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Haryana is basically a farming state in India. It is famous for its grain and milk and milk products. You can get to know about the traditional farming techniques of the people out there. It feels great to talk to the farmers about the kind of techniques used and their traditional and modern ways of farming. It is also famous for various types of farming and cattle. The Kuru region of the country lies over here. The IT and the automobile firm also lies in Haryana itself. Many major industries are situated in Haryana. The Indus Valley Civilization is said to have existed here.

Haryana Tour Packages

Place : The Red Fort, Raj Ghat, Akshardha
Hotels : Hotel Sohi Residency, Hotel Oyste

Place : Solang Valley, Solang-Nullah, Had..
Hotels : Snow Flake Cottage, Imperial Pala..

Place : Solang Valley, Kufri, The Rock Ga..
Hotels : Rajat Hotel, Kapoor Resort, City ..

Haryana Holiday Packages at Visiit

This green state located in the red soil of the Aravalli hills are best explored with Visiit. It is very rich in cultural heritage and many popular fairs are also organized in Haryana. Pottery is also done in various places and it gives you a peek into the culture here. It can be reached by air, rail and also by road. At Visiit, Haryana Holiday packages are planned with all luxury and comfort during your travel. It is a great place which hosts fairs, festivals and various spots of sightseeing. Visiit covers all the major sightseeing spots and religious spots in Haryana tour package. As it is a newly launched package, we provide best discount and deals for your Haryana trip. Consult our customer service for more details.

Gurgaon houses many skyscrapers, industries, companies and social clubs and pubs. It is a satellite town of New Delhi and is rapidly growing technologically. It was named after Guru Dronacharya. It is surrounded by Rajasthan and Delhi and it is a financial center. There are many highlights here like the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Sohna Lake, Ambience Mall, Damdama Lake and many others.

Kurukshetra is a popular place since the time of Mahabharata for its great wars. You can find many holy shrines and devout centers. It highlights the ancient Indian Civilization. You can find many archaeological pieces of evidence which will tell you about the Pre-Harappan time. There is also a village called Amin which is popular for being Abhimanyu’s fort. You can even visit Thanesar which is also close to Kurukshetra

The Chandels had once ruled this place and you can find the ruins of the Chandels here. You can spot peacocks in the Morni Hills. It is a satellite town which is located close to Chandigarh and Mohali. It has 5 canals and from there the name has been derived. There are many popular restaurants as well as an amphitheater. It falls en route to Shimla and has beautiful surroundings.

It is the industrial center of Haryana. You can visit the crafts mela which is 15 days long. It highlights all the traditional crafts of India. It is mainly held during the month of February so if one visits during that time, it is a great affair to attend. You can buy many artifacts and masterpieces from here. You can even enjoy the folk dances and the camel rides along with the music.

It has a rich historical background. There are many monuments and forts along with the historical connotations. There’s a lot of unexplored history which you can sightsee. It is an ancient city and is also known as the City of Weavers. It comprises of five cities which were primarily held by the Pandava Brothers. You can even spot the Kabuli Shah mosque which is popular for its history and construction.

Power Paragliding in Sohna
It is an excellent adventurous activity which you can enjoy on land and water. The motored glide will take you high up in the sky and you can just fly around. Power Paragliding is a great activity for all the adventure junkies. The trained pilots will make you fly in the best possible paragliding. While flying, you can view the lush green grasslands from above and the beautiful farm houses here.

Visit Botanix Nature Resort
It is located in the foothills of Aravalli and it is a very popular picnic spot. You can even stay there overnight as it has all the modern facilities. You can have fun activities and can even have a great experience of that of a village life. Musical chair, tug of war are some of the games that you can play there. You can try the traditional Indian cuisines over here.

Try rock climbing at Damdama
Rock climbing is the best weekend activity which takes place at the Aravali Biodiversity Park. Valley crossing, rock climbing, rappelling and monkey cowling are taught here. It takes place from 8 a.m. to 12 noon. The rock climbing is that of 70 ft. For valley crossing, you need to cross a 65 meters long valley. It is a great activity here in Haryana. Safety gears and ropes are provided to you.

Visit the awesome farms
You can spend a long weekend and retreat yourself by visiting these amazing farms. The awesome resorts here provides great comfort amidst the proper landscape area. You can spend your holidays with your family and friends here and indulge yourself in the great activities too. You can try golf putting, lawn tennis, cricket, football, volleyball and other activities over here.

Visit the Thakran Farms in Pataudi
Thakran Farms is famous for its good ambiance and food. It is located very close to Gurgaon and is perfect for a weekend getaway. The lush green areas are just perfect for the nature lovers. You can have a tube well bath and get the true flavor of the rural setting. Riding the tractor trolley is another great adventure. Here you can enjoy numerous activities along with a perfect rural lifestyle.

Kadhi pakori
It is a very tasty dish made up of gram flour. They are formed into small dumplings which are cooked in a curry made of yogurt. It has an aromatic flavor. It should be cooked on low flame.

Dal churma
Although Dal churma is a very popular dish of Rajasthan, it is also found in Haryana. Since it is close to Rajasthan many people are aware of this dish and are specially made over here. It is a cultural mix of these two states and it is loved by people in both the states.

Tamatar chutney
Tamatar chutney is a great specialty of Haryana and is served best with Haryana styled bread. A lot of spices are added to the chutney to make it tangy and spicy. It is made up of ripe tomatoes and some sugar is also added to the preparation to make it really tasty. It is delicious in taste.

Kair Sangri ki sabzi
The dried berries are made in a specially made spicy curry which gives a delectable taste to it. These beans are mainly found in Haryana and Rajasthan. They are best served with yogurt. Being drier areas, they are popular and people just love this dish. It is very delicious in taste.

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