. Even to this day, Kerala has taken Malar from Tamil Nadu, and Tamil Nadu has taken Annie from Kerala. This is not just confined to the art scene of the day, but it has been there since the times immemorial. One such testimony to this Unity between the two southernmost states of India is the padmanabhapuram palace. The padmanabhapuram palace is technically situated in Tamil Nadu, but the Kerala government has taken up the maintenance, and has had no hassles in doing so. It was constructed by the kings of the Travancore Kingdom, and what makes this palace more special is that it is completely made of wood. This palace showcases and intricate understanding of the Physics and Engineering of magnificent structures by these ancient Kings. This palace is a symbol of the cultural heritage of South India that has been preserved continuously for centuries together. Attached to this palace is the famous Padmanabha Swamy temple which, if completely revealed, become one of the richest temples in the world.

Gandhi Mandapam
There is no place in India that can survive without honouring the father of the nation. The Gandhi Mandapam has been elected in memory of the Bapu.

Shopping options in Kanyakumari
Kanyakumari might not come across as a mainstream shopping destination, but there are a lot of things that you can do in Kanyakumari in terms of shopping. There are small shops that sell straw hats and seashells. Starfish and coconut shells would there and artistic garnish, and you would not believe that the raw materials were so simple as them. A lot of people love to get their names inscribed on the conch, which might not seem that great for the locals, but is definitely an attraction for people who come from far off lands, including North India!

The best time to visit Kanyakumari would be in the early summer which would fall between late February and early April. At this time, the weather is pleasant and you can also enjoy the goodness of the sea breeze which, much like the Waves, comes in from three different directions. In the summers, the atmospheric temperature could reach as high as 35 degree celsius, but the sea breeze makes it a pleasant affair at least in the evenings.

Much like the oceans, even the food is a Confluence of both the Tamil and the Kerala cuisines. You will be able to find a lot of Kerala influence because some of the most famous dishes in Kanyakumari include the banana chips, the tapioca shreds, and the appam. However, there are a few signature dishes of Kanyakumari like the fruit sharbat and the palm fruit juice, locally known as Nungu Sharbat.

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