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Awesome Trip to Jharkhand

If you want to spend your time in the lap of nature, amidst everything calm and serene, Jharkhand is the best destination. It provides you with an awesome experience with lots of innocence and calm. The natural beauty of the place provides the perfect setting for your imagination. There are many deep valleys and mountains, rivers and silent lakes which makes this place really popular among the tourists.

The nature lovers will find Jharkhand equal to paradise. The Udhwa bird sanctuary is another place of great attraction here. You can spot various types of migratory birds over here. The lush green forests all around provide an enchanting charm to the place. You can even seek a visual delight in witnessing the tribal culture and their lifestyle in Jharkhand tour.

Jharkhand Tour Packages

Place : Subarnarekha River, Phuldungri Hi..
Hotels : Suhasita Resort

Place : Patratu Valley, Kanke dam, Tagore..
Hotels : Hotel Yuvraj Palace

Best Jharkhand Tour Packages @ Visiit

Jharkhand is a beautiful state which is located in the Chotanagpur plateau. Since the year 2000, it officially came into existence. Previously, it was a part of Bihar itself. It shares its state boundary with Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and West Bengal. It is popular for its lush green scenes and mineral wealth. Visiit offers various packages at a reasonable cost to travel to Jharkhand.

At Visiit, Jharkhand tour packages include various spots of sightseeing, meals, hotels, and transportation. Visiit organizes the trip to Jharkhand throughout the year, which you can plan anytime you wish. Visiit also conducts the trips to the national parks to explore the wild and also takes you to witness the beautiful waterfalls. The diverse culture and the scenic beauty are its major attractions for the tourists. Plan a mind-blowing Jharkhand trip with Visiit and enjoy a fabulous vacation.

This capital city of Jharkhand is called the City of Waterfalls by many. The best of nature can be seen here. It will captivate you with all your soulfulness. It is often termed as the Manchester of the East. There are many attractions in Ranchi, like, Hundru Falls, Birsa Zoological Park, Dassam Falls, Jonha Falls, Panchgagh Falls, Ranchi Lake, Kanke Dam, Jagannath Temple, Sun Temple and many other attractions.

It is popular being the industrial town as it is the home to the very popular Tata Steel. The city has great lush greenery flourishing with small as well as large scale industries. It is a beautiful eco-friendly city with many attractions to visit like the Dalma Falls, the Russi Modi center of excellence, the Bhatia Park, The Jubilee Park and the Jubilee Lake, The Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, St. Mary’s Church and others.

Deogarh is a popular city of temples. It is an ancient religious town for the Hindus. Hundreds of followers visit this temple town throughout the year. It looks very beautiful because of its scenic environment. The top attractions in Deogarh are the Basukinath, Baba Baidyanath Temple, Trikuta Hills, Jaisar Children’s Park, Mayurakshi River, Shivganga, Harila Jori, Kundeshwari, Satsanga Ashram, Hathi Pahar and many others.

The coal capital of India is one of the fastest growing city these days. It is located very close to the coal fields and is developing at a great speed. Although the history is unknown, the present development is very fast and can be seen by all. There are many places to see in Dhanbad like the Topchanchi Lake, Panchet Dam, Charak Pathar, Jharia Coal Mines and the Parasnath Temple.

Hazaribagh is a great place especially to explore the flora and fauna. It is named after the thousand gardens that you can find in this city. It is located at a huge height of above 2000 feet. It also has a popular health resort. You can visit many places over here like the Hazaribagh Lake, Canary Hills, Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary, Suraj Kund, Bhadrakali Temple, Konar Dam, Hazaribagh National Park and Urban Haat.

Go for sightseeing
There are many sights to view in and around Jharkhand. If you are a nature lover or a religious person, you will surely like Jharkhand. The Shiva Temple and the Jagannath Temple should be visited by all. These are great sites for the pilgrims. The Netarhat is also a great place which is termed as the Queen of Chotanagpur can also be visited. If you are visiting during October and March, then you can even visit the national parks of Betla and Hazaribagh.

Go for shopping in Jharkhand
There are many places in Jharkhand which can be fun for shopping. It is famous for handicrafts which highlight the rich culture of Jharkhand. The tribal handicrafts are also a major item that can be bought in Jharkhand. The local markets and the government-sponsored markets also display a lot of handicrafts that can be purchased. You can even bargain and buy from the street vendors.

Activities in Jharkhand
Jharkhand is famous for outdoor activities. Some of the activities which you can indulge yourself during your Jharkhand tour are parasailing and paragliding. Parasnath and Satpahar are great sites to practice these two activities. You can even take part in hiking and trekking activities too which are conducted in Giridh Hills in Parasnath itself. Khadoli Park is another major spot for various adventure activities.

Indulge in water activities
Khandoli Park is a major place where there is a water reservoir. It is located very close to Giridih. Here you can take part in various adventurous water activities like water surfing and boating. It is filled with tourists throughout the year taking part in various water activities here. These activities are done under supervision and are very popular too.

Attending the festivals and the events
The Flower Feast or Baha is the most popular festival of Jharkhand. It takes place in spring and lightens up the entire environment. It promotes the necessity to protect the environment. Several others festivals are also celebrated in Jharkhand. The most popular ones are the Diwali, Holi and Basant Panchami. The Chhat Puja is also popular in Jharkhand.

Dhuska is a spicy dish. It is commonly found in the Chotanagpur plateau region. It is a popular breakfast item in Ranchi. It is made with rice flour, gram pulses, and black lentil. It is generally cooked in mustard oil. A large number of spices are added to this dish which makes it even tastier. It is mainly served with potato curry or gram curry and tastes delicious.

It is a popular mushroom dish in Jharkhand. It is mainly found during the monsoon season. It is found all over the state but mainly in the Chotanagpur plateau region. It is a seasonal dish and is a delectable cuisine. Tumba is also another kind of mushroom but is recognized only by the tribals.

It is made in Jharkhand mainly during Makar Sankranti. Many consider it to be a Bengali dish but the stuffings inside differ in both the states. Aloo ka Chokha is used as a stuffing in Jharkhand. In many places, even Doodh Pitha is made as it is cooked in rice milk and even thickened milk is used as a stuffing over here.

Arsa Roti
It is a sweet dish which is considered to be very pious to the bride and the groom and their respective families. It has to be cooked in a proper manner or else the ingredients might be wasted. It is very difficult to cook but is very tasty. It can be tried with the Mango Pickle. It is cooked with rice flour in a variety of ways.

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